Everson is located in the beautiful state of Arizona. The weather is warm and sunny, but you can also find plenty of clouds and cold days. Though the winters can be cold, there is little snow, except in a few years. The town is quiet and peaceful. You can spend the day exploring the Everson Museum or visiting the Traditional Haudenosaunee Pottery Workshop.

Day trips from Everson

Everson, Washington, is an upcoming tourist destination with a number of unique things to do. The town is much smaller than other cities in the United States, but offers a variety of activities for visitors. In addition to the city itself, Everson is a great base for day trips to Vancouver and Seattle.

Since Everson is near the Canadian border, it is easily accessible by bus. The route is roughly 17 miles long, and buses are inexpensive. An average bus ticket costs around 13 USD, while a cheap bus ticket can cost as low as 10 USD. The Whatcom Transportation Authority (WTA) runs several routes.

Art at the Everson Museum

The I.M. Pei museum is a great place to view famous American paintings, sculptures and drawings. The collection at this museum spans many decades, so it’s sure to have something that suits any taste. The museum’s collections include the works of renowned artists such as Robert Rauschenberg, Pablo Picasso, and Jasper Johns.

The Everson Museum of Art’s permanent collection includes over 11,000 works of art by American artists. The collection also includes ceramics, videos, photographs, and works on paper. The museum aims to acquire works that engage diverse communities and foster conversation. This goal is accomplished by offering an array of exhibitions, public programming, and educational opportunities.

The Everson Museum also features five new exhibitions. During the current year, the museum will showcase works by local and national artists. The next big event at the museum is the opening of the exhibition “Soundtracks for the Present Future,” a five-year-long project by interdisciplinary artist Charley Friedman. Friedman’s work was originally exhibited at a local arts center, but will be traveling.

Another new exhibition at the Everson Museum of Art is Haudenosaunee: Elements, which includes works by contemporary Haudenosaunee artists. The exhibition features works from six Iroquois nations. Among the featured artists are Jay Carrier, Harold Farmer, and Ronn-Leigh Goeman.

The Everson Museum also offers a special exhibition called “Forever is Composed of Nows.” This exhibition takes a closer look at the museum’s permanent collection and includes snapshots of the current moment. This exhibition will run until January 15, 2015.

Traditional Haudenosaunee Pottery Workshop

The Traditional Haudenosaunee pottery workshop in Everson is located in the Finger Lakes. With funding from the CRNY, the workshop can hire a Haudenosaunee artist for a two-year residency. During the residency, the artist will have the opportunity to expand her catalog and create new art-making opportunities. She will also receive funds for marketing and fundraising.

Traditionally, Haudenosaunee potters were women who dug natural clay from river banks and then mixed it with crushed shell, sand, and spirals of clay. The pottery was then fired in an open pit. The pottery was hard and durable and was used for a variety of purposes.

The museum was originally known as the Syracuse Museum of Fine Arts. Helen S. Everson, who had an estate in Syracuse, had intended to build an art museum there. The museum was designed by the architect I.M. Pei, who was also familiar with Syracuse. He had previously designed the Newhouse Communications Center at Syracuse University, and he shared his vision for the new museum.

Festival of Trees & Light

If you love the holidays, you’ll love the Festival of Trees & Light at the Everson Museum of Art. This annual holiday event brings together time-honored traditions with innovative new technology. Whether you’re visiting with children or looking for a more relaxing evening, the festival is a perfect place to find festive decor and unique gifts.

This year’s Festival of Trees & Light will run through December 30 at the Everson Museum. The event has grown to a three-week run, the longest in its history. It will also feature a Holiday Market featuring artisan wares and locally sourced products.

The festival is organized by the Everson Members’ Council and is a beloved CNY holiday tradition. It features live performances, art-making activities for children, and beautiful displays and trees for sale. There are also refreshments available throughout the festival. To learn more, check out the schedule of events.

The festival includes live performances, storytelling, and art-making activities. Visitors can also buy a fresh tree or a wreath from the previous year. A preview gala is held on December 5 from 6-8pm and costs $75 per person. The price includes hors d’oeuvres, wine, and beer. Guests will also enjoy entertainment provided by Ann Barnes, a local musician. Santa will also be in attendance for pictures.

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