Ellettsville, Indiana is a small town in Monroe County, Indiana. The town has a population of 6,865 and is part of the Bloomington, Indiana, Metropolitan Statistical Area. It’s also the starting point of the popular Hilly Hundred bicycle tour.

Ellettsville Club

The Ellettsville Club is a great place for youth to get involved in community service. Membership costs only $20 per year, and the club offers summertime and after school programs for children and teens. Members enjoy social events, fun activities and a great variety of other benefits. Members also have access to a number of facilities, including a pool, tennis courts, and a fitness center.

The Ellettsville Club was opened in the spring of 2009 in the Eagles Landing, the former Ellettsville Elementary School on Association Street. The Club provides many opportunities for its 280 members. To continue providing these services, the Ellettsville Club is seeking donations and volunteers. By volunteering, you can make a huge difference for children and youth.

The Ellettsville Club is an excellent place for youth to make new friends and learn new skills. It also provides after-school programming for children and a summer drop-in program for kids. The event also offers the opportunity to win cash prizes and door prizes. If you would like to play golf and support the Ellettsville Club, sign up for the fundraiser today!

Underground Cupcakes

When you’re craving a delicious cupcake, the Underground Cupcake Company and Cafe in Ellettsville is a great place to go. This bakery and cafe offers an extensive variety of cupcake flavors and serves sandwiches and salads. The bakery also offers gluten-free and vegetarian options.

Underground Bakery has two locations. One is located inside the Underground cafe, the other is located on the street. Both locations offer great treats for any occasion. The Underground bakery offers cupcakes and other baked goods, while the cafe offers coffee, sandwiches, and wine. They also offer great service, friendly staff, and reasonably priced treats.

McCormick’s Creek State Park

Located 14 miles west of Bloomington, Indiana, McCormick’s Creek State Park is one of the state’s oldest parks. It was dedicated on July 4, 1916 as part of Indiana’s centennial celebration. The park receives 640,000 visitors annually.

The park offers different types of camping, including primitive, Class A, and group campgrounds. It also offers a large, Olympic-size swimming pool and a recreation center that offers a variety of sports. In addition, there are interpretive naturalist services available year-round.

Visitors should take note that weather at McCormick’s Creek State Park may vary from that at the surrounding area. On Saturday, it will be cloudy, but it will clear up before dawn. The maximum temperature will be 78 degF around 5 PM. Humidity levels will remain comfortable at 37% to 73% between 9 am and 11 pm.

The park is home to a waterfall, which is one of Indiana’s most beautiful waterfalls. Located 14 miles northwest of Bloomington, McCormick’s Creek State Park offers a scenic, serene setting. It is the oldest state park in Indiana and was dedicated to honor the centennial of the state in 1916. The park has been open since then and attracts 640,000 visitors a year.

French Lick Springs Resort and Casino

If you’re looking for a getaway in southern Indiana, the French Lick Springs Resort and Casino is a great choice. The hotel and casino offers both Old World elegance and modern comforts. It is a great place for golf, poker, and other casino games. You can also enjoy a meal at the restaurant.

The resort opened in 1845, and it was first known as the French Lick Springs Hotel. A few years later, the name was changed to French Lick-Sheraton Hotel. However, the physical condition of the hotel declined for the next few decades. In 1991, the hotel was acquired by Kenwood Financial, a company owned by Norman R. Rales, a businessman who had developed timeshares near the resort. The money from his real estate project was used to purchase the resort.

The resort offers two historic hotels, one of which is on the National Register of Historic Places. There are also three challenging golf courses and two rejuvenating spas. There are several restaurants and meeting rooms available for business travelers, and the casino is a single-level, spacious one. The French Lick Resort and Casino is an excellent choice for a family vacation or a weekend getaway.