If you’re looking for places to visit in Cloverport, Ohio, there are many options to consider. The city is known for its historical significance, Victorian-style homes, and many other attractions. Here, we’ll take a look at some of the most popular destinations in this town.

Historical significance

In winter 1983, a survey of historic sites in Cloverport was completed by William G. Johnson, senior historian with the Kentucky Heritage Commission. The survey was part of a ten-year effort to document the state’s historical resources. The survey also sought to understand the potential environmental impacts of the Breckinridge Coal Liquefaction Project, which was proposed in the area.

A good example of the Romanesque style is the Cloverport Presbyterian Church, located on the north side of East Main Street. The church is close to the Sunoco and Ashland gas stations. It is located on the banks of Clover Creek. A tour of the church is highly recommended, as it contains many interesting artifacts from its history.

The area around the church is rich with historical significance. This church was built in 1894 and is the town’s third Catholic church. The church is located near the single-story brick Cloverport School, built ca. 1838-40. The building contains an original parish hall, as well as a chapel.

The town’s historical district consists of twenty-four city blocks and covers seventy-seven acres. The Historic District includes the Conrad House, Fisher Homestead, and Skillman House. Although these three buildings are located outside the city’s corporate boundaries, they are all within the historic district.

After the Civil War, Cloverport prospered economically because of river transportation and cannel coal operations. Its cannel coal was rated as the world’s best at the 1896 Columbian Centennial. The city was also greatly influenced by the construction of the Louisville, St. Louis, and Texas Railroad, which was an economic stimulus for the area. In 1920, the population of the town reached three thousand people.


If you are looking for places to visit in Cloverport, Kentucky, then you are in luck! There are plenty of places within a one-half-hour drive from Cloverport. Check out the list below to find out where you should visit. You can also choose to spend a day or weekend in one of these nearby cities.

Cloverport was originally a pioneer town known as Joe’s Landing. In 1798, Joe Huston founded this city, and later operated a ferry across the Ohio River. This was the first ferry to serve the river, and it was located at the mouth of Clover Creek. During the nineteenth century, the town became a fashionable spa. In 1821, the state legislature established a toll road between Cloverport and Bowling Green. The town was also the home to two major railroad companies.

The Cloverport Historic District has Victorian-style homes and is located along the riverfront. Visitors to the area can also visit the Falls of the Ohio State Park, which has fossil beds. The Cloverport Amphitheater and the Shopton-Russel House Museum are other great places to spend your time in Cloverport.


Visitors to Cloverport, Ohio, can visit the historic district, which is lined with Victorian-style homes and the Ohio River Scenic Byway. Visitors can also visit the Falls of the Ohio State Park, which is known for its fossil beds. This state park is also located near the Ohio River Scenic Byway. Other attractions in the area include the Cloverport Amphitheater, Cassidy Park, and the Shopton-Russel House Museum.


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Cloverport is home to a historic district and several of the city’s top attractions. There’s Breckinridge Park, which sits on the riverfront, and Falls of the Ohio State Park, which is filled with fossils. You can also check out the Cloverport Amphitheater and the Shopton-Russel House Museum, which are both located nearby. Visitors can also check out the Cloverport Historic District, which features Victorian-style homes.