There are many places to visit near Frenchburg, Kentucky. Some of these places are within a short driving time of Frenchburg, and some are farther away. Try using a smaller or larger radius, depending on your preferences. If you’re interested in visiting a specific place within a short driving time, try using a smaller radius.

Hideaway Falls – Cabin With Private Waterfall View

The Hideaway Falls is a beautiful cabin with a private waterfall view. It is located on 7.5 acres of land and overlooks a rushing creek. This cabin offers privacy and is close to many of Frenchburg’s attractions. It is a perfect getaway spot for families and couples.

Quiet – Cabin Near Red River Gorge And Cave Run Lake

If you love the outdoors, this cabin is perfect for you. Located on a ridge overlooking the Red River Gorge, it sleeps up to six people. Its rustic vibe is balanced by modern amenities, and it’s close to hiking trails and rock climbing spots. It also features covered porches and a hot tub for your enjoyment. Plus, it’s pet-friendly.

The Quiet – Cabin Near Red river Gorge And Cave Run Lake is located about 7 miles from the center of Frenchburg. It offers a hot tub, private waterfall views, and free Wi-Fi. It also has a dining table and fire pit.

Located near Red River Gorge and Cave Run Lake, this cabin offers easy access to hiking and climbing. The cabin features a private deck with hot tub under a tree canopy. It also has a gas grill, satellite TV, and a front porch with rocking chairs. Additionally, you’ll find parking nearby, and you’ll have plenty of opportunities to observe wildlife while you’re out and about.

Studio apartments for rent in Frenchburg

Frenchburg, Kentucky is home to a variety of different rental options for low-income people. The city offers rent subsidized apartments, meaning that your rent will be paid for by the federal government. Those who qualify can use Section 8 Housing Choice vouchers to rent subsidized apartments. These vouchers cover up to a third of the rent for a one-bedroom apartment in Frenchburg.

Whether your income makes you eligible for affordable housing depends on several factors. First, your income must be lower than the average income in the Frenchburg area. The Area Median Income (AMI) is an important government statistic that compares your income to the income of other households in the area. HUD calculates this metric annually using an area much larger than the city in order to provide more comprehensive results.


If you’re looking for a nice hike in the Frenchburg area, you’ll be glad to know that there are several options available. The most popular hike in the area is Indian Staircase, which can be reached via Sheltowee Trace National Recreation Trail. Another good option is Bison Way Trail, a 2.9 mile out-and-back trail in Daniel Boone National Forest.


If you are looking for a place to visit in Frenchburg, Kentucky, camping is a great option. You can spend the day exploring the town and then retire to your motorhome for the night. You’ll have your own space and a comfy bed to rest your weary head. You can also tailor your trip to your own tastes, staying longer or leaving earlier if you want.

You can stay at various campgrounds in Frenchburg, KY, including Cave Run Lake. This is a popular area for camping, fishing, and hunting. The area also has some great trails for ATV riding. It is also home to the Gladie Cultural-Environmental Learning Center, which educates visitors on the area’s unique resources and geology.