It is a well known fact that sea salt was used by the ancients in cleansing rituals. In fact, sea salt is mentioned in the bible and various religious scriptures around the world. Today, there is certainly renewed interest in the marvelous healing abilities of sea salt. Many people are getting rid of their regular table salt and using sea salt instead. Let’s take a closer look at sea salt and the benefits associated with the product.

Exactly what is sea salt? Well, sea salt is a by product of ocean evaporation. Table salt is a product that is found in underground mines. Sea salt is a natural product. Table salt is heavily mined and processed with additional chemicals. Many people prefer the taste of sea salt in their food over regular table salt. A number of cosmetic companies add sea salt to their products. Hence, the product is a very important food and cosmetic additive. Did you know that many health spa’s use sea salt in various scrubs, cleansing, and body massage preparations? It is quite true.

Body cleansing is very popular across the country and the world. Did you know that you could detox or body cleanse with sea salt? In fact many holistic health professionals are advising their patients to detox with the product. Sea salt is certainly a better alternative than the over the counter or prescribed cleansers that are packed with toxic chemicals. This salt is a truly wonderful alternative that cleanses the digestive system while eliminating toxins.

Don’t rush out to try the sea salt cleanse. First, consult with your primary physician about the cleanse and any sensitivities that might occur. Get started by eating less food for a few days. This is to prepare for the detox period. Drink plenty of water during that period. Only use completely natural sea salt for the detox process.