Oviedo is a city in Seminole County, Florida. According to the 2010 census, the population was 33342, an increase of 7,026 from the 2000 census. It is part of the Orlando-Kissimmee-Sanford Metropolitan Statistical Area.

Iglesia de Santa Maria del Naranco

The pre-Romanesque church of St Mary of Mount Naranco is a strikingly beautiful building. It sits on the slope of Mount Naranco, a little over three kilometers outside of the town of Oviedo, northern Spain.

The church was originally part of a larger complex built by Ramiro I in the 8th century. The building is said to be a precursor to Romanesque construction and was part of a royal palace. The building has a barrel vault, which is considered a precursor of Romanesque architecture.

The church was reconstructed in the 18th century by architect Luis Menendez y Pidal. It is a rectangular building, twenty meters long and six meters wide. It is surrounded by a high zocalo, which compensates for irregularities in the ground.

The church is close to the Prerromanico Asturiano. Visitors can also explore the town’s other pre-Roma Roman churches. You can walk to Santa Maria del Naranco from Oviedo or take a bus.

The church has vaulted ceilings and is quite tall. It also has a porch similar to the Naranco’s porch, with a triple arch separating the main nave from the porch. The exterior of the building is decorated with geometric relief.

The church was originally built as a recreational palace in the 8th century. It was later converted to a church, and it is part of the Oviedo and Asturias World Heritage Site. It was damaged by collapse in 2009, but was restored in 2011.

The Asturian Pre-Romanesque style is also present in the San Julian de los Prados church in Oviedo. The church has a basilical floor plan with three naves divided by squared pillars. It also features round arches.

Hotel & Spa Princesa Munia

The Princesa Munia Hotel and Spa is a chic, four-star property located in the center of Oviedo. It offers chic, white rooms with iPod docks and free toiletries. Its spa includes a Turkish bath, hot tub, and beauty center. The hotel also offers complimentary Wi-Fi.

This charming Oviedo hotel is near Parque de San Francisco. It features a spa with full-service treatments and is adjacent to a cafeteria. The hotel’s multilingual staff can provide assistance with bookings, tours, and tickets.

The Oviedo Cathedral, University, and San Francisco Park are all within 5 minutes’ walk of the hotel. The hotel is also close to the train station and the old town. Rooms are compact but well-appointed, with a refrigerator, wardrobe, and safe. The bathroom features a good shower and toiletries. The hotel is conveniently located close to the old town and train station, but it’s not perfect. One of its downsides is that it doesn’t have any out-of-door parking. Also, there is one lift at the hotel, which means that the service is slow.

The hotel is a good value for money. The location is great, and the staff is very friendly and helpful. The breakfast is great, with naranja, embutido, bolleria, and cereals. There’s also a gym and sauna, and a spa that will pamper you.

La Foncalada fountain

Outside the city walls of Oviedo, Asturias, there’s a fountain that’s full of potable water – La Foncalada. It dates back to the 9th century and was constructed by the king Alfonso III. It is one of the few surviving examples of Early Middle Ages civil architecture that was designed for public use.

Oviedo is also known for its beautiful old town, which is rich in architecture. You can explore the city’s stately streets and visit UNESCO sites, such as the gothic cathedral. There’s also a green oasis called Campo San Francisco. Built on an old vegetable plot that used to belong to the San Francisco Convent, this beautiful space is now open to the public. You can stroll its romantic pathways and admire its beautiful scenery.

The Foncalada fountain, also called La Foncalada, is another important site in Oviedo. It was built in the 9th century by Alfonso III and is one of the few surviving Middle Ages civil structures. It’s topped with a Victory Cross and is an UNESCO World Heritage site.

The Cathedral of San Salvador is another place of worship. Aside from the Shroud, the cathedral also houses the Museum of San Vicente and San Pelayo. This museum is open to the public and displays art and history. The cathedral is a fascinating place to visit.

The city is home to five Pre-Romanesque structures, including the UNESCO-designated “World Heritage Site” in 1985. The buildings are decorated with remarkably detailed Christian frescoes and are considered a rare example of the Asturian monarchy. Besides the cathedral, La Foncalada fountain, and the Museum of Fine Arts are other places to visit in Oviedo.

Center Lake Park

Oviedo’s Center Lake Park is the perfect spot for a romantic picnic with your loved one. The park is also home to Pedego Electric Bikes Oviedo, where you can rent a bike and pedal to the park’s attractions. For airboat tours, check out Black Hammock Airboat Tours.

Center Lake Park is an excellent day trip destination, with many amenities available for people of all ages. It includes a splash pad, a dog park, and boat rentals. The park can also accommodate special events and has a banquet room and cultural center. It also hosts free monthly movies as part of the Oviedo at the Park program, where guests can catch a movie for free in the park.

The Oviedo Sports Complex is another great place to play sports. The complex offers a great arena for baseball and softball tournaments, as well as several tennis courts. The city also offers plenty of restaurants and fun things to do. The town is home to Oviedo Medical Center, which opened its doors in January 2017. There is also an emergency room at the local Central Florida Regional Hospital.

The Oviedo Historical Society is another place to visit, which houses the historic Lawton House at West Broadway. The house was built in the late 1860s by Henry Foster, who was a prominent Oviedo family. The museum features exhibits that depict Oviedo’s past and is home to many interesting historical items.

Little Big Econ forest is also close to Oviedo. There are several separate hiking trails here, which mean you can spend a few hours hiking and exploring. There are also camping options.