Taking a Segway tour of Greenville is a great way to see the city at a new perspective. The tour winds through buildings along the Reedy River and the ghostly Springwood Cemetery. Bicycle tours are another popular option and can be booked in advance. If you prefer the arts, artisphere, a signature annual event held in Greenville, showcases the works of local artists. It attracts thousands of visitors each year.

Children’s Museum of the Upstate

The Children’s Museum of the Upstate in nearby Greenville is an excellent place to bring the whole family. The museum features hands-on galleries and camps, and is especially focused on younger children. You’ll also be able to take advantage of its many special events and special programs.

Located on the Heritage Green cultural campus in Greenville, the Children’s Museum of the Upstate is an 80,000-square-foot space filled with interactive exhibits for kids. Highlights include the Garage Rock exhibit, Reedy River Bend, and the Construction Zone. There’s also a WTCM broadcast studio and an Outdoor Recreation Area for young children. The museum also offers a Chick-fil-A-branded On-Site Café for lunch or a quick snack.

If you’re planning a visit to Children’s Museum of the Upstate, be sure to get your tickets in advance. Advance timed ticketing is encouraged and can be purchased online. Memberships are also available. For more information, visit the TCMU website.

The museum is also home to a Prisma Health Children’s Hospital exhibit. This exhibit will feature a teddy bear patient, scrub stations, and rock-climbing walls. It’s the perfect place for children to learn about medical careers and to relieve their fears.

The Children’s Museum of the Upstate is a fun and educational place for kids of all ages. Exhibits range from the simple to the sophisticated. You can even find exhibits about construction and space travel. You can also create your own self-guided tour. This way, you’ll be able to include your favorite attractions, as well as the hotel that you’re staying at.

Bob Jones University Museum & Gallery

The Bob Jones University Museum & Gallery, Inc. is located on the Greenville campus of Bob Jones University. It offers a diverse selection of cultural and natural history exhibits, as well as an extensive array of hands-on activities for children. The organization also features a large collection of original works by South Carolina artists.

The Bob Jones University Museum & Gallery is home to one of the most comprehensive collections of old master paintings in the United States, including masterpieces by van Dyck, Rubens, and Tintoretto. Visitors to the museum can also explore ancient artifacts from around the world.

The museum is just three miles from Falls Park and is open Tuesday through Saturday. Parking is free on campus. Museum admission is $7 for adults and $5 for students. Audio tours are also available. Currently, the museum is undergoing renovations. While you may still find time to visit, don’t expect it to be fully operational for the next several years.

The project has garnered significant support from the city, county, and state of South Carolina. The museum is expected to be completed by 2024. The Bob Jones University Museum & Gallery has been tucked away on the campus and not yet reached its full potential. However, the museum is a significant asset for the city of Greenville and its surrounding area. Hughes’ son, Bob Jones III, says his father could have made it in Hollywood.

The M&G has a great collection of European old master paintings and is considered one of the country’s largest collection of baroque and Renaissance works. Its collection spans the 1300s to the 1800s and includes works by notable masters and their students. For example, the museum has a large collection of paintings by Rembrandt and da Vinci. It also has fine paneling and furnishings from the 1500s and 1600s.

Centre Stage

The Centre Stage in Greenville, South Carolina, is a year-round, two-hundred and fifty-five seat theater that hosts a wide variety of productions. The theatre is home to six or eight mainstage plays each season, and it also offers a wide variety of concerts, film screenings, lectures, and art exhibitions.

The theater was founded by Douglas P. McCoy with the goal of creating a professional-level theater. In the beginning, the organization held its performances inside the Greenville County Museum of Art. The next year, they presented a full production at St. Mary’s Church’s gymnasium. The next four years were spent performing in the Fine Arts Center of the Greenville School District. Eventually, the organization leased a building on Washington and Academy Streets.

The building was originally built as a cotton bail train distribution building in the 1920s. Since then, it has been a home to many businesses. Centre Stage in Greenville has utilized the ground floor to create the scenes for performances. The original owner wanted to complete a renovation of the building and include future tenant spaces. Because of the limited parking space and the building’s close proximity to the railroad, the project involved minimizing pedestrian areas.

The centre stage in Greenville has also facilitated the development of a new play festival called the New Play Festival. The festival receives hundreds of scripts from all over the world. After evaluating these scripts, the festival chooses four finalists for reading in a readers’ theatre format. Following these readings, talkback sessions allow playgoers to engage in the creative process. The winning play in the festival then gets a full production.

Mice on Main

“Mice on Main” is a scavenger hunt that takes place in the town of Greenville. The idea came from a local high school student. Since its inception, the event has grown to be one of the city’s most popular attractions for families and children.

The idea for Mice on Main was created by Jim Ryan, a Greenville high school senior who saw the need for a fun activity for families in the downtown area. Ryan was inspired by a project he had seen at the College of Charleston’s Governor’s School, which taught students the value of sense of place.

The bronze mice are positioned around downtown Greenville. The hunt begins outside of the Hyatt Regency hotel and winds its way down seven blocks past shops and restaurants. It’s a fun way to get exercise while learning about the town and its people. A book with a list of clues is available to help visitors find the mice.

The first mouse can be found near the Hyatt Regency hotel at the north end of Main Street. A plaque marks its location. The rest are located between the Hyatt and the Westin Poinsett hotel. The journey takes between 45 minutes and two hours. There’s no charge to visit the mice, but a small donation is appreciated.

There’s even a scavenger hunt involving the mice. Visitors use clues to hunt for the nine bronze mice. The idea began as a high school project by Jim Ryan. He took inspiration from the children’s book Goodnight Moon. Local sculptor Zan Wells helped with the design of the mice.

There are many attractions in Greenville. The downtown features several boutiques, restaurants, spas and shops. It also features a bronze sculpture of mice, created by local artist Zan Wells. The sculptures are on display at Mast General Store, but you don’t need to buy them to enjoy the show.