The patented Good Behavior pheromone technology in SENTRY Calming Collars helps to reduce stress-related and anti-social behaviors in cats. It can even alleviate problems caused by fireworks, thunderstorms, and travel. In addition, the SENTRY calming collar will help your cat avoid injury or destruction from inappropriate or dangerous behaviors.

The Sentry Calming Collar uses pheromones to mimic the scent of a mother dog, which soothes a scared animal and helps it feel secure and safe. It releases these pheromones for 30 days and has a lavender chamomile fragrance. This product is safe for dogs of all ages and breeds, and it has no long-term side effects. It is recommended to remove the collar before bathing your pet and replace it after the coat is dry. However, the Sentry collar should not be used on cats with extensive skin lesions.

The Sentry Calming Collar is clinically proven to reduce destructive behavior and stress-induced behavior in cats. Its pheromones are similar to those released by a mother cat, which is the natural way cats cope with stressful situations. The collar can also reduce excessive meowing, inappropriate marking, anti-social behavior, and even destructive behavior. The collar is completely safe to use, and the calming effects will last for up to 30 days.

The SENTRY Behavior and Calming Collar is not a toy, so it should be kept out of reach of children. However, the collar should not be removed by your pet if it accidentally gets wet. Children should not be able to get into the collar, as it is made of plastic. If your pet accidentally ingests the collar, he or she may have a foreign body reaction.

The calming collar comes in packs of one or three. They last for about a month and release pheromones to calm your cat. The calming scent mimics that of a mother cat or a kitten’s mother, and this scent disperses as your cat moves.

Powder release

The Sentry Calming Collar for Cats has been clinically proven to reduce excessive meowing, inappropriate marking, anti-social behavior, and destructive behavior. It releases calming pheromones to help your cat relax, and it works to reduce fearful behaviors in dogs and cats of all breeds. This collar fits your pet’s neck like a charm, so it will stay in place even when you’re not around.

The collar fits your dog comfortably and is loose enough to allow room for your dog to grow. It’s best to get a size that leaves two to three inches of extra room. The powder in this collar is designed to release when it is placed on your dog’s neck. The powder released when the collar is fastened will help activate the pheromone technology. The powder is non-toxic, and does not harm your pet.

Pheromones released by collars

Calming collars can help your pet cope with stressful situations, such as separation anxiety. These devices release pheromones that are known to help calm dogs and reduce their undesirable behaviors. The calming effects of these collars can be observed for up to 30 days. These collars are a safe alternative to prescription medications.

When you first put the collar on your pet, you may notice some powder coming out of the collar. This powder is activated by the collar’s pheromones. Ideally, the collar will fit snugly around your pet’s neck without causing any discomfort. However, you should be sure to adjust the collar every day to fit your pet properly. You should also remove the collar before washing your pet and replace it after its coat has dried. Moreover, you should not use this collar on dogs with skin lesions or open wounds.

Sentry has been working with top universities and pet experts to create this calming collar for your pet. The calming collar helps your pet feel safe and secure. The collar fits comfortably around your pet’s neck and has a chamomile and lavender fragrance. It is safe for dogs of any age, and the calming effects of the collar can last for up to 30 days. The collar is not a pharmaceutical product, so there are no long-term effects.

In addition to releasing pheromones in the dog’s environment, Sentry Behavior and Calming Collars also mimic the scent that mothers leave behind when they raise their puppies. They can be purchased over the counter, although it is important to consult a veterinarian if your pet is suffering from serious anxiety or a medical condition.

Clinically proven to reduce stress-induced behavior

The SENTRY Behavior and Calming Collar activates when in close contact with your dog’s skin. The collar releases pheromones for 30 days. They can be worn in the car or house, and they can be left in the kennel when you’re not home.

The Sentry Calming Collar works by mimicking the pheromones released by a mother cat to reduce stress-induced behavior. It reduces excessive meowing, inappropriate marking, and anti-social behavior. It even helps your cat cope with problem behaviors brought on by travel and other stressful situations. And it’s safe and effective!

Unlike calming products that rely on prescription medications, the Sentry Calming Collar has no side effects and can be used for up to 30 days. The collars come in a relaxing lavender chamomile scent. You can adjust the size of the collar to fit your pet.