Once you have your salt source in place, then you can start creating your patio furniture. Some wood furniture takes time to be finished and prepped but any outdoor furniture that you use will require you to follow a few simple steps before you put it up for the winter.

First off, make sure that the furniture is properly prepped with a rust prevention product. This product is basically what keeps the surface of the furniture free from rust and water damage. It also prevents any rotting that may occur as well.

When it comes to wood furniture, the first thing you should do is place the furniture inside a box or wood tent. The box will allow you to keep all of the furniture safe while it dries out. Once you are finished with this step, you should remove the furniture from the box and put it outside for the winter.

When it comes to plastic furniture, simply place the furniture inside of a cardboard box. Make sure that the box is secured tightly so that it will stay in place. Make sure that all of the sides of the box are also covered in protective film.

The next step you will want to take is to remove any furniture from the original location that you placed it. You should first take the stairs out of the way to give the furniture room to dry out completely. Then place all of the furniture into the box or cardboard shelter so that it is completely protected.

You should now start the process of drying the wood furniture by putting the furniture into a ventilated area that does not get any sunlight. Many people like to put their furniture into a small hot tub that they heat up.

The reason that you should leave the patio furniture in a small area where it is out of the sunlight is because the wood will start to turn to a gray color. By heating up the wood at this point, you will keep the color of the wood from changing.

It is a good idea to place all of the patio furniture in the same room and let it sit out of the sunlight for a few days. You should also take your wood to a sanding shop to remove any uneven wood areas.

When it comes to wood patio furniture, you should not expect the finish to last forever. As long as you take proper care of the wood by making sure that it is protected from rain and sun damage, you should be able to enjoy the wood in your home for years to come.

If you are going to be moving the hardwood furniture outside, you should take the time to thoroughly inspect each piece for scratches or damage. Any signs of damage should be immediately repaired before the damage is noticed by anyone.

After the hardwood patio furniture has been protected and dry for a few days, you should begin to apply the rock salt source in the most concentrated form possible. If there is no rain or weather for several days, you should simply add more rock salt in the next application to the level that you have already applied.

Even if you plan on having some rain or a chance to get the wood wet, you should still apply the salt over the entire surface. Remember that rain can and will damage the wood, and by putting the salt down evenly, you will be giving it a much better chance to withstand the elements.