There are many things to do in and around Pomeroy. You can take the Nez Perce Trail, stop by Berry Pomeroy Castle, or even visit the Garfield County Museum. But before you go, make sure you check the road conditions. In case you want to take the dog along, here are a few dog-friendly activities:

Garfield County Museum

While visiting Pomeroy, Washington, be sure to check out the Garfield County Museum. Located at the Garfield County Fairgrounds, this museum features a variety of displays from the county’s rich agricultural past. You can see everything from horse-drawn implements and tractors to household items and artwork. You can also learn about historic farming practices.

Pomeroy’s historical importance dates back to the 19th century, when the county was created by territorial legislature from a portion of Columbia County. It was named after former president James Garfield, who died in 1881. Initially, the county seat was in Pataha City, but this changed when a special election was held to select a permanent location. Pomeroy eventually won the election, becoming the county’s official seat by act of Congress.

Another fascinating exhibit is the Baldwin Family Collection, which includes letters, photos, postcards, and other items. This collection reveals the lives of the pioneer family in the area. The family moved to the area in the 1870s and raised a large family. Their son, Charles Baldwin, served in the Washington State legislature in the 1920s. The library’s Denny Ashby Library recently donated a collection of family memorabilia that was collected by a local woman. The collection was digitized and is now available to the public.

The Garfield County Museum is open Monday through Friday from 1 pm to 5 pm. It is closed on Saturdays and Sundays. The museum is also home to an interesting historical trail, with statues and placards depicting the events of Lewis and Clark.

Berry Pomeroy Castle

A visit to Berry Pomeroy Castle is a must for visitors to the town of Pomeroy in Berkshire, England. This medieval manor was built around a central courtyard, and boasts three towers, one of which features gun ports. These were built to create a continuous line of fire down the moat. The castle’s builders made the most of the new artillery, and the fortifications were designed to withstand a major attack. While the castle itself is ruined, you can visit the upper chamber of the gatehouse and see some of the medieval wall paintings.

There are many stories about ghosts at Berry Pomeroy Castle. Some people claim to have seen a ghost while visiting, and 30 per cent of TripAdvisor reviews talk about the ghostly presence of the Pomeroy family. The ghostly presence of the ghost is said to attract visitors, and visitors often attempt to capture photos of it. The ghost is often referred to as the White Lady, and is said to bring a sense of fear and dread.

Berry Pomeroy Castle is a great place to explore if you are a history buff. Located in a wooded valley, this medieval ruin is a romantic ruin. Some local legends claim that ghosts haunt the castle, and the English Heritage guidebook lists it among the best haunted castles in Britain.

Sir Edward Pomeroy was a staunch Royalist during the Civil War. However, he was not keen on the idea of the castle being garrisoned or attacked. As a result, he kept the castle out of the hands of the government for the duration of the Commonwealth. However, he was rewarded for his loyalty by Charles II at the Restoration. He continued to serve the government until his seventies.

Nez Perce Trail

Pomeroy is known for the Nez Perce Trail, also known as the Nee-Mee-Poo Trail, which was forged by the native Americans. This trail is a national historical site that stretches over 1,500 miles from Wallowa Lake, Oregon, to Bear Paw Battlefield near Chinook, Montana. It was added to the National Trails System by Congress in 1986. The Nez Perce Trail has several historic sites that are worth visiting.

Pomeroy is easily accessible by car. Highway SR-12 runs through the town, making it easy to stop and explore. The Pomeroy Pharmacy and Meyers Hardware Store are nearby. Both have espresso and ice cream counters, making it easy to grab a snack on the go. An ice cream cone costs less than $2.

The Nez Perce Trail is a sacred trail that connects the past to the present. The Nez Perce Tribe fought against the Army in a series of battles. Eventually, Chief Joseph surrendered in Montana, where he joined the Lakota and Sitting Bull. The Nez Perce were then sent to reservations in Kansas and Oklahoma. Conditions were horrendous, and most newborns died.

If you are interested in the history of the Nez Perce people, you can visit the Nez Perce National Historical Park Visitor Center in Spalding. There are many exhibits about the Nez Perce people and the war of 1877. The Tamastslikt Cultural Institute, a tribally-owned museum, is another worthwhile stop. The museum is considered one of the Top Ten Western Museums.

Dog friendly activities

Pomeroy, Devon, has several dog friendly businesses and services. From dog friendly pubs to dog walkers, pet groomers, and home boarding, the town is a wonderful place to bring your dog. These businesses will welcome your pet with open arms. You can also book a hotel room that accommodates your furry friend.

Places to eat

If you’re looking for a place to eat in Astoria, Queens, you should check out The Pomeroy, a new restaurant in the neighborhood. Located on Ditmars Boulevard, this casual restaurant is headed by Chef Bo O’Connor. The Pomeroy features seasonal new American cuisine in an inviting atmosphere. Reservations are not accepted here, so be sure to call ahead before making your reservation.

Pomeroy is a pleasant stop on SR-12 if you are looking for a quick bite. There are a few local eateries, including the Alibi Tavern, which has pub food and a kid-friendly side. Nearby, you can also check out the Palouse Falls State Park, which is about an hour’s drive away. You’ll find a parking lot close to the viewing areas.