House tidying tips include keeping high-traffic areas clean and decluttering. You can also keep dust and debris to a minimum by vacuuming daily. Five minutes a day should do the trick. A few minutes a day is better than no cleaning at all. You should also clean while you’re cooking.

Daily tasks to keep your house tidy

One of the easiest ways to keep your house clean is to do daily tasks. This will not only keep the house looking tidy but also help keep your family healthy. A 15-minute nightly clean up can be a fun process that the entire family can participate in. Set a timer to motivate everyone and make it fun for the kids. The tasks can include de-cluttering, placing dirty clothes in the washer, running the robotic vacuum cleaner and disinfecting high touch areas. These activities will help protect your family from viruses and bacteria. Lastly, cleaning a house will not eliminate germs, so make sure you use an effective disinfectant on these areas.

When making a master list, you can organize tasks by room, type, and frequency. While every person’s list will be different, there are several types of tasks that are commonly done in any home. These tasks can be done on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis. For example, sweeping the floor in a room that gets used the most is a good way to start.

Another daily task to keep your house tidy is to make the bed every morning. This simple step will instantly make your bedroom look put-together. Moreover, it only takes a few minutes. Changing your bed linens can also help make your bedroom look neater and more organized. Moreover, this task can be done by both adults and children.

Keeping your house clean can be overwhelming at times. However, with the help of a biodegradable wipe, you can clean surfaces quickly and efficiently. Likewise, you should be sure to wash dirty dishes as soon as possible and stack them in the dishwasher. You should also tidy up your house before you go to bed. This can include putting away books and putting away dirty dishes. You should also make sure to hang up your towels before bed.


Before you begin your decluttering project, make sure you have a plan. Start by cleaning the room and getting rid of everyday items that are taking up space. Taking the time to clean before you begin your project will make it much easier to keep the clutter out of the way as you work through it.

Another way to make your house feel more organized is to buy more storage space. It is not practical to simply dump everything onto a small table or a floor. A cluttered home feels uninviting and chaotic. Invest in storage and organization systems to avoid clutter and maintain a tidy home year-round.

Remember that decluttering is a continuous process, and you should always check your home for items that you no longer need. Your tastes and interests change over time, and you need to be constantly on the lookout for items that are no longer of use to you. If you’re going to make the process easier, keep a donation box handy so you can donate unwanted items as you find them. Remember that decluttering can be an extremely stressful task, so make sure you have a clear idea of why you’re doing it.

Lastly, don’t rush your decluttering project. A lot of people rush this process, and in the end, only half of their items are actually kept in storage. A slow, steady process will give you more confidence in the process. With a little patience, you can make the process less stressful and less time-consuming by dividing it into small steps. As Marie Kondo notes in her book, decluttering takes time. You may have to start with a few items and then move on to the next phase.

Keeping high traffic areas clean

When it comes to cleaning, high traffic areas of your home or business need special attention. These areas are usually at the entrance to your home or business, waiting areas, and hallways. Keeping these areas clean can help you create a professional environment and avoid costly flooring repairs. In addition, a clean high traffic area will look more attractive to visitors.

The next step is to make a schedule for cleaning these high-traffic areas. You can make a schedule based on how many people use these areas and what type of traffic they get. A professional cleaner will be able to help you determine the best schedule. High-traffic areas can become particularly challenging if they are regularly touched.

High traffic areas get dirty very quickly, so you should keep these areas clean and tidy. Regular cleaning will prevent the buildup of dirt. For the best results, determine the frequency of your cleanings based on the amount of traffic that these areas receive. If you need help determining the right cleaning schedule for your home, Braxton Cleaning Solutions can help you create a plan.

You should also keep your carpets in high-traffic areas clean. Carpets in high-traffic areas get dirtier and wear out faster than other areas, so regular vacuuming and spot cleaning is essential. To ensure that your carpets don’t stain easily, you should invest in a stain-resistant carpet protector. It’s also important to get your carpets professionally cleaned at least once a year. Area rugs are a great option for high-traffic areas of your home because they are easier to clean and replace than floors.

Cleaning as you cook

Cleaning as you cook means not just cleaning up a mess as you go, but also cleaning surfaces and floors afterward. This is a good habit to develop, because it prevents messes and spills from taking up space. You will notice less clutter in your kitchen, and it will take less time to clean up after each meal.

Cleaning as you cook is an easy plan of action. Before cooking, empty out a bowl and discard food waste, such as eggshells, vegetable peels, and wrappers. This helps reduce food waste, which is important for meal prep. By washing dishes as you cook, you can minimize the amount of cleanup.

Cleaning as you cook can save your time and sanity. It will also enable you to enjoy your meal after you have finished preparing it. It will prevent any messes from transferring from one part of the kitchen to another, and it will also give you a clean kitchen work space. Cleaning as you cook will make you a more efficient cook.

Storage ottomans

Storage ottomans are functional and stylish, and they help you keep your home organized. These modern pieces feature a button-tufted, foam-padded lid and can fit in a variety of spaces. To keep the ottoman in tip-top shape, dust it regularly. Also, make sure to vacuum the sides and underneath.

To choose the right storage ottoman, consider your needs and budget. An inexpensive ottoman is ideal for small spaces. If you have a large household, consider purchasing a larger ottoman that can accommodate a large amount of stuff. A storage ottoman with four adjustable tray top lids can accommodate a wide range of items. It is also made from bonded leather, which makes it easier to clean than other materials.

For a more modern look, you can choose a bench-style storage ottoman. This piece has plenty of storage for books and other items. You can also use it to store board games or soft furnishings. A bench-style storage ottoman has a wooden frame and plastic legs, and is covered with a linen-like fabric.

Depending on your budget and your needs, you can choose from a variety of different styles and colors for your storage ottoman. The best ones are made with built-in storage and trays, and come in a wide variety of shapes. A Mercer41 Wolfeboro Ottoman is a great example of this type, and comes with a low price tag. It also has a wooden frame underneath the lid that can double as an end table.

A minimalist’s dream, this storage ottoman is available in a variety of neutral colors. The soft velvet fabric cushion makes it a comfortable spot to sit on. Its removable top can be removed for easy cleaning.