Roses are the ultimate garden royalty, with a luscious scent and lush beauty. This classic flower grows abundantly and is very hardy. Burpee carries the finest selections of roses for groundcover, climbing trellises, and cutting gardens. From the fragrant Tyler to the graceful Knockout, you can’t go wrong when you choose roses from Burpee.

Tyler roses shipped to your door

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If you are considering growing a Firecracker rose, you will want to make sure that you know a few things about this plant. This type is very disease-resistant and will produce showy, brightly colored blooms. The flowers will appear in clusters and are semi-double in shape. The foliage is red with serrated edges, and the plant is moderately heat-tolerant. It can survive in zones 8B or below.

The optimum pH level for roses is between 6.5 and 7.0. A soil that is too acidic or alkaline will stunt the growth of roses. To make sure your roses grow well, you can add some garden lime or aluminum sulphate to your soil. You can also remove any damaged soil from your garden and replace it with a compost material that is suitable for roses.

Pruning your roses requires some skill and patience. Make sure to use long-handled shears and start from the bottom up. Start by removing dead canes, criss-crossed branches, and unhealthy fresh growth. After this, you can continue pruning down to live wood and white new growth. Also, remove suckers, which are low, thin branches that steal energy from the plant.


Knockout rose plants are known for their disease and pest resistance. This allows them to grow in less desirable environments, like areas with little sunlight and water. Knockout roses are also drought tolerant, needing only a couple of gallons of water a week during the growing season.

They can be grown in containers, in a flat garden bed, or in a raised bed. They require about six to eight hours of sunlight per day. If you decide to plant them in your garden, you’ll want to consider their size and the spacing of their blooms. You can also choose them in mass groupings of different colors to create a midsize border.

Knock Out roses can reach seven feet in height, making them an ideal specimen plant. They also grow well in mixed borders, and do well in partial shade. They are also resistant to black spot disease, and can be planted alone or as an accent plant in mixed beds. Their flowers will bloom late summer and early fall.

Despite their resiliency to bugs and rose diseases, Knockout roses are not completely immune. They can be susceptible to rose rosette virus, which is transmitted by eriophyid mites that feed on Knockout roses. This virus causes weird, diseased new shoots that eventually die.

Paint the Town

If you are looking for a rose plant with a bold color and a colorful bloom, look no further than the Paint The Town rose. The blooms on this flower are layered and red, and the foliage is a glossy dark green. Its disease-resistant blooms last all summer, making it an excellent choice for container plantings and border plantings.

This rose is a compact shrub that grows on its own rootstock. It is considered one of the most hardy roses for the Chicago area. It has a deep red bloom, and glossy foliage that is disease-resistant. The rose is easy to maintain, and it tolerates most soil conditions, including standing water.

Mystic Fairy

The Mystic Fairy rose is a hardy and easy to grow rose with long blooming season and beautiful red-pink flowers. Its flowers are surrounded by green leaves and are remarkably disease resistant. The Mystic Fairy rose is a vigorous grower and can last for more than 20 years with the right conditions. It prefers a well-drained soil and full sun. It is relatively tolerant of urban pollution.

A dwarf shrub rose with a fragrant scent, the ‘Mystic Fairy’ produces clusters of small, double flowers that grow to about 2 inches across. The blossoms have a delicate apple fragrance. The foliage is glossy dark green and the flowers are very disease resistant.

When planting your Mystic Fairy rose plants, it is important to select the correct type for the area. It needs plenty of sun, but it is also important to choose a spot that offers some protection from colder weather. It also needs a well-drained soil, as soggy soil suffocates the roots and invites fungal diseases. You can find Mystic Fairy rose plants for sale online and in many garden centers.

Mystic Fairy rose plants for sale are disease resistant and easy to grow. They bloom throughout the summer. They are an excellent choice for sunny areas and containers.

Mystic Fairy everblooming hybrid tea

The Mystic Fairy rose is a very easy to grow hybrid rose with beautiful red-pink blooms that last all season. The plant is hardy to zone 4 and has disease-resistant foliage. It also has a neat habit. It needs full sun for its best blooming.

This everblooming rose produces large clusters of showy blooms that are surrounded by green foliage. It is a compact vigorous shrub that is resistant to blackspot and mildew. The Mystic Fairy is great for container gardening and is a great addition to a butterfly garden.

This plant has glossy green leaves and thorny stems, and its large red blooms remain open until frost. It attracts butterflies and grows best in slightly acidic soil. Avoid watering the plant too much, as it will damage the leaves. De-heading or removing wilted buds will promote flowering.

The Mystic Fairy everblooming rose is a woody perennial that blooms in September and October. The plant grows between two to three feet tall and likes full sun. It grows in zones 9-11 and does well in well-drained soil. It is native to the southern U.S. and South America.