Cat scratcher furniture is a popular item for cat owners. With over 12 million cats in the UK, it’s estimated that twenty to twenty-five percent of the population is home to a cat. This rise in cat ownership is expected to fuel sales of scratchers and other cat furniture. Additionally, cat adoption in India is on the rise, surpassing the growth in dog adoption in the past few years.

La Tele

The La Tele scratcher cat furniture line comes in a variety of different sizes and materials, which make them suitable for a variety of rooms. The La Tele cat tree, for example, has a girth-friendly design that accommodates even the largest kitty. It’s also reversible, and it supports a cat’s body at several different angles. And it’s made with CARB-certified natural particle board for safety.


The Papan Cat Scratcher is a wall-mounted cat scratcher with an elegant bamboo frame and sisal rope construction. This cat furniture is crafted to last longer than corrugated cardboard scratchers, and is made to look beautiful in any room. It comes assembled, and includes screws for wall-mounting.

Our Pets

OurPets Scratcher cat furniture provides your cat with a sturdy scratching post that they can’t resist. This product is made of thick, reversible cardboard with tight nooks and crannies. Plus, it includes catnip, which is a good thing for your cat’s health.

The OurPets Far and Wide Cat Scratcher is an enticing scratching post that has hidden nooks and features corrugated cardboard and catnip. This scratching post is designed exclusively for cats. Children and dogs should not play in the scratching post. These items are suitable for indoor use only. We advise you to check the size of the cat furniture with the size of the room before purchasing.


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