The silver shaded maine coon is a shade of blue and is the most common of the three main types. The other two are the Smoked and Blue-silver varieties. Each has its own advantages and disadvantages. The Smoked version is generally darker than the Blue-silver variety.

Blue-silver patched

The Blue-Silver patched Maine Coon has the coloration of a silver gray, but it’s not a silver gray in coloration. This coloration is due to a pattern of black and white patches on its back. These spots are the result of a mutation that occurs in the male. The female is not affected.

The Blue-silver patched Maine Coon has an unusual and unique look. It is similar to other black and white combined cats, but its features make it stand out. The blue-silver patched Maine Coon is one of the tabby varieties of the breed.

The blue-silver tabby Maine Coon has a dark blue tabby pattern that can be either classic or ticked. It may also have white around its chin. Depending on its color, the Blue-silver patched Maine Coon has a unique look that makes it a popular breed among cat lovers.

The Maine Coon comes in many different colors and patterns. This species is one of the most common pets in North America. It is highly social and has a wide range of color and pattern variations. This friendly and chatty creature is a great companion for any cat lover.

The Maine Coon is one of the most beautiful cats in North America. It has a long, fluffy tail and tufts on its ears. These cats have a distinctive look and are highly intelligent. They have a rich coat of fur and a beautiful, sharp ear.

A Blue-silver patched Maine Coon can be either tabby or solid blue. Blue-silver patched cats have silvery blue fur all over their bodies, but a solid blue cat has blue in different spots. Their paw pads and nose will also be blue.

Blue-silver patched Maine Coons are not as rare as some people believe. They’re incredibly friendly and affectionate and make great family pets. They also have good hunting skills.


The Maine Coon Silver Shaded Smoked is one of two color varieties of the breed. The primary color is black, and the markings are usually cream or red. They are predominantly female, with a small number of males. These cats also have distinctive red paws. The Smoked variety is similar to the Solids in color, but has a lighter, silvery undercoat.

The difference between a shaded and a smoke lies in the length of the cat’s hair and the depth of the undercoat colour. Smokes have a solid outer coat and a lighter undercoat, and look solid from a distance. Smokes are more common in small breeds, but can be found in both black and silver. A smoke can also be a solid if it has a solid coloured nose. Smokes are usually registered as “smokes” when the underlying undercoat colour is consistent with that of the breed.

A Smoked Maine Coon is distinguished by its distinctive, smoky coat. A smoke coat is made up of patches of black or red with contrasting white roots. These cats are extremely beautiful, and are one of the most sought after breeds of the breed. While it is harder to find a Black Smoked Maine Coon, the tortoiseshell pattern is more widely available.

This breed is often referred to as the Shaded Silver. The main difference between a Shaded Silver and a Silver Tabby is the amount of tipping. In general, a Silver Tabby is more darkly-shaded than a smoke Coon. A Smoked Silver is a darker shade of silver than a Shaded Silver, and it should have dark-colored eyes.

The Maine Coon Silver Shaded Smoked is a tabby variant. Its undercoat is light gray and has a white belly. These cats are also known to be good hunters. They come in a variety of fur patterns and have a unique look. While the White color is rare, the Silver Shaded Smoked has a contrasting color on its belly and chest.

Its name is derived from its appearance. Breeders of the past described this color as pure silver with a bluish tinge. The White Coloration at the roots and tips are also white.


The silver shaded Maine Coon has a silvery coat and is considered a long-haired form of the Russian Blue. Despite its silvery coat, this breed has many different colors and markings. Here are some of the most common colors seen on this cat:

The silver shaded Maine Coon has a dark blue color and has patches of white on its chin. It can have all sorts of tabby markings, such as mackerel, ticking, and white. These cats may also be partially or fully white.

The Maine Coon’s white undercoat is white with gray and cream shading on its face, tail, and legs. The face and legs may be darker. It can also have white tipping. A similar variation of the silver color is the Shell Gray Cream and White Maine Coon, which has a white undercoat and gray tipping on its tail.

Maine Coon silver shaded blue-siver is a striking breed. Its unique color pattern makes it an attractive choice for a family pet. It’s affectionate and intelligent, and enjoys playing with its owners. They’re also known for their excellent hunting skills.

Maine Coons have a distinctive M marking on their forehead. This is the agouti gene. Other markings may be present on the face, legs, or belly. A dark line may also run down the spine. Its M marking is often mistaken for a tabby pattern.

Smoked silver

The color of a Smoked Maine Coon resembles a light silver. This colour is found in both solid and spotted varieties. They have a white undercoat and grey tips on their tail and face. They also have white tufts on the chest and chin. Their faces typically have swirl patterns.

A Smoked Maine Coon’s coat is shinier than the rest of its fur. It can be silver or cameo tabby in color. These cats also have a white undercoat, which can be visible only when the fur is ruffled. These cats also have fluffy ears and long tails.

Another color variation is the white-and-red color combination. This combination produces an appealing, eye-catching appearance. The white-and-red combination is known as the ‘cameo smoke’ color. This color combination has a distinctive tabby pattern. This color is not uncommon in smoke-and-white Maine Coons. However, the silver-and-gold varieties are particularly rare.