If you’re looking for a place to visit, look no further than Shaw Island, one of the San Juan Islands. This tiny island has a population of 240 year-round and is served by Washington State Ferries. During the summer, the island fills with tourists. There are two nunnery institutes on the island, as well as a general store and park.

Shaw Island is a small island

Shaw Island is home to a small island monastery, operated by the Franciscan Sisters of the Eucharist. The order has been on Shaw Island since the 1970s. The monastery also houses a small store and ferry terminal. The nuns wore black and white habits. When tourists arrived on the ferry, they lined the railings to take photos of the nuns. In 2004, the Franciscans left Shaw Island, but two orders remain: the Benedictines and the Sisters of Mercy.

Shaw Island is one of the smaller islands of the San Juan archipelago. Compared to its larger neighbors, Shaw Island is quiet and has few facilities. The island has only two smallish parks and is mostly privately owned. Roads on the island are mostly inland and provide limited access to the shoreline. They are about 2.37 miles long and are mostly sealed. The island’s main road is a looped gravel road with three branching loops. These loops lead to the County park, Neck Point, and Broken Point.

The monastery on Shaw Island provides free lodging at its retreat house. The monastery receives no outside funding from the Catholic Church. The monastery also provides guest quarters. Guests can stay at the monastery for a few days and enjoy a contemplative retreat. If you have time, you can also participate in farmwork while staying on the island.

It has two religious institutes of nuns

A Benedictine monastery and Franciscan convent stand on Shaw Island. Both run a self-sustaining farm and feature seven Benedictine nuns in traditional black and white habits. They spend their days tending to the three hundred acres of land, raising farm animals, and praying. Franciscans, on the other hand, operated the ferry dock on Shaw Island for over two decades. In 2004, they sold the store and convent to a local couple who had lived on the island for years.

The community of Shaw Island has about one hundred and seventy residents. It is one of the few ferry-served communities that remains completely private. It is famous for its Benedictine and Catholic religious orders. Benedictines of Our Lady of the Rock, for example, run a large farm and sell handmade items made from locally grown produce.

The Shaw Nuns’ history is mixed with controversy. The prioress of Our Lady of the Rock Priory drives a Subaru Outback. The prioress of the Shaw Island convent is small and wears a black-and-white wimple over the steering wheel.

Unlike San Juan Island, Shaw Island is less developed. It is also quieter. There are few tourist facilities on the island and residents value their privacy. There is a county park on the island and a store at the ferry landing. However, there are no medical facilities on Shaw Island.

It has a park

Shaw Island is a popular destination for vacationers and locals. The island has a climate that is perfect for year-round outdoor activities, with temperatures averaging seventy degrees in the summer and forty degrees in the winter. The island also is home to many species of wildlife, including sea life and local wildlife. These creatures include turkeys, rabbits, deer, foxes, raccoons, and seals. The park is accessible by boat, car, or bicycle.

Visitors should take plenty of water. There are several public beaches on the island and ample opportunities for outdoor recreation. The 60-acre county park on the island offers 11 campsites with picnic tables and vault toilets. The park also includes a boat launch and beach access. It is located two miles from the ferry landing.

Shaw Island is home to several historical sites. The Shaw Island Historical Museum offers an inside look at the island’s past. On display are old photographs and displays detailing community history, including the early days as a fishing camp. The museum also features an old country store once run by Franciscan nuns. While Shaw Island may not be exciting, it is a place worth visiting.

Shaw Island is also home to the Marine Campground at Blind Island, a marine camping park on the north side of the island. This park is open year-round and is accessible by human or wind-powered watercraft. Campers can enjoy camping, picnicking, non-motorized boating, and wildlife watching. The park has primitive campsites, but access can be a challenge due to a rocky landing.

It has a general store

If you are looking for some great groceries, you can’t go wrong with Shaw’s grocery store. This small, independent family-owned store offers something for everyone. Whether you are looking for fresh produce, meats, or other groceries, you can find what you need at Shaw’s.

The Shaw General Store opened in 1898. It is one of the oldest businesses in Washington State. Situated right on the water with amazing views of the surrounding mountains, this store embodies the island’s rustic history. The store also has antique furnishings and island memorabilia that makes it truly unique.

The quaint town of Shaw Island has a general store, a post office at the ferry landing, a historical museum, and a county park. The island also has a vast stretch of beachfront. There are gravel and asphalt public roads on the island. These roads branch out to the county park, the ferry dock, and the beaches of Broken Point and Neck Point.

The Shaw General Store has been a hub of community activity for over 100 years. It served as a post office, mail delivery, and a place for local residents to buy chicken feed and brews. Now, a newly-formed nonprofit group, Save the Shaw Store, is trying to revive the store. To do that, the group must raise $1 million in pledged donations.

It has a post office

There is a post office in Shaw Island, Washington. However, the address for the location may have changed. Please contact the post office for the most up-to-date information. It’s important to note that this post office does not deliver mail on Sundays. However, it may be possible to get mail on Sundays during busy seasons.

Shaw Island is one of many Washington locations with a post office. There are several post offices in the area, which are listed below. The locations are provided solely for your convenience. We recommend contacting the nearest post office if you cannot find the one that works for you. However, if you can’t find a nearby post office, you may want to check out the location of a Post Office in nearby communities.

The post office in Shaw Island is located at 35 Blind Bay Road. It offers a variety of services, including changing mailing addresses and missing mail claims. It also sells office supplies. You can visit the post office in Shaw Island to mail a letter or request for lost mail. The post office is also available to receive letters and packages.

However, the Shaw Island post office is not open every day. It is only open four hours a day. Residents depend on the mail to get their medications, and some of that medication must be refrigerated.

It has a community center

Shaw Island is an idyllic island off the coast of Washington State. It has a year-round population of 250 and a community center. Its amenities include a historic general store, a post office, and an active community center. Despite its secluded location, the island remains accessible by ferry.

The island’s location makes it an ideal place to live. It is serviced by a Washington State ferry system, though it makes fewer stops on Shaw Island and allots less space to vehicles. The main roads on Shaw run east-west from Blind Bay and north-south from Broken Point. However, these roads are winding and narrow. There is no public airstrip on the island.

The Shaw Island community center is located 0.5 mile north of the trailhead. You can also get there via Blind Bay Road, which leads to the ferry dock. The community center is a good place to get information on events and activities happening in the area. Shaw Island also has a community library.