There are a variety of places to visit in Dolton, Illinois. The village has a population of about 21,426 as of the 2020 census, and is located just west of the expressway Interstate 94 and south of the city of Chicago. Dolton has several parks and outdoor recreation areas that residents can visit, as well as the Cal-Sag Trail.

Dolton Park District

The Dolton Park District is located in Dolton, Illinois and has many places to visit. Founded in 1927, the district offers many things to do in the neighborhood. It includes Shaw Recreation Center, a baseball/softball diamond, and walking paths with exercise equipment. The park also hosts summer concerts and events.

The Dolton Bowl is a popular local attraction. This place is affordable and has overhead flatscreens for viewing games. There’s also a DJ on Tuesdays. If you’re looking for something to do in the evening, this is a great place to go! The bowling alley offers cosmic bowling, as well.

Sand ridge Nature Center

If you’re looking for an exciting and educational day out for the whole family, consider visiting Sand ridge Nature Center in Dolton, Illinois. This center features both indoor and outdoor exhibits featuring local animals and plants. Visitors can learn about the history and biology of animals, plants, and insects, and take part in nature-based activities. The center also offers terrariums and tanks, replica log cabins, and a nature play area. The nature center also has four miles of trails, and is in the process of connecting to a long distance trail.

The Sand Ridge Nature Center is owned and operated by the Forest Preserve District of Cook County, and its focus is on the natural history of the Calumet region. The center features live animals, interactive interpretive displays, and 3.75 miles of hiking trails. Visitors can also enjoy the many species of birds and other wildlife that call the area home.

The campus is conveniently located just across the street from River Oaks Shopping Center in Dolton. Although it’s only a few miles from the paved areas of Dolton, visitors can still experience a true slice of rural Illinois. The campus is a perfect place for families to spend a day or weekend with your family. And for outdoor adventures, the center is home to a lazy river and a water playground.

Beaubien Woods

If you’re looking for fun things to do in Dolton, you should try visiting the Beaubien Woods Forest Preserve. This popular spot is located along the Little Calumet River and provides recreational and ecological amenities for the surrounding community. In 2018, the preserve held a charrette and open house, with over 50 participants to discuss a vision for the park’s future.

Once upon a time, the area was covered in native prairie and open savanna. However, early grazing and agriculture altered the soil, destroying native vegetation. The area was also impacted by expressway and railroad construction, which required the clearing of areas to accommodate construction.

If you’re interested in art and culture, there are a number of places to go in Dolton, including the National Museum of Mexican Art. The town also has numerous parks and green spaces. You can find a variety of ethnic restaurants and entertainment centers in this area.


If you are looking for some great walking, biking, or hiking opportunities, Dolton is a great spot to start. The Cal-Sag Trail runs from Lemont to Burham, and it will eventually connect to the Centennial Trail and the Burnham Greenway. The trail passes in front of Dolton’s public library and along the north shore of Lake Cottage Grove. There are also golf courses nearby, including the River Oaks Golf Course in Calumet City.

The Cal-Sag Trail is a 26-mile multi-use trail. The trail was originally envisioned by the Friends of the Cal-Sag in 2004 and recently received the 2017 Burnham Award for Excellence in Planning. During its planning, more than a dozen different agencies worked together to make the trail a reality.

If you’re planning a hiking or biking trip, consider joining the community cleanup days in the spring and summer. The organizers are also planning community paddling events and other activities to build community enthusiasm. They also plan to hold workshops where youth can learn to canoe and kayak.

Cal-Sag-Trail links to Centennial Trail

Cal-Sag-Trail is being developed to provide a new east-west multipurpose trail in the south suburbs. It will connect the 13-mile Centennial Trail in Lemont with the 8.9-mile I&M Canal Trail in Burnham. The trail will also connect to the 5.3-mile Burnham Greenway and the 7.9-mile Pennsy Greenway in Indiana. The western portion of the trail will be in the Forest Preserves of Cook County, which will provide a connection to other trail systems in the region. The project is also expected to connect with the Forest Preserves’ 18.8-mile Tinley Creek Trail and the Major Taylor Trail in the city of Palos Heights.

The Cal-Sag Trail is a planned 26-mile trail. It is currently under construction, and the western part is open to the public. A second section is expected to open in Fall 2017 and the southern portion in Spring 2019. Public & private partnerships are driving the trail’s construction and promotion. Approximately 80,000 people used the trail in its first year of operation, according to trail counters in Palos Heights.

Located in the southland, the trail will provide access to more than 1.2 million residents. It will serve as an alternative east-west transportation corridor. The Cal-Sag Trail is eight miles longer than the Old Plank Road Trail and will connect more than twice as many neighborhoods. The trail is estimated to cost $21 million to complete. It will also require one expressway interchange.

Burnham Greenway

If you are looking for places to go in Dolton, you should check out the Burnham Greenway. It’s a 2.5-mile trail that starts at State St and runs to the Little Calumet River. It features diverse prairie and wetland vegetation. It connects with the Cal-Sag trail in Joliet and Crown Point, Indiana. The trail is also part of the Illinois Grand Trail.

Located in the northwestern suburb of Chicago, the Burnham Greenway is made up of two distinct sections. The first is a paved trail that runs along an old railroad corridor. The other is the Busse Woods Trail system, which is located within the Ned Brown Forest Preserve. Another trail in the area is the Chessie Trail, which connects several parks in La Porte.

The Cal-Sag Trail will link with the Burnham Greenway in the future. Dolton is also home to a Cal-Sag Channel, which will pass in front of the public library and along the north shore of Lake Cottage Grove. There are many places to go in Dolton, including a craft brewery and a cluster of restaurants.