Here are a few organizing your pantry ideas that can help you maximize your space and minimize clutter. Stackable bins, fabric bags, and shelf risers are just a few of the options. You can also use wall space to maximize storage space. Keeping the pantry well-organized will help you stay organized and save time.

Shelf risers

If you want to maximize the space in your pantry, you can use shelf risers to raise your shelves. You can use these risers to place larger containers at the back of your pantry so you can easily see them. Also, they are an excellent solution for displaying items in the back row of your pantry.

There are many types of shelf risers available. Some are single-level, while others have multiple levels. The multi-level risers are particularly good for maximizing space in your pantry, since they offer a great view of your items without taking up extra room. Wooden risers are a good choice for your pantry, as they can keep your pantry looking crisp. You can choose between a natural or white finish.

In addition to using shelf risers for your pantry, you can also use them for deep storage cabinets. This will give you more visibility, allowing you to easily see your canned goods and sauces. You can also use them to create tiered rows of shelves, which prevents spills and messes.

Open-top shelf risers are another option to consider for organizing your pantry. These risers are perfect for storing produce and bagged snacks, as they allow air to circulate. These risers can also be used for open shelving in other rooms. These are ideal for people who want a modern look for their open shelving.

Fabric bags

The first step in organizing your pantry is to plan out the layout. Consider the items you use most often and arrange them in a way that is most convenient for you. You may want to use Lazy Susans, canisters, and other pantry accessories. You might also want to consider a product like Thirty-One’s Your Way line of color-coordinated storage options. These bags come in many different sizes, so you can choose the right ones for your needs.

Another option is to use fabric bags for your pantry. They’re ideal for storing spices and other items that aren’t always grouped together. Also, use them to hold extra items like your gloves and toiletries. They’re also an easy way to organize smaller items, such as cans of tuna or sardines.

Using plastic hangers to hang the bags is another good option. These are easy to find and are inexpensive. Many retailers will even offer you these hangers when you buy kids’ clothes. This type of bag is also perfect for storing snacks, such as pretzels and chips. You can also reuse an old dog leash for these purposes.

Another option for organizing your pantry is to use a metal magazine rack. These racks are usually desk or table-mounted and will hold canned goods. For a more elegant look, you can also use wicker baskets. These are more appealing than Tupperware and are larger enough to fit a wide variety of baking supplies.

Stackable bins

You can purchase a variety of stackable bins to help you organize your pantry. Some are made of plastic, which makes them ideal for storing canned goods and other dry goods. Other ones are made of steel, which can help you organize your root vegetables and non-refrigerated produce. The right stackable bin for your pantry depends on your needs and budget.

A neutral colored set of stackable bins can really help organize your pantry. You can choose between three different types. One is an Omaha steel mesh line. These are not only aesthetically appealing, but they’re also extremely functional. You can store onions and corral snacks in them, and they’re dishwasher safe. You can also choose a set with handles for easy transporting.

Another type of bin is a clear plastic bin, which makes it easier to see what you’re looking for. It’s a great option for storing loose or bagged items, and the clear plastic allows you to easily clean it. In a recent test, I placed my baking supplies in a clear plastic bin, which made it easy to find what I needed. The bin also allowed me to keep it on the counter while I baked.

Some bins have lids to keep things secure, while others are designed to stack for storage. A storage bin that can be stacked up vertically can help you save space by not taking up much floor space.

Wall space

While you may think of a pantry as a functional room, it can also have a stylish and aesthetic appeal. Use shelving with rounded edges to eliminate sharp corners, or shallow, open shelves to hold smaller items. To add some visual interest, try adding a vintage screen door. You can purchase salvaged screen doors or buy reproductions from a specialty store. If you’re not able to find a vintage door, you can buy Victorian Running Trim from the Victorian Woodshop or Vintage Woodworks.

Another great option is to use drawers instead of cabinets. They have a low-profile design and allow you to hide more of your pantry items. You can also use a chest of drawers to store cooking utensils and spices. Drawers are not a good place to store fresh produce, but they can help hide other perishable items that would otherwise be left in the open.

In addition to drawers, you can use shelves on the wall. This will give you more storage space and make it easier to find items that you need. You can also organize items by size so that smaller items are kept in a small drawer and large ones go in larger cabinets. Organizing the pantry this way will make it look neat and organized, and it will also make it easier to find what you need.

You can also use the floor space in the pantry for storage. The floor is essentially an extra shelf, but you should keep loose items off of it. These items will only get out of place and create a mess. For fragile items, you should store them high. In this way, you can save some valuable counter space and display decorative items.


Labeling your pantry is a great way to keep your kitchen organized. You can use custom labels to distinguish different items and to add your personal style. When choosing a design, think about how you use each item and how you can make the most of vertical space. For instance, if you use a lot of pots and pans, you might want to use display shelving for them.

There are numerous labeling options available, so you don’t have to spend too much time deciding what to use. There are printable templates available online, which you can print yourself at home. You can use these labels to organize everything from pantry items to toiletries and art supplies. These labels are removable and washable, so they’re a great choice for cleaning and changing contents.

Creating printable labels is another great way to organize your pantry. These are very cute and will make a statement when you place them on the containers. They’re easy to create and make it easy to label your pantry. Once you print them out, simply place them on each individual container. Labeling your pantry is a great way to keep your kitchen organized and save on storage space.

One of the easiest and most popular labels for a pantry is a set of labels. These are free and can be customized to fit a specific item. You can also create your own labels by downloading free label papers and cutting them yourself. Modern farmhouse labels are also a great choice for common pantry items. For example, you can group baking supplies together in one area for easy access.

Hanging items

A pantry door rack can double the storage space in your pantry. You can hang utensils and measuring cups on it. It also keeps household cleaning supplies out of reach of the food. The pantry door rack also makes an attractive addition to the kitchen. It adds rustic charm and allows you to utilize vertical space.

Plastic hangers are another great option. These hangers are typically provided when you buy kids’ clothes, but they’re the perfect size for storing snack items. You can also purchase plastic pants hangers online. You can reuse them as open bag holders in your pantry. They’re also great for holding small items like pretzels and chips.

Hanging canisters are an excellent option for storing spices, condiments, and other pantry essentials. They eliminate the need to hunt through cardboard boxes and inspire uniform tidiness. Plus, these organizers prevent mice from getting to food. Hanging jars and bottles are another option for a pantry.

Hanging items can also be used to store small jars of spices and herbs. Unlike cabinets, hanging containers save valuable space and are easy to install. You can easily fill them up from larger jars and label them using magnetic labels. These items will also make an attractive display and make organizing your pantry a breeze.