There are several places in and around Edwardsburg to visit. From the Niles Riverfest to the Niles State Park, there is plenty to keep you busy during your visit to this small town. The area is also home to many historic buildings and places of interest, including the Niles School and performing arts center.

Niles Riverfest

Niles Riverfest is an annual celebration held in Niles from June 2 to 5. The event includes carnival rides, food vendors, games and live music. The festival was revived last year after a seven-year hiatus and is a fundraising event for the community. The festival is free and open to the public Thursday through Sunday.

The community is a great place for outdoor activities, with more than 250 lakes and five rivers in the area. Visitors can enjoy swimming, canoeing, kayaking, and fishing in the rivers. Niles is also a great place to play golf. The Niles Riverfest celebrates this community and hosts a fun family-oriented event called “Anything That Floats.”

Niles State Park

Niles State Park is one of the places that visitors to Edwardsburg can visit. It is located in the southwestern part of the city. The park offers numerous hiking and biking trails and is also home to a zoo. Niles is part of the South Bend-Mishawaka metropolitan area, which means that there are a variety of options for visiting this park. The town does not have a downtown area, but there are several small businesses, restaurants, and other places to enjoy. The town also has a small Performing Arts Center and numerous athletic fields. Niles also hosts a Niles Riverfest in August, which features a “Anything That Floats” fishing contest.

The city has a small population, and is located in a rural area. It is surrounded by many lakes and is home to many natural areas. There is a large number of parks in the area, and Niles is a popular destination for family outings.

Niles Scream Park is a popular attraction. It offers 44 acres of frightful entertainment. Each room is rebuilt every year, so you’re guaranteed to find something new each time you visit. The haunted houses are professionally designed with ingenious scare tactics.

Niles School

Edwardsburg’s boys basketball team had some time to process coach Steve Wright’s message before the game, but it paid off in the second half against Niles School. The Eddies had a first-half deficit and were forced to play an all-junior starting lineup in the first two quarters, but they overcame the deficit and won 47-31.

Edwardsburg and Niles both had good shooting performances. Niles School’s Dimetrius Butler scored 11 points, including a pair of 3-pointers in the second quarter. In the first half, Niles hit 8-of-22 shots. Niles, however, hit just four of their shots in the second half, falling to a 33-23 loss. Niles’ coach said that the lack of offense hurt their defensive play in the final 16 minutes.

Niles performing arts center

The Niles performing arts center in Edwardsburg, Michigan, is a great place to see live theatre and concerts. The school district has five Blue Ribbon schools and is the only district in Michigan to have 100% of its schools awarded with a Blue Ribbon. Its schools are innovative, and don’t fear to try new things. One example is placing children from different grade levels together in a classroom.

In addition to the Niles Performing Arts Center, the town has several other places to see the arts in Edwardsburg. The town also has several athletic fields and five school buildings. The town is known as a bedroom community, and there are many activities for residents and visitors. The school district has many sports teams and has flight III Marching Band.

Niles sports facilities

There are a variety of sports facilities in Edwardsburg, including the Edwardsburg Fieldhouse, which was built during the pandemic. The Fieldhouse is home to several teams, including the Michiana Repetition Baseball and Softball League. The Fieldhouse is also the nerve center of many high school sports teams. The Dugout Dolls softball program offers year-round group lessons, as well as special clinics for male athletes.

The town of Edwardsburg is located near Pleasant Lake, which is close to the state-of-Indiana border. The community is part of the South Bend-Mishawaka metropolitan area, which has a wide variety of attractions. While the community doesn’t have a traditional downtown area, there are several businesses, schools, and restaurants. In addition, Edwardsburg is considered a neighborhood-oriented community.

The Edwardsburg Public School District serves the community with a strong public school system. The school district features five school buildings, including the Performing Arts Center and several athletic fields. Its schools offer extracurricular activities, including band and theater. In addition to these, Edwardsburg is located near the University of Notre Dame, Bethel College, and Indiana University.

The town of Edwardsburg has a number of affordable lodging options. Some of these properties offer free WiFi and other amenities. Others are bed and breakfasts or motels.

Niles schools

The Edwardsburg boys basketball team had a hard time digesting coach Steve Wright’s message before the game, but it paid off in the second half against Niles. The Eddies started with an all-junior line-up in the first two quarters and overcame a halftime deficit to win 47-31.

The Niles district has a lot of options when it comes to schooling. The district offers many options for students, including online education. The district also offers free lunch for all Niles High School students and has continued to offer all extracurricular activities. The district is also taking measures to address the lack of bus drivers, which has led to a decrease in student enrollment.

Niles Public Schools was not the only district in Michigan with a high percentage of students attending School of Choice. Brandywine, Niles, and Edwardsburg all had large numbers of non-resident students enrolled in their schools. Moreover, the district was home to 575 students from outside the district, and another 58 students from the Cassopolis school district. That’s almost 19 percent of the district’s total enrollment.