The Silver Maine Coon is an indigenous breed of cat native to the United States. The breed dates back to the early 19th century, when it evolved through natural selection. In fact, the first published account of a Maine Coon dates from 1861. A black and white cat named Captain Jenks was mentioned in the same publication. The cat did not make the trip to America with its owners, but it is possible that they sent them ahead of their escape.


Polydactylism is a condition that affects Maine Coons. This genetic disorder causes many of them to have several extra toes on each foot, rather than a single pair. These cats are not particularly large, but they have more toes than normal cats.

Polydactylism is a common trait in Maine Coons and is thought to have occurred in 40 percent of the original population. While polydactylic Maine Coons are not acceptable in show standards, the trait is common among the breed. Since this condition is a result of an autosomal dominant gene, polydactylism is generally not harmful to the cat.

While polydactyl kittens are not at risk, they should be carefully monitored. The condition may lead to infections and minor complications. Surgical removal of the extra toes is the preferred option for reducing infection risks. However, this procedure may not be appropriate for all cats.

Because polydactyl cats have extra toes, they are easy to handle. They do not mind being held. They will usually allow their human companion to hold them. In addition, they don’t seem to mind if someone holds their extra feet. The extra toes make it easier for them to play with toys and have a good time.

Because polydactyl cats have extra toes, they are often called “Hemingway cats.” These cats have eight toes on each paw. The extra toes can be on their front paws or their back paws. As a result, they are excellent mice hunters.


The history of the Silver Maine Coon is a bit mysterious. The cat was originally held in high regard due to its ability to hunt mice. It was also popular as a barn cat in New England. During the early 20th century, the breed gained popularity and began to compete in cat shows. However, as other breeds entered the market, Maine Coon’s popularity began to decline. In the 1950s, Silver Maine Coons became popular as pets. Today, they are commonly seen in cat shows across the country.

The colors of the Maine Coon are not particularly uncommon. However, there is a genetic defect that affects all solid colors. It causes the coat to be darker at the tips and lighter near the bottom. The inhibitor gene also affects all other solid colors, except for the shell and silver.

There are many variations of silver Maine Coon coat colors. Some are solid, while others are tabby or cameo. There are also those with smoky silver coats. Although the basic color of the Maine Coon is black, the color may be blue or silver due to dilute gene expression. Blue-silver Maine Coons are generally solid colors, while some may also have white fur.

Female Maine Coons have one color gene from each parent. This means that a kitten will have a mixture of the two colors. This is also true of calico cats. This pattern is rarely seen in Maine Coons, but it is possible to find a cat with the tortoiseshell or calico pattern.

If you are looking for a beautiful pet, a Silver Maine Coon may be the right choice for you. These cats are intelligent and loving and enjoy playing with their owners. They are also known for their excellent hunting abilities. They are also compatible with other pets, such as dogs. Though they are more cautious with rodents, they will generally accept them into the family.

A silver Maine Coon cat is a great addition to your home. These cats are large compared to other breeds, but are still extremely family-friendly and chatty. Their colors and patterns make them an excellent pet for any family.


If you are considering adopting a Silver Black Maine Coon, you should be aware of the breed’s temperament. Like other Maine Coons, this breed is gentle and super-sweet, and loves to be with their humans. While they aren’t the most cuddly cats, they love to stay near their owners and play games. This is because the breed is very intelligent, and they enjoy puzzle games to keep them mentally stimulated. They also enjoy playing fetch and learning new tricks.

The coat of a Maine Coon is soft and luxurious, and has three layers. The bottom layer is soft and close to the skin, while the middle layer is composed of bristle-like hairs. The top coat is long and protects the cat from the weather. This coat has a silky feel, and should be groomed regularly to keep it in tip-top shape.

Care of a Maine Coon should begin with regular vet visits, as these cats are prone to certain health problems. A regular exam will help prevent any serious health problems in your pet, such as hypertrophic cardiomyopathy and spinal muscular atrophy. These conditions can lead to a lameness that can be debilitating, so it is important to get your cat checked out regularly.

Maine Coons need to be brushed on a regular basis, and should be brushed around their fluffy tails at least twice a week. Proper nutrition is important for the health and well-being of your pet. It is important to provide your Maine Coon with plenty of food, exercise, and a large litter box.

While Maine Coons are generally very docile, they do need regular mental stimulation. If you have the space and time to devote to exercising your cat, try to take your pet for a walk every day. Maine Coons are medium-energy animals and will be happy to accompany you on a short walk.

Maine Coons are friendly and cuddly pets that love human companionship. They do not require much care, but you should regularly visit the vet to keep them healthy and happy. Regular examinations are recommended two or three times a year, or more often if they show symptoms of disease.


Maine coons are among the most popular breeds in the world, so finding a good seller can be difficult. The best place to start looking for a coon for sale is online. These beautiful cats are very popular, and you can learn more about their prices by browsing online pet stores. If you’re planning on getting a coon as a pet, make sure you research the breed and the price.

The price of a Maine Coon can range from $500 to $1,500 for a solid-colored cat. A polydactyl kitten will cost an additional $100, and a silver-black kitten can cost up to $2,000. The cost of a Maine Coon cat also depends on where the kitten was bred. While a casual breeder might sell kittens for $400, a reputable breeder will charge around $2,000.

There are many benefits to owning a Maine coon. The breed is non-aggressive, and is great with children and other pets. If you’re looking for a pet, you can try visiting pet shelters or adoption agencies. Otherwise, you can search online for a breeder that sells well-bred coons in any shade you’d like.