Holyoke, Massachusetts is home to many beautiful outdoor attractions. From natural bridges to a scenic lookout, this city has much to offer. The town is also home to the Valley Blue Sox, which play at Heritage State Park and Community Field. During the fall, the town holds Trick or Treat at the Town Hall. You can also enjoy donuts at Whole Donut and ice skating at Fitzpatrick Arena. If you’re looking for something a little more active, take the family to Pulaski Park, which has a spray park and playground. In addition, there’s also the Scott Tower, which provides a scenic view of the surrounding area.

Natural Bridges preserves some of the finest examples of natural stone architecture in the southwest

Natural Bridges is a small park with an excellent hike. During the summer, you can hike the canyon below the bridges and enjoy the stunning views. The park has paved walkways to access the various viewpoints. The park is designated as the first Dark Sky Park by the International Dark Sky Association, and offers night sky programs. The park also features a fee area, a campground, and hiking trails.

In southeast Utah, Natural Bridges National Monument is a wonderful place to see some of the best examples of natural stone architecture in the southwest. It is located on a pinyon juniper-covered mesa that is flanked by deep sandstone canyons. The canyon walls are cut by meandering streams.

There are other breathtaking examples of natural stone architecture in the southwest. The La Ventana Natural Arch is one of these, located in El Malpais National Monument. Other examples of arches include the Arch Rock, Cox Canyon Arch, and Zuni Arch. Located near the Arizona state line, Red Lake Natural Bridge is another natural stone arch worth visiting.

If you are visiting in the winter, make sure to bring plenty of water and firewood. You may want to bring ice-grippers if you plan to camp in the park. Also, make sure your stove fuel is a good choice for freezing weather. A whisperlite stove would not function well in such a cold environment. Don’t forget to bring extra batteries and fuel.

Ashley Reservoir Trail

The Ashley Reservoir Trail in Holyoke is a popular hiking trail. It’s located near the waterworks of Holyoke, Massachusetts. The trail crosses a narrow spit of land and is a great place to take photos. It takes about an hour and a half to complete. The trail is also popular with mountain bikers and birdwatchers.

The trail is easy to access and will provide you with a scenic view of the lake. You’ll see several different bodies of water while you’re hiking the trail, including Ashley Pond, Wright Pond, Cedar Pond, Clear Pond, and Connor Reservoir. You’ll also see turtles and lily pads along the way. You can access the trail through four different gates. One of the easiest is the one on Route 202.

Another popular trail in the area is the Ashley Reservoir Loop, a 3.5 mile loop that begins at the Ashley Reservoir. The loop has some great views and a mostly flat gravel path. It’s a popular location for runners and bikers alike, but is also long enough to offer a feeling of solitude. The shallow banks of Ashley Pond provide excellent views of the fish that live there. This trail is suitable for all fitness levels, and parking is available on the street.

The Ashley Reservoir Trail is a two hour hike that is suitable for novices and experts alike. This walk offers a wide variety of natural scenery and is free in the fall.

St. Patrick’s Day Parade

For a fun and festive experience, visit Holyoke for the St. Patrick’s Day Parade. This parade has been held in the city since 1952 and features prize winning floats, bagpipes, and more. This family-friendly event attracts more than 400,000 spectators each year.

This city is home to the Holyoke Children’s Museum, which opened in 1981 and moved to its current location in 1985. Inside, you’ll find more than 20 permanent exhibits. Visitors can climb the Curvy Climber, a twisted, suspended platform, and other fun games. Other features include the Dinosaur Dig, the Puppet Theater, and the Art Studio.

Holyoke is a historic city that once was known as the Ireland Parish. The city has grown and changed with each generation. Nonetheless, the St. Patrick’s Day Parade in Holyoke has been celebrated for 68 years, and it has grown in both size and reputation. This holiday event has become a destination for St. Patrick’s Day, attracting a wide range of visitors and generating $20 million in economic activity in the city.

There are plenty of places to visit during St. Patrick’s Day in Holyoke, and the parade is one of the most popular events. It’s a great time for locals and visitors of all ages and backgrounds. The parade features tens of thousands of marchers, 25-30 floats, and between 35 and 40 marching bands. This event is also viewed on television by 1.2 million viewers.

Historic sites

Holyoke is a city in Hampden County, Massachusetts, United States. It is nestled between the Connecticut River and the Mount Tom Range. According to the 2020 census, the city has a population of 38,238. Holyoke is one of the oldest cities in the United States and is home to many historic sites.

The town is also home to the Holyoke Civil War Memorial, a monument honoring the fallen from the Civil War. This site, officially called Soldiers Monument of Hampden Square, is a popular tourist spot. It is located on Lyman Street and is free to visit. The museum contains a collection of evocative images of the Civil War.

The Holyoke Historical Commission was established on November 20, 1972 and is responsible for preserving and developing the city’s historic and archeological assets. It also administers the demolition bylaw and keeps an inventory of historical sites. It also assists with National Register Nominations. The commission is also a good source of information about Holyoke history.

The Holyoke Historical Commission generally meets on the second Monday of the month at 5:30 pm. Meetings are now being held using Zoom. The link for these meetings can be found on the city’s public meeting calendar. The commission also oversees the Fairfield Avenue Local Historic District. It is possible to learn more about the city’s past through these surveys.

The town’s mountains are a natural setting for hiking and sightseeing. The Metacomet Ridge, a long, unbroken line of traprock mountains, extends from the Long Island Sound to the Massachusetts-Vermont border. The Connecticut River flows through the Mount Nonotuck area and offers sweeping views of the river valley.


If you are looking for a shopping experience, Holyoke has a few options for you. First, you can check out the Holyoke Mall, the largest shopping center in western New England. This mall offers 1.6 million square feet of shopping space and is home to more than 100 stores. It also includes a family-friendly indoor play area, Billy Beez’s Jungle, and Round1 Bowling & Amusement. In addition, the mall has five dining options, including Latino’s Cuisine.

You can also visit the South Hadley Museum, which is about a twelve-minute drive from Holyoke. Here, you can check out a wide variety of oddities and curiosities from the early 20th century. Some of the most notable items on display are a Teddy Roosevelt nutcracker and a mummified wedding cake.