There are a number of places to visit in Oaks. Some of these are Mott’s, Warren Woods State Park, and Oaks Amusement Park. If you’re looking for something different to do this summer, check out these places to go in Oaks. You might even learn something new!


One of the best places to get coffee in Oaks is Mocha Mott’s, a local favorite. With a fun decor and an inviting atmosphere, Mocha Mott’s has everything you could want from a coffee shop. There are tons of different varieties of coffee and tea as well as bagels, sandwiches, soup, and chocolate-covered espresso beans.

The three contenders in the Kentucky Oaks include Modernist, a dark bay son of Uncle Mo and a stakes winner in the Grade 2 Louisiana Derby. His family lines are very similar to that of last year’s Kentucky Derby winner, a son of Sweet Life. Modernist will also be running on the first Saturday in September. The Mott stable is expected to field three horses in the race.

Warren Woods State Park

Warren Woods State Park is a 311-acre nature preserve and public recreation area located in Berrien County, near the town of Three Oaks. Private land owners lease this area to the state of Michigan for various public uses, including recreation. It is a popular place for hiking, bird watching, and nature photography.

Warren Woods State Park has a single hiking trail, which starts from a small dirt parking area off of Elm Valley Road. It winds through a dense forest, crossing the Galien River. It also offers short spurs that loop back to the main trail. The trail is not too strenuous and is rated as easy walking. Dogs are allowed on leash.

Warren Woods State Park is home to some of the region’s last virgin beech-maple forests. Some of the trees here grow to five feet in diameter and are up to 125 feet high. The best time to visit is during spring, when the trees bloom. Early May is prime time to see the flowers.

Warren Woods is not a huge park, but it is a fantastic place for a family outing. There are hiking trails, a scenic waterbed, and a peaceful picnic area. The park is over a half-mile in size and is perfect for children and the whole family.

Warren Woods State Park in Oaks is located in Berrien County, Michigan. It is a small park with a 1.5-mile trail that passes through a beautiful virgin beech and maple forest. There are a few activities and amenities here, but it still attracts a small number of visitors each year.

The state park’s name has an interesting history. In 1879, a man named Edward K. Warren bought the land as a gift to the state. He was a partner in a general store in Three Oaks, and he knew that it was one of the last virgin stands of trees in the state. He was also a successful inventor, inventing the featherbone corset and setting up the Warren Featherbone Company. This led him to become wealthy at the turn of the century.

While the trails in Warren Woods State Park in Oaks are somewhat muddy and full of mosquitoes, they are still beautiful and well worth the trip. The main trail is wide enough for two-way traffic and is mostly level. A few side trails veer off to the left and right, but all of them loop back to the main trail. I was impressed by the size of the beech trees, which were quite impressive for a park so close to the highway.

Oaks Amusement Park

Located about 3.5 miles south of downtown Portland, Oregon, Oaks Park is one of the oldest continuously operating amusement parks in the United States. Opened in May 1905, Oaks Park is one of the most historic amusement parks in the country. It offers a number of rides, shows, and games for all ages.

If you are in the area, make sure you take the time to check out Oaks Amusement Park. Founded in 1905, this amusement park features classic rides and carnival games. It also has a roller skating rink and a miniature golf course. For those looking for something more adventurous, there’s also a new ride called AtmosFEAR.

The Park was once home to many other amusement attractions, such as the Tilt-a-Whirl, roller coaster, and ferris wheel. It also housed a 1917 merry-go-round with handcarved animals. In addition to the rides, there were also picnic areas.

Since the fight between six juveniles on July 16, Oaks Park has implemented a new chaperone policy. A chaperone must be present at all times. Parents have been mixed about this new policy, but park management is focused on maintaining a fun environment for all visitors. This policy will be enforced by security staff.