There are many places to visit near Blacklick, Ohio. These include Blacklick Woods Metro Park, Walter A. Tucker State Nature Preserve, and Pickerington Ponds. Below are driving times from Blacklick, Ohio to these places. You can use a smaller radius to visit nearby places and a larger radius to visit farther places.

Blacklick Woods Metro Park

One of the oldest metro parks in the Columbus area is Blacklick Woods. It is located on 643 acres of land and contains seasonal ponds, a small prairie, a golf course, and six trails. Visitors can also explore the area’s beech-maple forest, one of the last remaining in Central Ohio. Other features of the park include a nature center and a small buttonbush swamp.

The park is easily accessible from I-70 and the outer belt. Its entrance is on Livingston Avenue and is adjacent to Blacklick Woods Golf Course. Before visiting the park, it is helpful to pick up a map of the area. It can help you find Ashton Pond, specific shelter houses, and picnic areas.

A great way to enjoy the park’s trails is to ride your bike. The Blacklick Greenway trail connects to two other Metro Parks and several small parks. There are also a variety of paved and gravel bike paths that are perfect for biking or jogging.

Visitors can take part in activities such as Halloween painting at Blacklick Woods Metro Park. These events are open to the public and include free materials and instruction. In addition, there are lantern-lit hikes and hot cocoa. All of these activities can be enjoyed by the whole family, and are suitable for all ages.

A great day out can be spent exploring Blacklick Woods Metro Park. If you enjoy hiking, you’ll also want to take advantage of the Blacklick Creek Trail, which connects Blacklick Woods to Three Creeks Park and Pickerington Ponds. In addition, the Blacklick Creek Trail has a pedestrian/bike bridge over US 33.

Walter A. Tucker State Nature Preserve

Blacklick Woods Metro Park is a metropolitan park located in Reynoldsburg, Ohio. The park was created in 1948 and is owned and operated by Columbus and Franklin County Metro Parks. In 1974, it was designated as a National Natural Landmark. It is home to several species of birds and is open for public use.

The park is situated near Ashton Pond and is close to Blacklick Woods Park. Nearby is the AMA Motorcycle Hall of Fame Museum, an offshoot of the American Motorcyclist Association that honors individuals that have contributed to the sport and construction of motorcycles. This museum is about a mile and a half east of the Walter A. Tucker Nature Preserve.

The park features 291 acres of wooded forests, picnic areas, hiking trails, and two golf courses. A 54-acre portion of the park is home to the Walter A. Tucker Scenic Nature Preserve. Tucker’s vision for this natural area began in the late 1940s. The area was originally part of James Crawford’s land grant for services rendered in the Revolutionary War.

Visitors can explore the woods on foot or on bikes through six miles of nature trails. The park is also home to the Ohio Division of Wildlife’s “Watchable Wildlife” location. The park is one of the most popular parks in the Metro area. Visitors can enjoy a four-mile multi-purpose trail, a two-mile natural trail, and outdoor activities like sledding and cross-country skiing. Approximately 130 species of birds and 25 species of mammals can be found in the park.

Visitors can also enjoy Blacklick Woods Metro Park in Reynoldsburg. This 643-acre park has numerous activities year-round. The park is perfect for the whole family. The park offers picnic areas, playgrounds, and even a golf course. The park was named a National Natural Landmark in 1974.

Three Creeks Metro Park

Three Creeks Metro Park in Blacklick is a beautiful park with many activities for families and children. The park has sports facilities, trails, and dog areas. There are also fishing and boating opportunities. It is located near the Cedar Park neighborhood. Visitors to the park can enjoy a day of fun at the beach or on the lake.

Three Creeks Metro Park is home to different habitats, including forests, prairies, wetlands, and fields. The park is home to dozens of species of birds and other wildlife. You can also observe beavers, mink, coyotes, and redback salamanders.

The park offers nine hiking trails. They range in difficulty from easy to moderate, and the trails are connected to one another. The Blacklick Creek Greenway is a 16-mile trail that is dog-friendly and connected to other parks in the area. Another trail, Confluence, is a one-mile dirt trail that runs alongside Alum Creek. It offers beautiful views of the creek. Alternatively, you can take a bike ride on the Heron Pond trail, a 0.6-mile trail that loops around the park’s natural play area.

The park’s more than ten miles of trails make it a great place for outdoor activity. The park is a hub of the Central Ohio Greenway system, a network of parks and trails that connect people with nature. Three Creeks Metro Park is one of the parks in the region that offers the Alum Creek Greenway Trail, which is 8.1 miles long and parallel to the creek. The park is a popular destination for birdwatchers, and it has hosted over 100 species of birds.

The park is home to a thousand-acre area of land that has been leased to Metro Parks since 1998. It is located at the confluence of three local creeks. Visitors can enjoy walking and hiking trails as well as play on a playground or relax in the playground.

The park also has a naturalist, who can help visitors learn about plants, insects, and other wildlife. The park is a popular destination for winter hikers. Hiking in the park’s meadows can help you find butterflies and wildflowers.