If you have a small craft room, you can maximize storage space by using rollout carts, storage bins, pegboards, and display racks. These items can help you organize small items, such as paintbrushes and staplers. They can also serve as attractive storage units.

Display racks

Organizing your craft room doesn’t have to be difficult. You can use storage carts to hold supplies and organize the room easily. These carts are portable and are easy to move around. You can get storage ideas on Pinterest or create your own. These options are much more cost-effective than store-bought storage solutions.

Pegboard display racks are another great option to organize your craft supplies. This type of rack is typically found in office supply stores and can be a good way to organize paper, markers, and crayons. You can even purchase plastic storage bins to match your pegboard.

You can also make storage organizers out of items that you already have. For instance, if you’re a coffee lover, you may already have a K-cup holder in your kitchen. These can be repurposed to store tape rolls. Another option is to use a wooden jewelry holder. You can paint it to give it a more polished look.

You can also use display racks to store unfinished crafts. These shelves can be placed separate from the supply shelves. Individual bins and boxes are handy for storing unfinished crafts, while display racks can be used for large projects.

Rolling carts

Small craft room organization ideas using rolling carts can make your work space more functional. These rolling storage carts have storage drawers that you can easily pull out and access. They are sturdy and come with locking casters for easy mobility. Some have multiple levels of storage and can even accommodate shelves.

Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned crafter, a rolling storage cart can give you the functionality you need without taking up much space. You can use the cart to store frequently-used supplies, or keep all the materials you’ll need for a particular project together. You can even use the cart to store rolls of fabric or paper tubes.

If you want more storage space, consider adding a pegboard display rack to your cart. These racks are popular in office supply stores, and they’re great for organizing paper and crayons. You can also purchase custom plastic storage bins that coordinate with the pegboard or room decor.

Another way to make your craft room more functional is to purchase a drop leaf table. Drop leaf tables allow you to have a larger workspace and cutting surface, and don’t take up as much space when not in use. Ribbon should also be stored in drawers, grouped by color, so it’s easy to find what you need.

Storage bins

One of the best ways to organize a small craft room is to use storage bins. They are convenient and easy to move around. Craft room storage carts can be purchased or made from materials available on the internet. Some are made with tiers to keep different craft supplies in their proper place. You can label each tier to make organizing a breeze.

Storage bins are ideal for storing scrapbooks, fabric scraps, and sewing patterns. You can also use file holders to store and organize paper products. Many of them come in many styles. In addition to bins, you can also use magazine holders. Using magazine holders to organize your craft materials is another great way to create a tidy craft room.

For smaller items, plastic containers are a great option. To organize smaller items, you can also use pegboards. They are ideal for storing small items, and have metal hooks to attach them. Also, consider installing tall shelves in your craft room. This will give you more space for supplies and inspiration.

Another great option for small craft room organization is to use a magnetic board. This can help you quickly jot down plans, notes, and more. Magnetic spice tins can also help you organize pins, needles, and buttons. Using a magnetic board can also help you plan time for crafting.


Using bookcases as storage can be very useful for a small craft room. They provide flexibility when it comes to storing craft supplies, and they can even give you a place to display your finished works. Bookcases can also add aesthetic appeal to your craft room. There are many bookcases designed especially for crafters on the market, including many IKEA options. Another good option is cube storage. These units provide plenty of space for crafting supplies and look chic and classy.

If you do most of your crafting work sitting down, a craft table can be an important piece of furniture. You can have a custom made table, or even use a set of small bookcases as the base elements. If you don’t want to spend the time building a craft table, consider buying a reconditioned table with built-in storage. This way, you can keep your most frequently used items close by.

Another option for small craft room organization is to use a magnetic board. This can serve as a reminder or a timetable for projects. It can also be used for storing small items. For example, you can use magnet spice tins to store needles, buttons, and pins. Other craft room organization ideas include using bookcases as storage units.

You can also consider using storage carts. These are useful and can be easily moved from one room to another. They also make it easy to access your craft supplies. One such cart is featured on the website littlehouseofour. This storage cart features tiers for organizing your supplies. It also has labels to identify your supplies.

Vertical storage

Vertical storage is an effective way to maximize craft room space. It can hold a lot of supplies without taking up a lot of floor space. There are many different options available to organize your supplies, including baskets, rods, and shelves. These can be hung on any wall to keep things off the floor and can help you keep your craft room tidy. For larger supplies, consider storage racks or storage bins.

A creative storage system for your craft room can be functional and attractive at the same time. Hexagon-shaped shelves, for example, look beautiful on their own and in clusters. They can even create a honeycomb pattern. You can also build shelves higher up, such as on the ceiling.

Another storage solution is a magnetic board that serves multiple functions. It can be used as a reminder or for planning. You can also use magnetic spice tins to store buttons, needles, and pins. A magnetic board can also serve as a timer for you to manage your craft room’s storage needs.

Another creative storage solution for a small craft room is a pegboard. This is a useful solution for those who like to organize small items. These pegboards can be used to store small items such as small finishing nails and threads.