Amber essential oil is also called as Oriental oil, Sicilian oil, or Italian oil. It is extracted from the essential oil of the Iris plant. It comes in both herbal and synthetic forms.

It is odorless and transparent and consists of tiny crystalline balls called humans. Each color of amber is the result of different parts of the human.

The essential oil is mainly used in perfumes and cosmetics. It is a liquid at room temperature and has the smell of fresh cut grass, a rustic note of myrrh, and a white floral fragrance. The scent of this substance is not pleasant on the nose.

With age, this odor becomes more concentrated, which is why it should be diluted before use. There are still those who enjoy the smell of this wonderful oil even though it has lost its freshness. The scent can be detected when the air passes over it as it is very specific to any type of plant.

Amber is extracted from the flowers in Italy by using steam distillation. It is distilled using two different types of methods. It is possible to use the distillation process to yield different aromas and this is the way the fragrance oils are produced.

Floral and musky diffusive oil are the most common types. Usually, the fragrance is extracted from the leaves and petals. It contains terpenes and terpenoids, which are related to pheromones.

The main feature of amber essential oil is its musky scent. Many people feel it as masculine and comforting. People who apply it to their skin can get a relaxing feeling. It has the power to help people relax, fight anxiety, and relieve stress.

Aroma therapy has been used since the time of ancient Egyptians who used this essential oil to treat wounds and improve blood circulation. Today, aroma therapists have found this oil to be effective in treating many ailments including back pain, depression, headaches, and anxiety. It is believed that the skin produces this essential oil after exposure to weather, sunshine, or pollutants.

This oil is also sold in different types of products like gels, creams, and lotions. It can be found in a number of household products like laundry detergent, shampoo, and soap. It has also been used in creating shampoos and hair sprays.

In using the aroma of amber essential oil, the best practice is to dilute it. Dilution is important because of the small amounts of the product that can get into the skin. This oil can be very strong if used in high concentrations. When diluted with water, it is still good for everyday use but has a pleasant flavor and is great in making perfumes.

To make an aroma blend for your house, you may take a capsule with fresh rose petals, woody diffusive oil, and cinnamon. Mix them in equal amounts and pour it on a dark and simple colored couch cover. After setting, let it sit overnight and in the morning, take a whiff of the scent and notice how calming it is. In case you prefer aromatherapy scents, you may take a handful of dry rose petals and spray it onto a favorite rug or clothing to give it a warm and inviting aroma.

All in all, the aroma of amber essential oil is a wonderful one that can calm you down and help relieve stress. It is a wonderful way to remain stress free.