Rebound FX Cirtrus punch – Your high-powered alternative to the high carbohydrate, packed with sodium sports drinks used unknowningly by others! Supplying essential quick and sustained energy while promoting a healthy balance of natural herbs, minerals, and antioxidants, that must be restored in order for the body to function at high energy / optimal levels. Not only has Rebound FX garnered international attention, it is endorsed and promoted by former NBA All-Star Theo Ratliff! Rebound FX Benefits Promotes Healthier Exercise. Support Optimum Health and Wellbeing. Promotes Good Cardiovascular Health. Strengthens the Immune System. Boosts Stamina and Energy. Packs A Great Citrus Taste! Instructions – Mix 2 Tablespoons (1 ounce) of Rebound FX by Youngevity with a minimum of 10 ounces of pure or filtered water.  Consume the drink before, during, and after physical activity.  Be sure to store in a cooler environment after opening.  Always seek the advice of a healthcare professional as with any nutritional supplement program.