Alexander City is an Alabama city located in Tallapoosa County. With a population of 14,843 as of the 2020 census, Alexander is one of the largest communities in the county. In the early 1900s, Alexander was known as the largest town in the county. Visitors to the city can expect to find many historical sites, historical museums, and plenty of places to enjoy delicious food.

El Alamein

If you’re planning a trip to Egypt, you’ll want to visit El Alamein. The city is located near the Mediterranean Sea and is a popular tourist destination. El Alamein’s dazzling facade is covered with swirling Islamic calligraphy designs and mosaic halls. Be sure to dress modestly and leave your shoes at the main entrance. This historic site is also the site of the first decisive victory of the Second World War.

One of the first places to visit in El Alamein is the military museum. The museum takes about 1.5 hours to visit and includes four major halls, each representing a different country. One hall has tanks and weapons used during the battle. Another hall contains paintings that illustrate each battle. The museum is a great way to learn more about the role Egypt played in the war.

El Alamein is a small coastal town west of Alexandria and the site of the Battle of El Alamein, a pivotal battle in World War II. Allied forces defeated the Axis forces here, ensuring the victory of the Allies in North Africa.

If you’re planning a trip to Egypt, it’s worth stopping by El Alamein. Its beaches overlook the Mediterranean Sea from east to west. The city is 370 kilometers north of Cairo and about 100 kilometers northwest of Alexandria. The town has a separate Greek cemetery.

If you’re a history buff, you’ll want to visit the National Museum. Its collection spans the Pharaonic, Hellenistic, and Byzantine eras. The museum also has artifacts from the underwater archaeological explorations of Heracleion-Thonis.

Alexandria’s underwater ruins

Dive into ancient Alexandria’s underwater ruins for a truly unique experience. The site is home to ancient ruins, some of which are up to 20 feet deep, which can only be reached by divers. Divers can see toppled statues and columns as they explore the ancient underwater sites.

Excavation has been taking place near the island of Pharos, which is widely believed to be the site of a lighthouse in Alexandria. The underwater excavations have uncovered 3,000 carved stone blocks and statues. One of the statues was even raised to the surface for Jacques Chirac’s visit to the city in April 1996. In the near future, these underwater ruins will be open to the public.

Archeologists have also recently discovered the port city of Heracleion-Thonis, located in northeastern Alexandria. Many of its treasures are now on display in museums in the city. However, most of Alexandria’s recreational diving opportunities are concentrated in the Eastern Harbor. One of the most popular sites is called Cleopatra’s Palace, and is one of the most fascinating underwater sites in the world.

Ancient Alexandria was a seaside city in Egypt. Its skyline was dominated by beautiful temples and palaces. The beauty of the city attracted visitors and Greek geographer Strabo even visited the site. It was also famous for its library, with half a million papyrus scrolls.

Wind Creek State Park

If you’re looking for a scenic, family-friendly place to visit, Wind Creek State Park is the place for you. With a variety of waterfront attractions and a miniature golf course, the park is ideal for the whole family. A variety of activities are also available, including fishing, hiking, and horseback riding through the park.

The park has one of the state’s largest campgrounds, with over 500 campsites. All sites are equipped with water and electricity. Additionally, 268 of them have sewer hookups. Some sites have even been renovated to accommodate RVs up to 60 feet in length. The campground is open year-round, and there is no reservation fee. Dogs are welcome, so bring your four-legged friend!

Wind Creek State Park is a popular destination for tourists visiting Alexander. Located on the western side of Lake Martin, this state park offers a variety of recreational activities for the whole family. The park also features a beautiful lakeside campground and picnic areas. In addition, visitors can go water skiing, kayaking, and swimming on the lake.

Birding is another popular activity at Wind Creek State Park. The park is home to many species of birds and is located on Alabama’s Piedmont Plateau Birding Trail. You can see bald eagles and ospreys nesting on the lake year-round. In winter, you may see wintering ducks on the lake. Other birds to watch include red-headed woodpeckers and martins. In the spring and summer, you’ll find Carolina wrens and eastern bluebirds.

Fishing enthusiasts will also enjoy Wind Creek State Park’s fishing pier. Open 24 hours, it is a great place to catch some fish. The fishing pier also features stadium seating, which makes it a great place for local fishing tournaments. The park also has a country store where visitors can buy tackle and live bait.

ShoNuff Bar-B-Que Restaurant

ShoNuff Bar-B-Que is a local restaurant in Alexander City, Alabama. It specializes in barbecue pork and chicken plates, as well as steaks and seafood. The restaurant is locally owned and operated and prides itself on tradition. Sho’Nuff offers three sauces to choose from when ordering your barbecue meat. The mixed flavor is by far the most popular. The restaurant also offers a wide variety of sides and desserts, including a tasty cobbler and a pot of tea.

ShoNuff has several menu options, including a barbeque plate and sandwiches. The restaurant also serves a salad. The prices are reasonable. It is best to call ahead and check for specific prices before ordering. They are open daily for lunch and dinner. ShoNuff Bar-B-Qe is located on State Highway 76 in Alexander.

Trinity Church

If you have ever traveled to Alexander, you’ve probably noticed Trinity Church. The church is a historic landmark, and its graveyard has several historical markers dating back to the 1680s. In 2005, Trinity Church hired an urban planning expert, Carl Weisbrod, to guide the redevelopment of the surrounding area. Weisbrod, who is also the director of the Lower Manhattan Development Corporation and the founding president of the Alliance for Downtown New York, was responsible for initiating the rezoning of Hudson Square. The rezoning allowed residential buildings to be built on the property, which increased the value of Trinity’s land holdings.

Trinity Church was originally built in 1698. In the Great New York City Fire of 1776, Trinity Church was completely destroyed, but was rebuilt and consecrated two years later. During the American Revolution, Trinity Church was an important landmark, serving as the British headquarters for the American Revolution. In 1843, the church’s parish was split into two. One group built Grace Church at Broadway at 10th Street, while the other rebuilt the original Trinity Church. The new church was completed in 1846, and the church remains a popular tourist destination.

If you visit Alexander, you must go to Trinity Church. The church is an impressive example of Gothic architecture. Located on Broadway and Wall Street, Trinity Church is a historic church and part of the Episcopal Diocese of New York. The interior is serene, with a vaulted ceiling and stained glass windows. The church is open on Sundays, and it is well worth the effort to see the beautiful stained glass inside.