When choosing a food for your cat, you should always pay attention to the nutritional content. Some of the best treats contain glucosamine and D-mannose, which are good for the bladder. These nutrients can protect the mucous layer that lines the bladder, making it less prone to inflammation and infections. However, you must also remember that treats should not make up more than 5% of your cat’s daily caloric intake. This way, you can ensure that your pet will not suffer from any problems due to weight.

Purina Pro

Purina Pro treats urinary health are a tasty treat that helps your cat maintain a healthy urinary tract. They are formulated with chicken and other high-quality ingredients and contain antioxidants and vitamins to support urinary health. These treats come in a convenient resealable pouch. They also contain real chicken and contain no artificial colors, flavors or preservatives.

The Purina Pro Plan FOCUS formula is designed to address your cat’s unique dietary requirements. This food is an excellent choice for cats of all ages, sizes, and lifestyles. The formulas are also designed to help your cat avoid constipation. The Purina Pro Plan FOCUS formula is available for adult cats, kittens, and senior cats.

Evanger Organics Turkey and Butternut Squash

Evanger Organics Turkey and Butternut Squeak cat food is a complete and balanced diet that provides your cat with the nutrients and antioxidants it needs to stay healthy. This canned food contains a blend of organic turkey and butternut squash, and is made with minimal ingredients and no grains. This cat food is a great choice for sensitive cats, especially those who are sensitive to corn and wheat.

Despite the high quality of its ingredients, Evanger has been embroiled in controversy. The company was once sued by the city of Wheeling, Illinois after the health inspector found open containers of chicken, flies, maggots, and other contaminants in the food. It has also been suspended from transporting food since a government investigation uncovered problems with its manufacturing facilities. The FDA prohibits companies from distributing unsafe food to consumers.

Evanger Organics Turkey and Butternut Squats cat food also contains a variety of minerals. Its protein content is high and it contains zinc proteinate, manganese proteinate, potassium iodide, selenite, and sulfate of potassium. These nutrients help maintain urinary health in cats.

Evanger Organics Turkey and Butternut Squats cat food treats urinary problems in cats. This canned food is designed to improve the health of older cats suffering from urinary problems. It also contains D-mannose, a nutrient that can help prevent and treat urinary tract disorders. It is also made for sensitive tummies.

Allergies can have a negative impact on the urinary system. For this reason, your cat needs a high-quality diet to ensure comfort and long-term health. For urinary health, try to select a cat food that contains low magnesium content and other organic ingredients. You can also find grain-free cat food that doesn’t contain high-carbohydrate ingredients.