You’ll find that there are several places to visit in Lancaster. There’s the Amish Farm and House Tour, the National Watch and Clock Museum, Dutch Wonderland, and Lititz Springs Park. There’s also a museum gift shop and silk scarves printed with Demuth art.

Amish Farm and House Tour

If you’re interested in visiting Lancaster, Pennsylvania, there are plenty of places to visit. The Amish Farm and House Tour offers guided house and bus tours, as well as a schoolhouse and farm animals. There are also tours for children, so they can learn how to farm. There are also plenty of other things to do in Lancaster, including shopping at one of the local malls.

The Amish Farm and House Tour is an excellent way to learn about the Amish way of life. Visitors can choose from four different tours to explore the Amish lifestyle and learn about how the Amish live. Each tour includes a visit to an actual Amish home and answers your questions. Tours also take you to local schools and community-owned businesses. The Amish Farm and House Tour also features farm animals and a farm-style restaurant. Visitors can pack a picnic lunch and enjoy the food at the farm-style restaurant.

The Amish Farm and House Tour is set on land that dates back to the time of Pennsylvania’s founder, William Penn. The original Amish house was built in 1715 on what was then an undeveloped wilderness. The current farmhouse was constructed in 1805. The Amish lived here and ran a traditional Pennsylvania German farm. After the Civil War, the Amish Farm and House became a tourist attraction.

National Watch and Clock Museum

The National Watch and Clock Museum is a great place to learn about the history of timekeeping. Located in Columbia, Pennsylvania, this museum is one of a few in the United States that is entirely dedicated to horology. Horology is the science, art, and history of keeping time.

The National Watch and Clock Museum boasts an impressive collection of historical timepieces. Visitors can view clocks from Asia and Europe, but the museum’s main focus is on timepieces from the 18th and 19th centuries. Many of these timepieces were made in Lancaster County.

If your children are into clocks and mechanical devices, they will love the National Watch and Clock Museum. You’ll also be able to take them fishing at Erbs Covered Bridge. Kids can also learn about STEM at the Lancaster Science Factory.

The National Watch and Clock Museum is operated by the National Association of Watch and Clock Collectors. The museum houses the largest collection of timepieces in North America. Visitors can view clocks and other timepieces from the prehistoric era to the space age. The museum’s extensive collection includes everything from pocket sundials to the most advanced moon phase wristwatches.

The museum is home to a monumental 11-foot-tall wooden clock created by a part-time dentist from Hazleton, Pa. Visitors are able to see the clock in action several times daily. The museum’s educational program helps visitors learn about different aspects of the art of clockmaking.

Dutch Wonderland

One of the best things to do in Lancaster is visit Dutch Wonderland, an amusement park with over 35 rides and attractions. This is a great place for families and children of all ages to spend the day. In addition to the rides, the park offers family dining and special events. Dutch Wonderland is a great place to spend the whole day, or even the entire season.

Although Dutch Wonderland is small in terms of acres, the park makes good use of every available square inch. The park is home to over 35 rides, including a small waterpark area called Duke’s Lagoon. There are also several shows throughout the day.

Visitors to Lancaster can also take in the countryside with a visit to Middle Creek Wildlife Management Area. The area is very picturesque and free to enter. You should also visit the Lancaster Marionette Theatre, although you may not want to go if you’re afraid of dolls. While the show isn’t for everyone, it’s still entertaining and well-worth seeing.

Pennsylvania German Museum is another fun place to visit in Lancaster. It tells the story of Pennsylvania Germans who settled in the United States in the 17th and 18th centuries. The Pennsylvania Germans are a large population in the area and the museum helps preserve their culture. Visitors can explore blacksmith and leatherwork shops, see steam engines and textile processes, and learn more about the Pennsylvania Germans.

Lititz Springs Park

Lititz Springs Park is a privately-owned park that hosts many events throughout the year. The park includes a duck stream, playgrounds, picnic areas, and a snack store. There is also a large gazebo where visitors can rest while enjoying the views of the surrounding area. The park has a variety of events throughout the year and has something for everyone.

Lititz Springs Park is a charming little park that has a rich history. It is fed by three underground limestone springs. The park has paved walking paths and a stone waterway that winds its way through the park. Families can feed ducks from the waterway and watch them swim. The park also hosts an annual 4th of July celebration, as well as art shows and music events.

Visitors can also learn about the town’s history at the Lititz Historical Foundation. The museum features artifacts dating back to the 1700s. It also houses the old Wilbur Chocolate Company’s factory building. This historic landmark is a popular destination for those who love pretzels.

Lititz Springs Park is located in Lancaster County. It is located at 101 Maple Street and is free to visit year-round. The park is smoke-free and does not permit alcoholic beverages, bicycles, gambling, political activities, or soliciting.

Historic Rock Ford

Located in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, Historic Rock Ford Plantation is a place you’ll want to visit if you love history. The home of former president George Washington’s Adjunct General Edward Hand and a member of the National Register of Historic Places, this plantation has been lovingly preserved and is a great way to see how rural life used to be in the 18th century. The museum’s carefully preserved displays and artwork allow visitors to get a true feel for the lifestyle of the 18th century.

If you’re looking for something to do with the kids in Lancaster, make sure you visit the Hands On House, Children’s Museum. This unique museum offers over 150 interactive exhibits and eight galleries. In addition to these exhibits, you can participate in a variety of events and activities for children of all ages. Another one of the best places to visit in Lancaster is Historic Rock Ford, a Revolutionary War general’s home. The mansion house, collections, and grounds provide a detailed look at how people lived in Early America.

The city has a laid back atmosphere and friendly locals. You can sample the local treats and buy souvenirs at quaint shops. You can also meet members of the Amish community and learn about their daily life. While it remains a mystery to many, they still live life as they did a hundred years ago. They still ride horse-drawn carts and don’t use many modern conveniences.

Amish Central Market

If you’re looking for a fun and unique place to visit in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, the Amish Central Market is a great option. Located in Penn Square, the market is one of the oldest municipally operated markets in the country. In fact, it was the oldest until 2005.

The market is a great place to buy fresh produce, meat and bakery items. It’s also an excellent place to grab lunch. Most vendors accept credit and debit cards, and there is an ATM on the premises. You’ll also want to visit Wendy Jo’s Homemade stand for delicious, chocolate-covered peanut butter cookies. It’s about 20 minutes’ drive from the Amish Farm and House.

Another place to visit in Lancaster is the Lancaster County Fairgrounds. Here you can visit over 35 different rides. It’s free to enter the fairgrounds if it’s not raining. It’s also a great place for kids to run around and get a little exercise.

Lancaster’s Amish Central Market is one of the oldest and most unique farmers’ markets in the country. It’s located in Lancaster, PA, and is housed in a 120-year-old red brick building. It’s packed with local flavor. Local specialties include Pennsylvania Dutch sausage, scrapple (a breakfast meat), and headcheese. You can visit the market year-round, from six in the morning to three in the afternoon.

Lancaster is a beautiful town that celebrates the rich history of Pennsylvania Dutch settlers. With a wide range of museums, amusement parks, and restaurants, Lancaster has something to suit every visitor. The city also features a popular Amish community and a variety of places to hike and bike.