If you’re looking for some fun things to do in Karnes City, Texas, you’ve come to the right place. Whether you’re visiting for a short weekend getaway or a long weekend, there are several things you should definitely do. You can find a sample itinerary below. It will help you find places to stop along the way. Be sure to research road conditions and weather, as well as pet-friendly rest stops and RV campgrounds. You can also look for top-rated restaurants and hotels in the area.

Joe Gulley Park

In the city of Karnes City, Texas, you can play basketball and volleyball in Joe Gulley Park. The park is located near the center of the city, which is 5 miles northwest of the state’s capital, Dallas. There is no commercial airport in the area, but it is easy to travel to other cities. Buses and trains run throughout the day.

Downtown Karnes City

Oil fields in Karnes City are pumping millions of dollars into the town. In 2013, the city collected almost $1 million in sales taxes, nearly four times as much as it did in 2010. The city is also banking big royalty checks. A number of people with mineral rights in the town made million-dollar fortunes overnight. While the signs of the newfound wealth are subtle, like new pickup trucks and remodeled houses, they are there.

One of the things to do in Downtown Karnes City is to visit a salon and get your nails done. The city is home to several hair and nail salons that offer everything from eyebrow coloring to hair styling. There are also several wine tasting events and wine shipping services. For a fun day out with friends or family, head to the downtown shops.

Karnes County Museum

The Karnes County Museum in Helena, Montana, is a fun and interesting museum that has many interesting artifacts. The museum is one of the oldest homes in Helena and has a variety of treasures, including a replica of the original post office and iron cells from the Helena jail.

The museum is also home to the historic Sickenius Farmhouse, a house that was once home to eight members of the Sickenius family. The building was moved from its original location to the Jefferson square in 1986 and is now used as a museum. It features exhibits about the history of Helena and Karnes County.

In the early days, William Butler owned more than a hundred thousand acres and a herd of 10,000 cattle. He was one of the first men to ride the Chisholm Trail, and drove cattle from his ranch to the market in Helena, where a four-dollar cow could fetch forty dollars. He did so for a longer period of time than anyone else. Today, Helena is known as the toughest town in Texas, and the Karnes County Museum interprets the stories of gunfights, saloons, and cowboy life.

The museum also features dinosaur bones, a courtroom, and artifacts from the region’s history. It also includes tons of old documents, typewriters, glasses, and kitchen tools. It even has a section on the history of the circus elephant, Black Diamond. You can also see a documentary on the story of how the elephant ended up killing two people.

The museum is open year-round and is also a fun destination for families and children alike. You can spend a day exploring the town’s history with an interactive exhibit, or take the kids on a guided tour of the town. The Kenedy Post Office is the site of New Deal art murals that were created during the Great Depression. You can also spend a day in Kenedy’s historic Joe Gulley Park.

Old 1873 Courthouse

The Old 1873 Courthouse in Karnes City is a historical landmark. Karnes County was organized in 1854, but its first courthouse was destroyed by a fire in 1865. After the town’s population increased and it became a prosperous city, Karnes County moved its county seat to Karnes City. The original building was used as a school until the mid-1940s when it was converted into a museum.

The Old 1873 Courthouse is home to the Karnes County Historical Society. The museum features a variety of exhibits related to the history of Karnes County. Visitors can view historic photos, courtroom equipment, and a variety of documents. The exhibits are open Friday through Monday from 11 am to 4 pm.

The Old 1873 Courthouse in Karnes City was once a beautiful Victorian building. Today, it is considered an excellent representation of nineteenth century Texas residential architecture. The exterior of the building is characterized by four brick chimneys, a slate tile roof, and historic landscaping. The interior has an iconic clock tower and original wood flooring.

Construction on the present courthouse began in 1894. The original architect, John Cormack, died before completing the project. He was succeeded by architect Jacob Astor. The courthouse was renovated several times in the 1920s. The 1920s renovation included the removal of the mansard roof, removal of the turrets, and additions on the west side of the building. Since 2011, Fisher Heck Architects has led a multi-phase restoration of the original structure, including roof repairs and the removal of two additions that caused structural damage.

After construction of the new courthouse, Karnes City’s population grew rapidly. The town’s population increased, and the town began establishing a school for its residents. Other church activities were also added as the town grew. The Sunbeam Band, the Women’s Missionary Society, and Sunday school were added.

The Old 1873 Courthouse in Karnes City is home to a beautiful historic home built by a settler from Pennsylvania. It is an outstanding example of 19th century Texas Greek Revival architecture. Its floorplan is centered around a central hallway. Its structure includes a front façade with pedimented porticos and supporting columns. The home also features heavy exterior molding and a transom. This is the only remaining home from the county seat’ heyday.