If you are looking for a high-quality, affordable dog food that is guaranteed to give your pup the healthiest meal possible, Primal Raw dog food is a great option. These raw dog foods are made from human-grade meats, certified organic produce, and unrefined vitamins and minerals. This natural dog food is also known to be better for your dog’s skin, coat, and joints.


There are many differences between traditional raw dog food and Primal raw dog food. Both contain a similar amount of protein and fat, but Primal dog food has a much higher protein content than traditional dog food. This is because primal uses High Pressure Processing to kill 99 percent of the harmful pathogens in the ingredients. This process is done in facilities that are inspected and meet government standards. Third-party testing is also required to ensure the food is free from harmful components.

The meat in Primal raw dog food is high in protein and contains many essential fatty acids. It also contains plenty of nutrient-rich vegetables and fruits. The meat is hormone and antibiotic-free. It also contains a high concentration of vitamin B6 and riboflavin. The liver contains a lesser amount of protein but still contains many beneficial nutrients for dogs. In addition to protein, Primal raw dog food also contains dairy products and fruit.

Primal dog food is available in both freeze-dried and raw frozen formulas. The frozen meals are easy to prepare and provide a full raw diet for your dog. These frozen meals are packed with nutrition, are made from organic produce, and are free of synthetic vitamins.


Primal Freeze-Dried Formulas provide all the benefits of a raw-food diet in a convenient, easy-to-store food. The ingredients are fresh, human-grade, and antibiotic and hormone-free. This means that you can be assured your pet is getting only the best for your pet’s health.

Primal uses species-appropriate food products to mimic the natural diet of the first dogs. This makes the food easier to digest and better for the body to absorb nutrients. It contains meat, bones, and fruit and vegetable pieces without any additives or preservatives. It also contains high-quality protein, active enzymes, and natural sources of calcium. Certified organic vegetables are incorporated into the meal to help your dog absorb essential vitamins and minerals.

Primal has a few different types of food, so you can choose between raw, frozen, or freeze-dried. All three are nutritionally balanced, and they come out ready to serve when defrosted. Frozen and freeze-dried dog foods are similar to each other, but freeze-dried food is more processed.

Primal raw frozen formula is a convenient way to feed your pet a raw diet. This food contains all the nutrients your dog needs in a meal. It comes in small round nuggets for your smaller dog. The ingredients are of the highest quality: human grade and organic. They include the ten life-sustaining amino acids and fresh protein necks for calcium supplementation.

Shelf life

Shelf life is one of the main concerns when purchasing raw dog food. Since fats are among the most delicate nutrients in dog food, they are the primary reason why shelf life is so short. These fats can become degraded over time, which can be harmful for your dog’s health. To avoid this, always buy raw foods that are fresh and recently produced. Look for a “Produced on” date on the label and inspect the food visually.

Primal dog food contains fish oil, which is high in omega-3 fatty acids. These fats are considered to be the most bioavailable to humans, so their inclusion is commendable. The company also uses coconut oil, a natural oil rich in medium-chain fatty acids.

Primal freeze-dried food is a convenient alternative to raw meat. It is complete and balanced for all life stages and must meet AAFCO standards. It is often made with organic ingredients or grass-fed meat. These products contain minimal processing and additives and are well-liked by even picky eaters. They are a good choice if you’re on a limited budget. If you’re unsure about whether or not raw dog food is right for your pet, consult your veterinarian before purchasing any kind of food.

Primal freeze-dried food is a convenient option if you’re on the go and can’t prepare fresh meals every day. This food is a great choice for traveling, hiking, and car trips. Unlike canned foods, frozen food doesn’t have to be refrigerated for a long time. This way, your dog won’t get dehydrated.

Health benefits

Primal raw dog food is a great choice for your pet if you want to avoid the harmful chemicals found in most commercially-produced foods. Made from ingredients that are free of antibiotics, hormones and steroids, it provides a balance of meat, vegetables, and grains for optimal health. Unlike most commercial foods, Primal is also gluten-free and free of grains and legumes. In addition, the food is produced in facilities that are certified organic and sustainably-sourced.

Primal dog food contains a high proportion of protein and fat. The average protein content in a single serving is 49%, with nearly half of this coming from protein. It contains low levels of carbohydrates and is rich in omega fatty acids. It also contains no grain, corn, or soy.

Primal dog food formulas are made with organic produce and other unrefined nutritional supplements, such as coconut oil and apple cider vinegar. The food also meets the requirements of the Complete Diet. Many raw pet food manufacturers, however, use synthetic vitamins and minerals instead of whole foods. Hence, the health benefits of Primal raw dog food can’t be underestimated.

Primal raw dog food contains less processed meat and lower carbohydrates than commercially-produced dry foods. Additionally, it contains less carbohydrates than kibble. However, unlike human foods, meaty cereal can’t compare to real meat. A good raw food diet can be fed as a full meal or as a topper once or twice a week.

Prey model raw diet

The Prey model raw diet is designed to meet the nutritional needs of your dog. Its ingredients are rich in natural vitamins and minerals. It is also much healthier than commercially prepared dog food. However, switching your dog’s diet to a raw diet can be difficult. The following are some tips to get your pet on the right track.

Start with a simple protein source such as ground meat or breast meat. Give your dog this protein for about a week. Then, slowly introduce bones and organs. When introducing new protein sources to your dog, make sure to watch for any signs of loose stool. Your pet may also develop digestive issues, so start slowly with small portions of bone or offal.

A prey model raw diet is similar to what wolves and dogs ate prior to being domesticated. Unlike humans, dogs ate prey and scavenged for it. The ingredients in the Prey Model Raw diet are intended to mimic this diet by including key vitamins and nutrients. That way, the food is biologically appropriate for dogs.

Prey Model raw dog food is also known as PMR+. Feeders who feed their dogs the PMR+ diet don’t reduce the primary meat/protein ratio, but they do add other biologically appropriate raw foods, such as bones. This method also allows you to adjust your dog’s calcium-to-protein ratio.


Primal pet foods are a natural way to feed your dog a healthy, balanced diet. They contain organic meats, fish, and poultry, as well as vegetables and organic fruits. These ingredients are completely safe for your pet. Primal foods are grain, gluten, and legume-free, and they don’t contain synthetic vitamins or additives. They’re also easy to prepare and serve.

Primal venison nuggets are one of the most protein-rich raw dog foods on the market. They contain a high percentage of free-range venison meat. They are also made with finely ground fresh bones. Venison is also rich in omega fatty acids and short-chain fatty acids, making it one of the most nutritious foods for your dog.

The ingredients are free of preservatives and antibiotics, and are raised in humane conditions. They are also lower in carbohydrates than kibble. You can feed your dog raw food as a full meal, or use it as a topper or supplement once a week.

Aside from meaty bones, Primal also produces frozen formulas. Many of the recipes are grain-free. Some of them are rated higher than others based on their fat-to-protein ratio. Some of their dog foods have been recalled, so it’s important to read the label before buying.