Fishing is a great activity to do in Mobridge and surrounding areas. There are many lakes and rivers where you can go for fishing. Lake Oahe is close by, and the area is home to many fishing tournaments year-round. Mobridge is near several access points for Lake Oahe.

One of the best fishing spots in the area is Okobojo Creek, which continues to produce excellent numbers of 10 to 13 inch fish. Many anglers find that reeling in these fish for the livewell all day is a lot of fun. Similar to other parts of the area, fisherman can also be successful with crawlers and Smile Blades in 15 to 17 feet of water.

In the late 1800s, white settlers began moving onto the land that is now Mobridge. One of these settlers was General S.E. Olson, who believed that a railroad would cross the Missouri River in 1885. The railroad named the crossing the Grand Crossing, and the Grand Crossing and Improvement Company was formed to build it. The crossing is still in place today, and it is part of Highway 12 in Mobridge.

Another place to go fishing is Lake Oahe, which is home to the fourth National Walleye Tour tournament. The tournament will feature nearly $100,000 in prize money. It will feature about 100 amateur and pro anglers.


Hunting is a popular activity for many people in the Mobridge area, and this city offers numerous opportunities for those who enjoy the sport. The area offers several public hunting areas and is home to some of the finest pheasant hunting in the state. The Missouri River offers excellent hunting opportunities for both sharptail grouse and prairie dogs. The surrounding area also offers excellent opportunities for whitetail and mule deer. There are also a number of fishing tournaments held throughout the year in the area.

If you are looking for lodging near the town center, you can stay at “The Birdhouse – Sportsman’s Lodging.” “Solitude, Seclusion, and Tranquility” is another great option. If you’re planning to stay for a longer period, you can check out “3 Bedroom Lodge On Beautiful Lake Oahe in Mobridge”, which is just one mile away and has air conditioning and pet-friendly facilities.

If you’re traveling with a family, you’ll be pleased to find a vacation rental near the city’s attractions. There are three-bedroom vacation rentals available in the city, including “East Lodge – Minutes From Hunting And Fishing.” Mobridge is home to a variety of family-friendly activities. For example, South Dakota Hall of Fame is a popular family attraction.


If you love wildlife, you’ll want to visit Mobridge, SD. There are many places to see and explore, including the Missouri River and the surrounding prairies. The area is home to a variety of animals, including mule and whitetail deer. This area is also a popular spot for hunting. The region is also home to three Game, Fish and Parks offices, including one in Mobridge.

If you’re looking for something a little closer to home, you can visit the city’s museums and art galleries. You can also find a variety of family activities in Mobridge, such as golfing and swimming. And, if you’re looking for an outdoor adventure, you can check out Sica Hollow State Park.

Mobridge was founded in 1906 along the Missouri River. The area was inhabited by Native Americans, including the Arikara and the Sioux. In 1804 the first Lewis and Clark expedition passed through this area. A dam was built in 1948, creating Lake Oahe. Mobridge is less than 100 miles from the Standing Rock Indian Reservation, which is home to several Native American attractions.

Rick’s Cafe

If you’re looking for a delicious meal in Mobridge, you might want to check out Rick’s Cafe. This eatery serves some of the best burgers in the area, as well as delicious Indian Tacos and Chili. Rick’s Cafe also sells Rick’s Salt.

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Riverfront walking path

You can enjoy the outdoors by strolling on the Riverfront walking path in Mobridge, South Dakota. The trail connects the riverfront with the railroad tracks. Along the path, you can see a unique statue, “Walleye Up,” a cowboy riding a giant walleye.

The trail offers several opportunities to view wildlife and the river from a close distance. Berkley Park, east of the Heart of America Bridge, offers a stunning panorama of the Missouri River. Across the river, you can see the site of the former Town of Kansas. You can also read the historical markers to learn about the area’s early history.

Native American attractions

Whether you are visiting Mobridge on a business trip or for a family vacation, there are plenty of Native American attractions to choose from. The town is rich with history, including a large statue of Sitting Bull. You can also visit the nearby Grand River Casino and Resort, which features gaming, lodging, and art. Both sites feature works of Native American art and offer picturesque lake views.

Another interesting attraction to visit in Mobridge is the Klein Museum. It was established in 1975 to preserve the local history. It also houses artifacts from the family of its benefactor. In recent years, the museum has focused more on Native American culture, especially on the life of Chief Sitting Bull.

Mobridge is located along the Missouri River, which was used by the Lewis and Clark expedition in 1804. Because of the dam construction in the area, a portion of the river has been created, and now it is called Lake Oahe. The city of Mobridge sits on a spit of land that was once inhabited by Arikara and Sioux Indians. After the railroad arrived in 1906, the town began to develop.

Mobridge is also close to numerous hunting opportunities. The Missouri River is home to sharptail grouse. You can also hunt prairie dogs on thousands of acres of prairies in western South Dakota. There are also many opportunities for whitetail and mule deer hunting in the area. Moreover, there are many fishing tournaments held in the area all year long.