If you’re overwhelmed with all the clutter in your home, there is hope. The Netflix show, Get Organized With the Home Edit, offers a simple and practical way to get organized. It features Clea Shearer and Joanna Teplin, two friends who work together to declutter their homes. This show is a must-watch if you want to be more organized and enjoy living in your home.

Joanna Teplin

A Netflix original, “Get Organized With the Home Edit” is a show that follows two home organization experts – Joanna Teplin and Clea Shearer – as they organize celebrity homes. Although the show also features segments focusing on average people, the focus is more on helping celebrities with their homes.

The “Home Edit” team makes home organizing seem like a game that everyone can play. They have a fun Instagram account that features rainbow-striped kitchen caddies, from orange Fantastik to indigo Finish Jet-Dry. At a recent product launch at Walmart, the team dressed like rainbow characters to promote the colorful product.

“The Home Edit” is a New York Times Best Seller that takes you room-by-room and shows you how to organize your home. It’s written by a woman who is not only an editor, but also a mother and wife. She’s also an avid reader and has her own publishing company, Hello Sunshine, known for telling stories that empower women.

Teplin’s book “Get Organized With the Home Edit” also includes a video explaining how to organize your closet and pantry. Teplin’s method involves using different types of containers. For example, she recommends using wire baskets, but warns that they don’t conceal anything. They also tend to cause damage to your shelves and look cluttered. While they are great for toy storage, wire baskets aren’t the best option for storing items you don’t need all the time.

Clea Shearer

The new Netflix reality show, Get Organized with the Home Edit, stars two design students, Clea Shearer and Joanna Teplin. The show follows the two women as they work with clients to get their homes organized. The first season premiered on April 1 and will continue in season two. The series will be eight episodes long.

The show is a perfect example of how to get organized, with a few simple tips. The Home Edit was founded by Clea Shearer and Joanna Teplin, who met through mutual friends. The two decided to combine their talents and start a company that could help people get organized.

Clea Shearer is a mother of two and founder of the company Get Organized With the Home Edit. She and her partner, Joanna Teplin, are both busy parents who often shuttle their children from one activity to another. As busy parents, Clea and Joanna Teplin have some great tips for staying organized while juggling family life. One of Clea Shearer’s favorite tips involves putting things in color-coded bins.

The Home Edit team also teaches us that certain objects lend themselves to beautiful organization. Whether it’s crayons on a lazy Susan or Gatorade bottles in a color-coded bin, the objects on these items look tidy and colorful when arranged properly. The Home Edit team even helped Khloe Kardashian organize her pantry! Here are 10 of their favorite tips for getting organized in the home:

Reese Witherspoon

In the Netflix reality show “Reese Witherspoon Gets Organized With the Home Edit,” the actress and singer gets organized in her own home. Her closet is like a mini museum, featuring everything from her beloved roles to her red-carpet gowns. The Home Edit team uses creative storage solutions to organize Witherspoon’s closet, such as hooks and memory boxes.

The show’s creator, Joanna Teplin, got her start with a lunch date. She quickly realised that there was a need for this show and landed a spot on Netflix. Her show, “Get Organized with the Home Edit,” focuses on transforming disorganized spaces into well-organized and attractive spaces. It’s visually appealing, and focuses on color coordination.

The Home Edit’s founders, Clea Shearer and Joanna Teplin, have been successful with their business. They now offer full organizing services in major cities, as well as travel and DIY services. The two women are also the creators of the New York Times best-selling “The Home Edit Life” and have launched multiple product lines. They are also the stars of the hit Netflix show “Get Organized With the Home Edit.”

The show is not without its share of raunchiness. There is profanity used anywhere from five to ten times per episode. There are also a lot of references to pornography and revealing clothing. In addition, the series features a gay couple, a woman who recently “came out,” and an episode about pregnancy tests and champagne.

Khloe Kardashian

Khloe Kardashian gets organized with The Home Edit. She has a walk-in pantry that is floor to ceiling with shelves of clear plastic containers and white woven baskets. Her shelves are neatly labeled and filled with healthy snacks. She has a separate drawer for treats. The Home Edit line of products is available from The Container Store. Khloe also organizes her closet with a streamlined design and color-coded shelves.

The Kardashian sisters have been making news for their slick closets and beautiful houses. And they are not the only ones who like to be tidier. Khloe has made a name for herself in the organizing world by sharing her closet with 120 million Instagram followers. In addition to her closet, she has also organized other celebrities’ closets and offices. The Home Edit founders have helped several celebrities to get organized with a simple, affordable system.

The dynamic duo behind Get Organized with The Home Edit are back with season two. Their latest show aims to help you organize your home. Its first season featured actors including Khloe Kardashian, Eva Longoria, and Neil Patrick Harris. Season two will also feature Kevin Hart and Reese Witherspoon.

Get Organized with The Home Edit will premiere on Netflix on Sept. 9 and 10. Check it out if you’re looking for the perfect way to organize your home.


The Home Edit approach involves defining “zones,” or physical spaces in your home that contain categories of items. These zones help you maintain a system over time. When a zone becomes overfilled, you can reconfigure it to make room for new items. But before you get started, think about what you’ll use each zone for.

For example, you might create a zone for art supplies. In this zone, you’ll store art supplies and other materials you need to create a masterpiece. In another zone, you’ll store incoming beauty products. Each zone focuses on a particular activity. A space for crafts, for instance, will help you save time in the morning.

The Home Edit creators recommend thinking in terms of “zones.” The home’s contents should be grouped in similar areas, based on their function. They recommend that you use empty boxes as sorting bins. This will help you cluster like items together and will help you determine the size of each zone.

As with any organization program, no two solutions will work for everyone. In order to achieve the best results, follow the “Zones for Getting Organized With the Home Edit” guidebook. The co-creators also recommend starting small, and working on one area at a time. They also recommend modifying space by adding shelves, replacing furniture, and re-using under-utilized spaces.

Wire baskets

The Get Organized with the Home Edit line of storage products is based on the Netflix series of the same name. Created by Joanna Teplin and Clea Shearer, this line of storage options is intended to help homeowners get organized. The products feature smart storage systems designed to organize common problem areas.

The Home Edit team uses a wide range of storage solutions to get organized, from decorative baskets to more practical containers. They often use clear bins or containers to keep things visible, like jars and totes. They also use labels to make things easily accessible. Whether the containers are decorative or functional, the labels add both function and style. The team has even created its own line of labels, written by Clea herself.

The Home Edit collection is available at stores like The Container Store and Walmart. These products are endorsed by the designers of the show, and are very reasonably priced. Their designs are inspired by their years of organizing clients’ homes. They aim to provide affordable solutions that will let even the most modest homeowner get organized in no time.

While wire baskets are useful for storage, they are also great for organizing your sentimental items. These storage solutions will help you organize your items while keeping them safe. You can use them to store extra supplies, materials, and food.