There are many places to see and things to do in Millville, New Jersey. You can check out the Glasstown Arts District, the Levoy Theatre, the Southwind Vineyard & Winery, and the Wheaton Arts and Cultural Center. You can also check out the local theater and enjoy the music scene.

Glasstown Arts District

The Glasstown Arts District is located in Millville, NJ, and is the downtown core of the town. The Riverfront Renaissance Center for the Arts is home to the district’s office. This organization helps entrepreneurs, organizes special events, and follows the National Main Street program.

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The Glasstown Arts District includes galleries, theatres, restaurants, and shops. If you enjoy art, you can also check out the nearby Wheaton Arts & Cultural Center and the Millville Army Airfield Museum. Visiting the Glasstown Arts District on a Friday or Saturday is a great way to spend a night. Whether you’re looking for a day of shopping, eating, and drinking, Millville has something for everyone.

Aside from the Glasstown Arts District, you can also visit the Maurice River Nature Preserve, which is located along the Maurice River. This 525-acre preserve provides habitat for migrating and breeding birds and unique plant communities. Taking a boat cruise on the Maurice River is a great way to experience the river and the Glasstown Arts District.

The Glasstown Arts District offers a number of galleries and art studios, including a restored historic theater. Aside from the galleries, there are also several cafes, restaurants, pubs, and specialty shops. You can also take a class in one of these venues or attend one of the many free art events in the town.

Levoy Theatre

The Levoy Theatre is a unique and important landmark in Millville, New Jersey. The building dates back to 1799 and is considered one of the best-preserved theaters in the county. It has been the site of several historic preservation and community events, including a jazz festival in 2001. In 1998, the Levoy Theater was listed on the National Register of Historic Places. This was the first step in stabilization and fundraising efforts to save the theater. In addition to his work with the Levoy Theater Preservation Society, Pierce had a strong community presence in Millville. He was the youngest member of the Millville Board of Education and had previously worked for Bridgeton and Hammonton in neighborhood preservation efforts. He earned a Bachelor’s degree in historic preservation from Mary Washington College in Fredericksburg, Va. and graduated from Millville High School as salutatorian.

Although the Levoy Theatre was listed on the National Register of Historic Places in 1998, a local group objected to its status as a historic place. The group argued that further construction would render the building essentially a brand-new structure. In 2013, the State of New Jersey removed the building from the National Register of Historic Places database.

After the fire in Millville in 1898, the Levoy Theatre was built to fill the void left by the Wilson Opera House. It was the largest theater in Millville during the 19th century. It was designed by William “Pop” Somers, who later became a celebrated designer of the Ferris Wheel. It was named after him and eventually became a famous landmark in southern New Jersey.

Today, the Levoy Theatre is home to a number of events and performances. From rock concerts to musicals and plays, it attracts a diverse range of audience members. It also offers educational programs and summer camps. In addition to performances, the Levoy Education Center also offers classes in music, dance, theatre, and art.

The Levoy Theatre is home to a variety of performances, including jazz and classical music. You can check the schedule online to see what performances are coming up. The Levoy Theatre is always updating its concert calendar, so you’re sure to find something that fits your needs.

Southwind Vineyard & Winery

Southwind Vineyard & Winery in Millsville is a family-run winery. It has been in business for 40 years. Prior to that, it was used as a dressage farm for horses. The current owners, Dr. Joseph Riley and Lorre Allen, took over the business about 15 years ago. Today, the winery offers many outdoor activities, including hiking, camping, yoga, and music concerts.

Southwind Vineyard & Winery in Millvill evinces a laidback attitude. Guests can enjoy horseback riding, trail rides, and other events. The winery specializes in Bordeaux-style wines, as well as sweeter varieties like Chardonnay and white blends. Located on a 100-acre farm, the winery is a great place for day trips. Reservations are accepted.

The winery is surrounded by woods and is home to several varieties of wine. In addition to their signature reds, Southwind also offers some sweeter varieties, such as the Godfathers Blend and Grape Kiss. The winery also produces mead, which is a wine made from pumpkin, spices, and honey.

Wheaton Arts and Cultural Center

The Wheaton Arts and Cultural Center is a 501c3 nonprofit arts education organization that specializes in the medium of glass. The center is located in Millville, New Jersey. The center offers a variety of classes, workshops, exhibitions, and other events. Visitors of all ages are welcome.

Admission to the Wheaton Arts and Cultural Center is $11 for adults, $11 for seniors, and a $2 discount is available if tickets are purchased online before Sept. 26. Guests should also be aware that they must wear a mask while inside the facility to protect themselves from diseases. Moreover, visitors should also keep in mind that the center offers a free shuttle and parking service.

The Wheaton Arts and Cultural Center in Millville, NJ is a national cultural treasure that is home to many exhibits and hands-on activities. Among the galleries and exhibits at the center are the Museum of American Glass, which has the largest collection of American glass and includes works by Dale Chihuly. The museum also offers glassblowing classes, which help visitors learn the science behind glassmaking.

If you’re interested in art, glass, and other creative materials, WheatonArts is the place for you. The museum’s collections span more than 18,000 square feet and showcase a diverse selection of works by internationally acclaimed artists. It also houses a number of working studios.

The Wheaton Arts and Cultural Center is a unique community that aims to engage artists and audiences alike. It’s home to the Museum of American Glass, the Down Jersey Folklife Center, and the Creative Glass Center of America. Each of these institutions is integral to the mission of the Center. In addition, you’ll have a chance to meet practicing artists directly. In addition to the museum’s galleries, the center’s exhibitions and performances offer a unique perspective on many types of art.