The historical town of Shoshone, Idaho, is located north of Twin Falls. This area has plenty to offer tourists: historic buildings, lava fields, and cowboy culture. Whether you’re visiting for a weekend or spending the week, there are plenty of places to see in Shoshone. Read on to discover some of the best spots. Also, don’t miss the Perrine Memorial Bridge and Miracle & Banbury Hot Springs.

Dierkes Lake Park

Dierkes Lake Park is one of the places to visit in Shoshone. This 1.7 mile-long park has several trails, picnic tables, and volleyball courts. The area is also ideal for hiking, rock climbing, and cliff jumping. The park is located in the same park as Shoshone Falls State Park. It is less than a mile upstream from the popular waterfall.

The park has a scenic overlook of the falls and a boat launch. The park also has picnic areas and a concession stand. Visitors can enjoy the falls year-round, but the falls are especially stunning during the spring and summer seasons. It is free to visit the park, so don’t miss out on the experience.

Near the park, you can also ride a bicycle. There are mountain bikes, comfort bikes, and trailers available for rent. You can also drive to the falls by vehicle, but you should plan to pay a fee for parking. The park has two parking spaces for RVs.

Hiking is another great way to enjoy the area’s scenery. Shoshone Falls can be seen from many viewpoints, and many hiking trails start in the park. The Canyon Rim Trail, which starts outside the Twin Falls Visitor Center, is a great choice if you want to experience a unique experience. The trail leads to the falls and offers amazing views of the town.

The waterfall at Shoshone Falls is the star attraction of this part of Idaho. It is a spectacular waterfall, and you can spend an afternoon or even a full day there. In addition to the falls, there are many other places to visit in Shoshone.

Miracle & Banbury Hot Springs

Miracle and Banbury Hot Springs are two nearby hot springs. They share a similar owner and have a variety of different pools and experiences. Miracle offers general admission pools and private baths, and Banbury offers private baths and a large artesian pool. Both pools have odorless and soft water, and they both offer changing rooms and showers. Miracle is a popular spot for families, and Banbury is a great place for picnics.

Banbury is an upscale resort located 35 miles south of Challis. You can get there from Warm Springs Road by hiking about two miles. The property is locally owned, and has a large swimming pool and VIP rooms. The VIP hot tubs overlook the Snake River. There are also glamping domes and a pet alligator. You can also camp in the area or bring your RV.

The hot springs are open to the public, but the fees are slightly higher. For people ages 0 to 59, the price is $10; those aged four to thirteen get in free. You can reserve your spot online. The resort also offers camping and overnight accommodations.

Banbury Hot Springs is a beautiful spot for day use, as well. The day use picnic area is shaded by trees. It also offers twenty RV hook-ups and tent camping. For full lodging, you can rent a cabin or choose from several types of accommodations. The cabins have modern amenities and are tastefully decorated. Banbury is also an ideal place for family reunions.

Banbury Hot Springs offers kayaks and SUP boards for rent. The area has a wide variety of hot springs. If you have a large group, Banbury has plenty of kayaks. If you have your own kayaks, you can also bring them if you are renting them for a long time. The rental fees are reasonable for eight hours.

Canyon Rim Trail

If you’re planning to go hiking in Shoshone National Park, you’ll need to know which spots are accessible and which aren’t. You can visit Shoshone Falls during spring and early summer, when the falls are at their peak volume and appearance. In the fall, the water flow is at its lowest level, but you can still visit this site.

Hiking in the canyon is a popular activity at this park. The Canyon Rim Trail is a well-maintained path that begins at Shoshone Falls and meanders through the Snake River Canyon for 8 miles. During this moderately strenuous hike, you can enjoy the sweeping canyon vistas and different perspectives of Shoshone Falls.

If you’re looking for more adventure, you can take the South Kaibab Trail. It’s a less-crowded trail than the Bright Angel Trail and has more dramatic vistas. After a few switchbacks, the trail breaks out into the open and chases the ridgeline down the canyon. From there, you can rest in a stone rest house to soak in the cool waters.

Hiking is another fun option in Shoshone. There are many hiking trails in Shoshone, Idaho, but none are as scenic or challenging as the Canyon Rim Trail. The trail can be six miles long if you are determined. If you have enough time, you can also take the time to hike the trail to Perrine Coulee Falls near Centennial Park.

Hiking is another popular activity in the area, and one of the most popular places to visit is Shoshone Point. This scenic hike is the perfect option for hot days. The trail is wide and unpaved, and it opens to a wide clearing with a picnic area. The hike also includes a peninsula that overlooks the canyon.

Perrine Memorial Bridge

If you are looking for a place to see the breathtaking Snake River canyon, Perrine Memorial Bridge in Idaho is the place to go. This historic bridge crosses the river between Twin Falls and Interstate 84. The bridge is the eighth largest arch bridge in the United States. The bridge was constructed in the 1920s to replace an older cantilever bridge. You can visit the bridge without a permit and enjoy the breathtaking views.

You can also visit the Evel Knievel Jump Site, a dirt ramp on the Snake River canyon wall. This is the site where Evel Knievel attempted to jump across the canyon in 1974. Unfortunately, he was unable to complete his jump and broke his nose. This site is now privately owned, but you can still visit it and enjoy the views.

For those who aren’t afraid of heights, you can visit the Perrine Memorial Bridge, which is 486 feet high. It is also home to one of the few locations where you can BASE jump without a permit. The bridge is a popular spot for this activity and Evil Knievel has even made it famous.

The Shoshone Falls are another spectacular spot in Shoshone, Idaho. The falls are a magnificent sight at any time of the year, but they are most impressive during the spring months, when the snow melts. There are hiking trails, picnic areas, and boat ramps in the area. Visitors can also enjoy the scenic view of the falls from different platforms. Admission is $5 during peak spring and fall seasons and free during other months.

Another popular place in Shoshone is Centennial Waterfront Park, located on the Snake River. You can hire kayaks and stand-up paddleboards from the park. If you’d like to try zip lining, you can do so at Centennial Park as well. Zip the Snake is the perfect activity for families and teams.

Dining options near Shoshone Falls

If you are planning to visit Shoshone Falls, you should be aware that the area is often snowy. To avoid this, it is best to visit the area in the spring and early summer. During these times, the falls will have the highest volume and best look. You can also take a boat tour to see the falls. Alternatively, you can hike the trails and explore the park’s picnic areas.

Whether you want to eat inside the park or go for a hike, you will have many options for dining nearby. There are a variety of Italian restaurants, Thai restaurants, and American cafes and restaurants. You can also enjoy the view from an observation deck or take a kayak tour on the Snake River. The park has many recreational activities nearby as well. If you want to explore the river, you can try paddleboarding, kayaking, or boat tours.

To reach Shoshone Falls by air, you can fly into Twin Falls, Idaho, which is about 12 miles from the attraction. There are also two international airports within two hours of the attraction. The Boise Airport is 130 miles away and the Salt Lake City International Airport is 220 miles away. There are also Amtrak stations in the area, including the Sandpoint Amtrak station. By train, you can travel to Salt Lake City and continue your adventure from there.