If you’re looking for places to go near Deatsville, Alabama, you have come to the right place. Here, you can find out about the attractions and driving distance from Deatsville to nearby towns. Also, learn the average home price and how many residents hold a high school degree in Deatsville.

Attractions within driving distance of Deatsville

If you are visiting Deatsville, Alabama, you can take advantage of a number of attractions within driving distance. Nearby cities include Nashville and New Orleans. For a more affordable and convenient day trip, consider taking a drive to one of these nearby cities. You can also plan a weekend road trip to a nearby city from Deatsville.

When you are looking for an attraction within driving distance of Deatsville, make sure to check out Whispering Oaks Camping. Other popular attractions include Legacy Park and Gold Star Park. The Deatsville Baptist Church is also a popular destination. The local school district is Holtville High School, and there are many places to take your children.

Deatsville, AL is located in Elmore County, Alabama. It is a town of approximately 1,237 people. Its median age is 31.9 years old, and its median household income is $79,243. It has a low unemployment rate, and the majority of residents are employed.

Average home price in Deatsville

If you’re moving to Deatsville, you’ve probably wondered where to find the best neighborhoods. Some people may have lived in Deatsville for years, while others may only be moving there for the first time. Regardless of your motivation, it’s important to do your homework. Consider the types of restaurants, shops, and businesses that are available in each area. You may also want to consider leisure activities that are available in the area.

In Deatsville, AL, there are currently four properties on the market. Of these, one is for sale by the owner. The median price of a single-family home in the area is $28,000, while a condo is listed for $157,950. The median home price per square foot in Deatsville is $94.

Income is one of the most significant factors in housing affordability in any given area. In the United States, the average home price is 3.4 times the median household income, which is $60,293. The median home price in Deatsville, AL is 2.5 times this amount. This means that the median price of a home in Deatsville, AL is very affordable for many people.

In Deatsville, AL, the majority of residents are White (Non-Hispanic), with Black or African American residents making up the next two percent. Native Americans make up the remaining three percent of the population. However, the median household income for Deatsville, AL is only $79,688.

The cost of living in Deatsville, AL is about $36,372 a year. This is higher than the Alabama average of $34,994 per year. In addition, Alabama has a relatively low per capita tax burden. State and local taxes in Deatsville, AL total between $2262 and $3151 per year.

Number of residents with a high school degree in Deatsville

The population of Deatsville, Alabama, is made up of approximately 1,063 people. Seventy-three percent of residents are white, while 19.1 percent identify as black or African-American. In addition, the city has a small minority of Native American and Asian individuals. The average income per capita is $26,333, and the number of residents with a high school degree is twenty-four percent.

The city of Deatsville is located in western Elmore County, Alabama. It is a small community with a mayor/city council government. It was named after a local resident named W. S. Deats, and was originally located near a creek which provided water power to a grist mill and sawmill. The town was in Autauga County until 1866, when it was moved into Elmore County. Before the Civil War, Deatsville had a sash, door, and blind factory, grist mill, and sawmill. During this time, the Civil War confiscated the equipment.

The city’s residents are generally young, with the average age being thirty-three. This ranks the town as the ninth youngest in Alabama. Residents own their homes, with 84% of them being owner-occupied. This may be due to the high cost of renting in Deatsville.