One of the clearest revelations that has developed from the research done on happiness is that humans are social beings. We depend upon connections and interaction to be well and thrive. Having a good experience around other people can create feelings of euphoria. Talking to a friend can instantly be uplifting. As humans we need close relationships in order to be happy.

Positive relationships establish psychological space and safety which allows us to take in the world around us while exploring and learning. We do not have to focus in on survival tasks. The feelings that are produced from a positive relationship help us build resources for times of adversity and stress.

Characteristics of Positive Relationships:

  • To love & be loved
  • A mutual understanding
  • Give attention to
  • Non-judgmental help
  • Celebrate good times
  • Recognition of self-worth
  • Security
  • Conversations

Gemio Friendship Bracelets

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