If you’re looking for a closet organizer that fits your space, you’ve come to the right place. Rubbermaid has a number of great products that will make your closet more efficient. These products can be bought at Home Depot or elsewhere, and will give you the extra storage you need.

Closet Maximizer

If you’re looking for a closet storage system with solid shelves and plenty of space, you should try the Closet Maximizer from Rubbermaid. This system comes with adjustable shelves, a hanging rod, and a sturdy rack. Although it’s not cheap, it’s a great option for closets with four to eight feet of space. It can also help you save space in your linen closet, laundry room, or bedroom.

The Closet Maximizer offers eight feet of additional shelving space, as well as an extra 24.5 inches of rod space. It works with existing wire shelving and rods and can be installed over top of existing closet systems. It also features solid laminate wood shelving, which prevents snagging and tearing of clothing. The shelves also measure 12.5 inches apart and are wide enough for stacks of clothes and bins.

Closet Maximizer kits generally contain a combination of shelves and rods, but you can also purchase accessories to customize your closet. The key is to find a kit that fits your needs and lifestyle. First, decide what types of items you want to store in your closet. For instance, a two-tier garment rod will work well for dress shirts, while a tower unit with shelving in the middle would work well for handbags.


If you are looking for closet storage, you might want to consider installing a Rubbermaid closet. These closet systems offer both space-saving and convenient storage solutions. If you are interested in getting your closet organized, you can order the shelves and accessories directly from The Home Depot. You can also use online ordering to save time and money.