If you’re looking for festive activities during the Halloween Season, Hanna City is a great place to visit. The city is home to a major airport, and it also has a large center. If you want to explore the surrounding areas, you may want to use our city listings to find cities within 100 miles of Hanna City.

Hanna City has a major airport

The small town of Hanna City in Illinois is known for its major airport. Recently, a plane crashed in the town. It left Santa Fe, N.M., and two people were aboard the plane. The pilot, James Evanson, was injured in the crash. He suffered severe internal bleeding and multiple broken bones.

The Hanna City Fire Department was established in August 1926. The first volunteer members were Clarence Bradshaw, Orrie Whites, Earl Fryman, Win Snodgrass, and Fred Swadinsky. Today, a number of firefighters respond to calls and help people during emergencies.

The Hanna City airport is served by domestic flights from Bloomington, Illinois. It is approximately 57 miles away from Hanna City. This airport serves as a local and regional airport. It also has international flights. For more information, visit the airport’s website. Its IATA code is BMI.

The Hanna City Fire Department was originally equipped with a 1948 Dodge Pumper and a 1957 Chevrolet Tanker. In the 1960s, the department began purchasing emergency medical equipment. In 1967, Donald Woodcock became Assistant Fire Chief and later became the District Fire Chief. The fire department’s station was originally located at 212 N Main Street. Later, the station was moved to a new location. The fire department raised money for the new station through homecoming celebrations, public subscriptions, and other projects.

Hanna City has a major center

If you need emergency medical care, Hanna City has walk-in clinics and extended hours. Several clinics even offer weekend hours. You can also schedule your appointment online to skip the long waits. While most urgent care clinics focus on minor injuries and illnesses, most are also good choices for preventive care.

In addition to the community’s many institutions, Hanna City also hosts several state institutions that are aiming to source at least 20 percent of their food locally by 2020. The community is also part of a growing network of planned food hubs in Central Illinois. Other local food hubs in Illinois include Galesburg’s Sustainable Business Center and the Edible Economy Project.

Hanna City is a mid-size city in north-central Illinois, roughly 135 miles southwest of Chicago. This city experiences four seasons, three of which are pleasant and two of which are downright miserable. It has a population of approximately 11,000, and it is part of the Chicago metropolitan area.