There are many things to see and do in East Haddam, Connecticut. You can check out Staehly Farm Winery, Gelston House, Nathan Hale Schoolhouse, and Devil’s Hopyard State Park. You can also enjoy the many fine dining options in town. This is a town where you can savor the local cuisine and take in a variety of local arts.

Staehly Farm Winery

The Staehly Farm Winery in East Haddam, Connecticut, produces a range of fruit wines. Visitors can taste their wines and participate in farm activities like picking rhubarb. In addition, there are several events throughout the year, including a fall Flavor Festival.

Visitors can also explore the area by hiking through Devil’s Hopyard State Park. There are many waterfalls along the way, and the area was popular for camping years ago. The area is also dotted with state parks. Devil’s Hopyard State Park offers scenic views and various trails. There are restrooms on site and fishing is allowed.

Another popular attraction in East Haddam is Gillette Castle State Park. This castle was built by the actor William Gillette and is home to a medieval-style castle and miles of grounds. The grounds offer hiking trails, paved and unpaved paths, stone structures, and duck pond. Some trails have steep slopes, so be careful of your fitness level before embarking on the journey.

Gelston House

Gelston House in East Haddam, Connecticut, has been serving the local community for more than 150 years. It is located right next to the Goodspeed Opera House and offers panoramic views of the Connecticut River. This charming restaurant and inn offers a unique dining experience with innovative menus and low prices.

The building is a stunning example of Italianate architecture and features a spacious, open foyer. Its original bar and granite-topped wood bar add to the grandeur of the place. Guests can also relax in the separate dining room, which features a gas fireplace. During the warmer months, the restaurant hosts live music performances.

The Gelston House has been standing on Main Street in East Haddam, CT for centuries. Originally built as the Riverside Inn by Jabez Chapman, it operated from 1776 to 1825 and was subsequently sold to Joseph Goodspeed. In 1853, the Gelston Hotel Company was formed. The company was headed by George Gelston, the son of the original proprietor. Today, the property is owned by the Goodspeed Opera House Foundation. The hotel is open every day at 11:30am.

Nathan Hale Schoolhouse

Nathan Hale Schoolhouse, which is located in East Haddam, is a historic building that once served as a school. He taught at the schoolhouse from 1773 to 1774, and a bust honoring him sits in the front porch. Now owned by the Sons of the American Revolution, the schoolhouse is filled with displays of Nathan Hale’s possessions and local history. During the winter months, visitors can even see eagles in the tall pine trees on the school’s grounds.

Visitors can also visit the East Haddam Historical Society Museum, which features historical artifacts and exhibits. Its diverse special collections highlight local history, including the history of the town’s people and industry. Nearby, the Connecticut River Museum explores the history of the Connecticut River.

If you have a taste for the classics, you can also visit Allegra Farm, which is located on Lake Hayward in East Haddam. There, you can take a hayride or a carriage ride around the grounds. The farm is also home to the Connecticut Horse Drawn Carriage and Sleigh Museum. The carriages have been lovingly restored, and you can even rent one for your next special event.

The Connecticut River brought settlers to East Haddam and commerce to the town. Historic homes and the First Church of Christ, Congregational are testaments to early life in the area. You can also visit the gravesite of Venture Smith, an important member of the American Revolution. During the 19th century, East Haddam was home to dozens of water-powered textile mills, and Eastern European immigrants were a major part of the community. The town was also popular with people who wanted to escape city life.

Another interesting place to visit is St. Stephen’s Episcopal Church. Founded in 1795, St. Stephen’s Episcopal Church has a bell that is said to be the oldest in North America. The bell, which dates back to eight hundred and fourteen years, was cast in Spain. The church building also features a bell tower, and Sunday services take place at 8am and 10am.

Devil’s Hopyard State Park

Devil’s Hopyard State Park in East haddam is a 1,000-acre public recreation area. Located near Chapman Falls on the Eightmile River, this park offers a variety of outdoor activities, such as hiking and biking trails, fishing, picnicking, and more.

This park has 60-foot-high Chapman Falls, which is part of the Scotland Schist stone formation. The park also boasts a natural rock viewing platform and several parking areas. The falls rush all year round, though they can lose their block formation during dry weather. During this time, people often swim in the small area below the falls.

This park offers a variety of hiking, mountain biking, and bird watching opportunities. There are also several hiking trails that are great for families, and it is even possible to camp in the park. The campground is a bit rustic, so you won’t want to bring running water or a toilet.

Devil’s Hopyard Falls is another highlight of the park. The waterfall has a circular hole in the bottom. Visitors can hike down the rocky path to the base of the falls. The park also includes the ruins of a 17th-century mill and several historic buildings.

If you’re looking for a scenic spot, Devil’s Hopyard State Park is the place to go. With its friendly staff and ample parking, the park is easily accessible. The trail is a loop and features a vista overlooking the water. The park is a great option for a short day hike.

Nathan Hale’s tombstone

Nathan Hale’s tombstone is located near a historic schoolhouse. The schoolhouse was built in 1750 in East Haddam and served as a school until 1799, when it was purchased by Captain Elijah Attwood and used as a residence.

Located near the intersection of Routes 82 and 149, the bust of Nathan Hale stands proudly on a granite column. It depicts Hale with thick wavy hair, a resolute look, and a proud stance. The sculptor, Enoch Smith Woods, may have taken a model from a factory worker in Hartford to create the bust.

The East Haddam Historical Society is another must-visit place. The museum showcases a variety of artifacts and exhibits that tell the story of the town and its history. There are a number of special collections to explore. Another great place to visit is the Connecticut River Museum, which explores the history of the river.

The story of Nathan Hale’s death is fascinating. While he was sentenced to death, he was still a loyal soldier and devoted friend. He kept a diary of his experiences in the army and wrote in it to document the events. In his diary, he wrote that he loved the military and his job as company commander. He complained about his superiors and worried about his subordinates. His diary also reveals that he refused to take a leave of absence from the army.

Nathan Hale’s life ended in 1776, but his cultural legacy continues. His name has been immortalized in books, pamphlets, and films. His name has even graced a U.S. postage stamp. He is also commemorated by schools and a state forest. One of the first craft beers in Connecticut was named after him.