The City of Munford, TN is a great place to visit if you enjoy outdoor activities. There is a diverse population and a good quality of life here. The median household income is $59,289, making it a good choice for a family. The city is located in the middle of Tennessee and is home to the Tennessee State University.

Munford is a family-oriented, “outdoorsy” city

Residents of Munford, Tennessee enjoy a rural lifestyle with easy access to employment and shopping. The average commute to Memphis is about 30 minutes, and the community is centered around family life. There are plenty of outdoor activities throughout the year, and the city is home to many parks and community events. However, the city is behind the national average when it comes to education, with only half of the population achieving a four-year college degree.

The median household income in Munford, Tennessee, is $59,289. This is higher than the state’s median income of $44,297. More than two-thirds of the population is married, and the median family size is 2.78. The city’s population is not very diverse, however, with about 83% of the population being white. Despite this, the minority population is growing.

It has a diverse population

The median household income in Munford, AL is $59,289. This is slightly higher than the median income for Tennessee and the national average. Two-thirds of residents are married, and the average family size is 2.78. Most residents live in single-family homes. Approximately 62 percent of homes in Munford are owner-occupied. Less than eight percent are multi-family or apartment units.

There are many reasons to live in Munford, Tennessee. It has a good public school system and a large population of college-educated adults. In addition to good schools, Munford has a low crime rate, making it an ideal place to raise a family. A high percentage of residents live in single-family homes, which provide ample space for children to play.

A majority of residents in Munford are US citizens, with 99.5% of them being white. This is higher than the national average of 93.4%, but is still not very high. In fact, the rate of citizenship is increasing, with 0.75 percent of Munford residents having been born outside the United States. This means that the city is becoming more diverse, but is still not very diverse.

The school system in Munford is also notable for its diverse curriculum, with high quality teachers, a commitment to the arts, and a variety of athletics. The band program, for example, is considered one of the best in Tennessee. The city’s test scores are about average, but are slightly higher in some subjects. For example, the school’s State Writing Assessment scores were in the 99th percentile in 2009.

Trobaugh’s band is a good example of this. The band won the U.S. Bands National Championship in 2011 and has played at the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade in New York City. It has also qualified for the Tournament of Roses Parade in Pasadena, Calif., in 2015. Although the qualification requirements for both parades are difficult, Munford’s band has managed to make it to the top three.

It has good quality of life

Munford, TN has a good quality of life score, which is calculated by weighting a variety of data points for a city. This includes factors such as crime, education, cost of living, and overall happiness. In general, Munford has a good quality of life, and its residents tend to be content with life in their community.

The median household income in Munford, Tennessee is $59,289. This is higher than the state’s average of $44,297. About two-thirds of Munford residents are married. The average family size is three. The city’s population is also not very diverse, with a majority of residents being white. However, the number of minority residents is growing.

If you’re looking for a new home, Munford, TN might be the right place for you. The community has good schools, daycares, and activities for kids. There are also homes for sale in Munford, which make this city an excellent place to raise a family. Its demographics are also good, and there are many things to do in the area.

Munford, TN is a small town in west Tennessee that has a population of over six thousand people. Its history dates back to the 1850s, and it was incorporated in 1905. Today, Munford is a family-friendly city located about 25 miles north of Memphis. This city offers a safe environment, excellent local schools, and multiple city parks.

It has a median household income of $59,289

The median household income in Munford, TN is $59,289, making it one of the highest-paying places in the state. The area has a relatively high proportion of employed people, with the largest employment sectors including Educational Services, Construction, and Retail Trade. Among the highest-paid occupations in Munford are Construction & Grounds Cleaning & Maintenance and Computer, Engineering, and Science Occupations.

The median household income in Munford, TN is $59,289. This is above the national median income of $51,934 and the median income in Tennessee at $44,297. Two-thirds of the residents are married, with an average family size of 2.54. Approximately 85% of Munford’s homes are single-family homes, with less than 8% being multi-family or apartment buildings.

While the median income in Munford is relatively high, the area’s cost of living is much lower than the national average, with a tax rate of just $4.00 per $100 appraised value. This means that the average cost of living in Munford is 10% lower than the national average. As a result, Munford residents have more disposable income than the national average.

The median age of all Munford, TN residents was 37.2 years old in 2020, with native-born citizens being 37. Those born outside of the United States were the oldest group, at 44. There were 229 Hispanic residents in Munford.

It has eight elementary schools, five middle schools and four high schools

The Munford Public Schools are part of the Tipton County School District. The district has eight elementary schools, five middle schools, and four high schools. The district’s Director of Schools is Dr. William E. Bibb. The district is known for its academic performance. Munford is ranked in the top 20% of schools in Tennessee. The city has an overall student-teacher ratio of 19:1.

All three of Munford’s elementary schools offer an extensive list of extracurricular activities and facilities for students. These include a gymnasium, fitness center, and swimming pool. The schools also have a multi-purpose field and a new all-weather track. There are also computers in every classroom and at central locations throughout the district. The district also strives to enrich the educational experience for its students by holding special events. For example, the local parent-teacher organization sponsors marine biologists, artists in residence, and dance companies. Additionally, each class takes at least one field trip a year.