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‘Valkyrie Heart’

Heart Stealer Valkyrie Heart is a black torbie Maine Coon girl. Torbies are a combination of black tortie and tabby patterns. They have a luxurious silk coat and beautiful, deep red highlights on their fur. They’re very photogenic and are among the most popular Maine Coons.

‘Heart Stealer’

If you’re looking for a beautiful, affectionate, and gentle pet, the Heart Stealer black silver torbie Maine Coon may be the cat for you. This cat has a rich, velvety coat with a lion-like mane and glorious red highlights. This beautiful breed is one of the largest of all domesticated cats. And it can even change its color.


A black smoke Maine Coon, also known as a ‘Valkyrie’, is the prized possession of a Russian breeder. This rare cat is the result of years of dedicated breeding by Tatiana Rastorgueva. This strangely human-like cat has a silky coat, a mane that resembles that of a lion, and glorious red highlights throughout her fur.

This enchanting Maine coon is becoming a social media sensation. Tatiana Rastorgueva’s Instagram account recently featured several pictures of the adorable kitten. Valkyrie’s face resembles that of a human’s, and many have remarked that it is so cute.