The US Navy veteran who was diagnosed with mesothelioma is suing the Veterans Administration for mishandling the case. The compensation claim has been filed under the Sarbanes-Oxley Act, which has now made it possible for victims of toxic exposure to sue financial institutions and corporations over the governments mishandling of their cases. But the VAs lawyers have told the courts that any claim brought under Sarbanes-Oxley must be rejected, since it deals with corporate communication and criminal activity, not just corporate negligence.

The case will move on to trial on January 9th, where the attorneys for both sides will meet in court to try to make their case in front of a judge. Its not clear how much the cost of the trial will be, but the process is expected to be long and drawn out. One thing is certain: The US Army veteran will find it difficult to get any money due to him.

The US Navy Veteran is fighting for compensation for all the life he lost because of his exposure to asbestos at an air force base in Florida. The first diagnosed cancer patient was retired Air Force Lieutenant Colonel George Zarate, who fell sick when he was working in a construction job. The contractor was not prosecuted for his crime, which is what should have happened in the first place.

Because George Zarate was later diagnosed with mesothelioma, his family has become the focus of the case against the VA. The VA has argued that it did not know anything about this incident until years later when George Zarate sued.

Both sides in the case will bring in medical experts to testify about the victims condition and about the cause of death. Once all the evidence has been presented, the jury will decide who will be awarded the compensation. Once the case reaches trial, George Zarates lawyers will argue that the Veterans Administration covered up a larger scandal regarding improper treatment of those who were deemed unfit for military service.

The VAs lawyer has argued that their handling of this case was purely a form of damages control strategy. As far as they are concerned, these lawyers are on their payroll and if they win the case, they will receive huge fees for their services. After all, the case is being brought by the family of a deceased vet, which means that they are deemed to be sympathetic towards their cause.

If this turns out to be the case, the claim for compensation for the US Navy Veteran may be rejected. If the family gets a favorable verdict, it could lead to more similar wrongful death lawsuits, as families seek compensation for the pain and suffering that was caused by exposure to asbestos. Because these particular types of lawsuits have already been so widely publicized, the American people will get their share of this lawsuit.

But for the US Navy Veteran, this could turn out to be the only chance to seek justice. Without compensation, the victims family may never know the truth about what really happened to him. In the end, this could be yet another case where the truth was sacrificed for the sake of expediency.

The US Navy Veteran should be compensated for the life he was robbed of. What better way to put the responsible parties in prison than to reward them for their wrongdoings? Its the only way to get justice in a case like this.

Since this case has already reached the courtroom, the US Navy Veteran will not have to worry about monetary compensation. This is because this lawsuit involves corporations and large institutions, which are protected by the law. The US Attorney General has confirmed that they will not have to face any consequences for dragging their feet in answering questions.

If this case proceeds, the Family of the US Navy Veteran will have to get a federal Workplace Safety and Health Administration (WSHA) hearing to secure benefits for them. and to draw up the right case. of appeal.