If you’ve ever tried organizing your home yourself, you know that the most difficult spaces are those that are used the most. Closets, bathrooms, and kitchens are all places where you constantly reach for items. Therefore, you need organization ideas that are both practical and easy to maintain. These ideas include hanging baskets, tension rods, and plastic laundry baskets.

Tension rods

Tension rods are an affordable and flexible way to organize items in cabinets. They can be used for a variety of purposes, including storing shoes. When installing tension rods in cabinets, be sure to use the right length for the space. You should also choose tension rods that can be fully extended.

Tension rods can be used to hang items on shelves and even to hide clutter under beds. They can also be threaded through the rod to create a gallery display. You can also use them to hang framed photos or children’s artwork. You can change the clips as often as you like, so you can change the look of your space.

Plastic laundry baskets

Plastic laundry baskets can be used for multiple purposes. They’re ideal for keeping dirty clothes, and they are easily washable and reusable. They’re also an attractive and useful option for organizing your home. To use them as storage, you can build a simple shelf to house the baskets and make them look stylish.

If you’d like to organize your laundry room for less, plastic laundry baskets are a great DIY home organization idea. They are inexpensive and easy to use, and you can purchase a set for around $1 each. Before starting the project, make sure you determine how many baskets or plastic totes you need. By using your printer, you can create labels for the baskets, making it easy to organize your laundry room.

Another great DIY home organization idea is to repurpose plastic laundry baskets into storage. These useful items will keep your laundry room neat and organized. Whether you’re organizing your kitchen, laundry room, or office, you can use plastic laundry baskets as storage solutions. They’re a cheap alternative to expensive laundry hampers. The process is relatively easy, and you’ll be able to organize your space in an hour or less. You can even involve the children in the project, as it requires only a few materials.

Another easy DIY home organization idea is to decorate plastic laundry baskets to match your style. You can hang them on the wall or use them on the floor. They’re environmentally friendly, and can fit into any design scheme. If you want to make it look pretty, you can paint them in a different color, or even add some paint to them.

Mason jars

Mason jars can be used for a variety of home organization projects. They can be used as flower vases, to hold loose change, or to organize laundry supplies. You can even paint or decorate the jars to add a decorative touch. A mason jar also looks great with fresh flowers. Using them in the laundry room can also reduce clutter in the room. Instead of large boxes of detergent, you can use them to store your essential laundry supplies, like clothespins, soap, and detergent.

You can also use mason jars to organize your kitchen. You can keep fresh herbs in them in the spring. This will also add a little extra life and freshness to your kitchen. Another great idea is to use them to organize your kids’ craft area. You can even create a chic utensil holder for your kitchen. This will help you organize all your utensils while keeping them handy.

If you’re a foodie, mason jars can help you organize your spice cabinet. Instead of having to go through the trouble of labeling each jar, you can place labels with the names of the spices inside. These labels will be visible in large print.

You can also use mason jars to store sewing supplies. A small mason jar with a lid attached can hold a needle and thread. A large mason jar can also store a small pair of scissors.

Rolling carts

Rolling carts can be used for organizing various parts of your home. You can make one by using two 1×4 pieces and some plywood. You can secure the two pieces of plywood together with screws or braces. After the glue dries, attach the sides of the cart together. You can use wood glue to smooth out the interior seams and caulk the corners. Then, let it dry completely before using it as a rolling cart.

If you’re doing the work yourself, you’ll have a great number of options for finishes. You can stain and finish rolling carts to match your home decor. If you’re working with wood, you can make one that’s perfectly sized for your space and perfectly shaped for storage. You can also customize it to match your decor by painting it yourself.

Rolling carts are also great for storing files and paperwork. You can place file holders, clear boxes, or divided bins on them. They’re also versatile and easy to move from room to room. You can even use a rolling cart for meetings. Just roll it out of the way when not in use.

Another great use for a rolling cart is for pantry items. These are perfect for storage in small spaces because you can easily move them around and reach the items inside. You can also use them for books and other home supplies. Moreover, you can also use these carts as bookshelves. If you’re in an apartment or dorm, this would be an ideal solution. They’re perfect for storing bath and beauty supplies too.

Organize your under-sink areas

There are a few easy ways to organize small things under the sink. First, you can buy plastic drawer sets at a big box retailer. They’re perfect for storing items like cleaning supplies. They also make the area look cleaner and are easier to access. Label the drawers to make them easy to find.

Another way to organize under-sink areas is to install shelves. Adjustable shelving allows you to fit baskets on the bottom shelf and store items in the alcoves between the pipes. You can also install inside doors to store items like tea towels, kitchen rolls, or carrier bags. Make sure that the door is big enough to allow you to fit items inside.

Another great way to organize under-sink space is to purchase pull-out drawers. This way, you won’t have to dig through your cabinets for items you need to use on a daily basis. You can also buy stackable plastic bins to store cleaning supplies. The top layer can be positioned to make the label easier to read, which saves space.

Another simple way to organize the under-sink area is to install a trash can. These can be made with basic carpentry tools. They can be placed behind the cabinet door and provide extra space for other items.

Using hangers

Using hangers to store clothes is an easy way to keep things organized. Using the right type of hanger can prevent wrinkles and prevent clothing from slipping off the hanger. You can also use them to store eyeglasses. There are plenty of other uses for hangers.

Using hangers can free up floor space in a closet. If you have a small closet, you can place slim, open hangers in the corners. This will save space and make it easier to grab items. Choosing padded hangers or wooden ones will also allow your clothing to shine. Magazine files are also a great way to keep accessories organized.