If you’re looking for a place to visit in southern Oregon, there are many things to do in Medford. The city is home to the Craterian Theater, which hosts musicals, plays, and concerts. There are also great parks like Roxy Ann Peak in Prescott Park and the Crater Rock Museum, which features fossils and gems. Another great place to visit is the Don Jones Memorial Park, which honors fallen soldiers.

Rogue River Trail

Located in the Rogue Valley, Medford, Oregon, offers visitors a wide array of experiences. Whether you want to hike the Table Rocks, take a wine tour, or simply enjoy the sights and sounds of the local area, there is something for everyone. The city is also a hub for microbreweries and nanobrews. As such, there are over 14 brewing companies located in and around Medford.

While in Medford, be sure to take in the local art scene. There are galleries and shops that cater to artists, crafters, and shoppers. The downtown market is one of the best places to get locally-sourced goods. If you want to eat, try a gourmet grilled cheese at the Downtown Market. For a cup of coffee, head to the nearby Rogue Valley Growers & Crafters Market and Forage Coffee.

The Rogue River Trail is a 40-mile trail that follows the Rogue River. The trail is perfect for hiking, and offers numerous scenic spots along the way. There’s also a Rogue Rock Gym, which is set up for beginners. If you’re looking for something more physical, you might also consider visiting the Rogue Creamery for their annual Oregon Cheese Festival. The event is part farmer’s market and part Oktoberfest.

The Rogue River Trail in Medford offers a variety of activities. A 40-mile stretch of the Rogue River is popular for hiking, backpacking, and white-water rafting. Additionally, there are smaller trails in the area. One of the most popular day hikes on the Rogue River Trail is the Natural Bridge Loop. The trail also includes underground lava tubes.

Bear Creek Greenway

A paved trail, restrooms, bike racks, and bear-proof trash cans make a visit to the Bear Creek Greenway a pleasant experience. But, the Greenway is not without its challenges. For instance, a recent survey of more than two hundred people found that many people are concerned about safety. Other concerns center around maintenance issues and improved path access for surrounding communities. In addition, there are a few blackberries along the trail that can be a hazard for bicyclists. Some suggestions to improve the Greenway’s safety include installing mirrors and widening the paths.

The Greenway features 18.5 miles of paved trails that run through natural areas and creekside woods. This trail connects eight different parks and five communities along the valley of Bear Creek. Currently, it extends from Central Point to Ashland, but it recently opened a one-mile segment north of the Jackson County Expo. In the future, plans call for connecting disconnected segments of the trail.

The Greenway follows Bear Creek through several cities, including Medford and Ashland. There are benches along the trail where you can sit and enjoy the natural beauty. There is even a gazebo along the way to have a sheltered picnic or take a break from hiking. The Bear Creek Greenway is open to the public and is part of the Rogue River Greenway.

Natural Bridge Loop

If you are in Medford, you might want to visit the Natural Bridge Loop. This area features a unique geological formation where the Rogue River disappears into a 250-foot lava tube and forms a land bridge. Visitors to the Natural Bridge can watch the water bend and curve over the land. The trail is paved and includes interpretive information.

The city is surrounded by great natural areas and offers many outdoor recreation opportunities. The Rogue River is a Wild and Scenic river that rises near Crater Lake National Park and flows down the volcanic Cascades. The natural beauty of the area makes it a popular destination for many visitors.

If you’re interested in buying local products, the natural bridge is a popular place to visit. This scenic area is a great place to buy souvenirs, art, clothing, and other items. The Rogue Valley Growers Market is another great place to shop. In addition to shopping, the Collaborative Theatre Project offers a performing arts center that features high-quality theater plays. The Rogue Creamery is also a great place to visit and sample the local cheese.

Hiking is also a popular activity in the area. There are several trails to explore on the scenic Rogue River. Natural Bridge Park has two miles of hiking trails that take visitors upstream. The hikes are great for families, as they are suitable for all levels.

Craterian Theater

The Craterian Theater is a historic downtown venue located in Medford, Oregon. The venue offers plenty of parking, delicious dining, and a glamorous modern interior. It also offers many different kinds of performances year-round. Whether you’re looking for a show, a Broadway show, or an art exhibition, you’ll find what you’re looking for at the Craterian Theater.

During the early days, the Craterian was not a big success, but the first three years were marked by some major changes. The building underwent a transformation and was remodeled several times. In 1936, the theater screened movies with the Movietone and Vitaphone technologies. It was operated by the Hunt family until August 1943. During this time, the theater was also home to a film known as Canyon Passage. During filming, the Craterian offered a life insurance policy of one thousand dollars to any patrons who reportedly frightened the moviegoers.

The Craterian Theater’s logo changed several times. It was originally just a circle bubble containing text, and it eventually incorporated the theater’s address into it. However, the logo changed over the years as the theater grew older and changed owners. The current logo is Fox Craterian.

The Craterian Theater in Medford is hosting a night of illusions. Jay Owenhouse, known as The Authentic Illusionist, will perform illusions in the theater. The Craterian Performance Company outgrew the Craterian Theater at Collier Center and purchased the building on 50 North Fir Street. The theater recently celebrated its 20th anniversary with a free Messiah sing-along.

Ashland, Oregon Shakespeare Festival

The Oregon Shakespeare Festival is a cultural landmark in Ashland, Oregon. As one of the oldest non-profit theaters in the country, it has been performing Shakespeare plays for over 80 years. The festival features over 700 performances every year and attracts national and international attention. The theater is located in downtown Ashland and features three stages. During the festival’s season, which runs from February through October, the theater is packed with theatergoers, making parking difficult.

The Oregon Shakespeare Festival is held annually in Ashland and draws close to 400,000 visitors each year. The festival runs from February to October and features six daily performances. Other popular attractions in Ashland include the creek, which is one of the top tourist attractions in Ashland. It also boasts a park with a Japanese garden, duck ponds, tennis courts, and an ice skating rink. Additionally, the city has miles of hiking trails and a 19th century flour mill that serves as a community park.

Ashland is a city in Southern Oregon surrounded by beautiful natural spaces. The town’s climate is moderate all year long, with temperatures never exceeding 83 degrees in the summer. During the winter, temperatures are mild, making sightseeing in Ashland convenient and pleasant. It’s best to visit Ashland in April-June, before summer tourists arrive in the area. The city is located about halfway between San Francisco and Portland.