Whether you’re looking for a place to stay in Keota, OK or an area to go hiking, there are many things to see and do nearby. Read on for a list of places near Keota. If you have the time, you can even visit nearby cities while you’re in town!

Cities near Keota

Keota, Iowa, is a small city in Keokuk and Washington counties. It is a great place to raise a family and find a job. The city has a population of around 2,700. It is home to a large military base and has a strong business community.

Keota has a median age of 39. A typical family has 2.9 members. The median home price is $55,000. Home appreciation over the past ten years has been 3.8%. The area is populated by young professionals, with a median age of 39 years. Keota is ranked 16526 nationally and 564th in the state for diversity.

Keota’s overall livability rating is above average. It is based on a weighted average of several city variables, including the cost of living, crime rate, and overall happiness of residents. This score is calculated through advanced statistical models. Keota ranks above average when it comes to a combination of factors, including crime and cost of living.

If you’re planning a vacation to Keota, OK, you can find flights from nearby cities. Several large cities have airports, so you can find a flight that lands at a convenient time for you. You can also search for flights to cities that are four hours or less from Keota.

Keota has a population of 582 people. It’s the second-largest city in Haskell County. Its two public schools average a Homefacts rating of C-. Its crime rate is extremely low, and there are no registered sex offenders.

Cities close to Keota

Keota is a small town located in Minnesota. It has a population of 534 people. As a small town, it tends to have a lower economic status. Its poverty rate is 26.6%, which is higher than the national average of ten to thirteen percent.

Keota has a higher crime rate than surrounding cities. It’s generally safer in the central area, while crime rates are higher in the western part of the city. However, some areas in Keota have higher crime rates than the national average. To find out whether your neighborhood is safer than Keota, check out the Crime Grade map.

There are many places to visit near Keota. These include Iowa cities, major airports, and smaller towns. Those who want to get to Keota can search for flights from these major cities. By using a search engine, you can also find other cities that are within four hours of Keota, IA.

You can download a map of the cities near Keota to help you decide where to go. You can use it to plan a business trip, research sales areas, or relocate. It’s also a great tool for traveling through Keota. It will help you navigate the area in the fastest way possible.

Keota has an above average livability rating, which measures the quality of life in a city. This is based on a combination of different factors, including crime, education, and cost of living. It also takes into account the overall happiness of its residents. Keota is a great city, but your choice will ultimately depend on your own unique needs and preferences.

Keota offers a wide range of inexpensive lodging options. Most of these properties have basic amenities but offer good comfort. Many have swimming pools and free breakfast. If you’re traveling on a budget, a bed and breakfast may be the perfect option. Otherwise, a motel is another option.