The Better Homes and Gardens cube storage shelf is designed with eight square openings. The product ships in multiple boxes. These boxes include four shelves and a base for the cube storage shelf. There are several advantages of this cube storage shelf. These include: Price, versatility, and visual appeal.

Better Homes and Gardens Eight-Cube Organizer

The Better Homes and Gardens Eight-Cube Stackable Organizer is a sturdy and versatile piece of furniture. It comes in a variety of finishes and boasts eight 13″ x 15″ compartments. Each cube is designed to hold up to 30 pounds and can be stored vertically or horizontally.

Whether you want to store shoes, throw blankets, or anything else you’d like to organize, this storage unit can keep everything neat and tidy. It is constructed of sturdy particle board and metal bases for maximum durability. It is also easy to assemble. It comes with instructions and includes a wall attachment system.

Eight square openings

The Better Homes and Gardens cube storage shelf is a multipurpose storage solution. It is collapsible and has two metal handles. The shelves are made of thick fabric and can accommodate different types of items. Eight square openings on each side make it easy to organize a variety of items. The cubes are 11.8″ wide x 11.8″ deep and measure 11.8″ high.


The Better Homes and Gardens cube storage shelf is an attractive piece of storage furniture. It is designed for easy assembly and comes in different colors. It can be used for a variety of purposes. For example, you can use it as a room divider in a college dorm or as a display piece for your home. It can also be used for storing books.

The Better Homes and Gardens cube storage shelf comes in multiple colors and has removable shelf compartments. You can also assemble it in any way you like. This storage shelf is sturdy and features a high-quality finish. You can also choose from different colors for your home decor. The Better Homes and Gardens cube storage shelf is a good option if you want to display your favorite small items.


The Better Homes and Gardens 25-cube storage shelf is a stylish, versatile storage solution for any home. It comes in multiple color options and includes all the hardware needed to put it together. You can also add more shelves or side boards to make the storage solution even more functional. It’s also designed to fit a variety of storage baskets.

Available in several colors, the Better Homes and Gardens Cube Storage Shelf X is easy to install without any tools. It’s made of durable particle board and MDF and has a metal base. You can use this storage shelf in any room of your home. It also works well with the Collapsible Fabric Storage Cubes, which are available in different sizes. This storage shelf is ideal for storing and displaying small items and objects.