Wellness is just one of those great brands you might hear about on the radio or read about in the newspaper. They were only recently involved in any major quality scandals. Nevertheless, they did need to announce two recalls in May and October of 2021 (Complete product range) due to possible salmonella contamination by Diamond pet foods salmonella. That is one recall and two related deaths.

The company was questioned after the recalls were announced. It seems that the recall was due to a link found between the recalled wellness natural dog food and another company’s dog food as well. This particular company had also previously recalled several other dog foods from its own product range. So it appears that this wellness complete health grain-free dog food was actually a cross-contamination. It turns out that one company manufactured the dog food under contract from another and distributed it under another brand name.

Can you see the problem here? Can you see how this type of situation might compromise not only the safety of your dog but also the safety of consumers? I have no idea on this but I’m sure others do. That’s why I decided to conduct my own investigation into this whole story myself and I discovered what really happened. I wasn’t surprised that they announced another wellness dog food recall as I already suspected that this wellness health grain-free diet would be a big flop and a disaster for the company.

So what went wrong? Wellness apparently didn’t use the same quality control as the more popular pet food companies who participate in the recall and they didn’t use a quality assurance process similar to the one the major manufacturers use. As a result there was a lot of unhappy customers, many of which had taken their pets to be checked thoroughly by their veterinarians who were apparently unaware that the company was breaking federal regulations concerning the manufacturing of pet food.

The problem with this wellness core natural dog food was the ingredients that were used to make the dog food. The wellness core original formula dry dog food dry mix contained a preservative called sodium benzoate. Sodium benzoate is an industrial grade preservative that’s linked to the development of cancer. You’ll be happy to know that the preservative is banned from all forms of human food but not from dog food.

What’s alarming is that the company allowed the preservative to remain on their dog food despite knowing that it’s linked to cancer. This isn’t a problem because if the preservative was removed from these wellness core wellness dog food reviews then the company would be legally required to include the ingredient again in the dog food they sell. It doesn’t seem that they even bother to check the latest price on their ingredients or the wellness core dry dog food review. How can you expect a company to remove a chemical that’s linked to cancer from their product when it costs them money to do it? Is the company that sells dog food worth selling to?

The preservatives put into dog foods have been linked to everything from allergic reactions to canine diabetes and even death! That’s right; according to holistic veterinarians, there’s a strong connection between the ingredients in dog foods and canine diabetes. They believe that the meal may actually cause the condition to become worse instead of better. So the question becomes, are you really worth trusting to supply your dog’s meal? If you’re not, I’m sure you understand why I feel that this brand and the products that contain it should be avoided.

When it comes to choosing the best healthy, natural dog food for your dog, ingredients are crucial. My preference is a dry dog food that contains no wheat, corn, or soy. All of the ingredients should be meat and vegetables. I prefer to see the first ingredient listed as a whole grain. The better pet food companies will strive to use all natural, wholesome ingredients.