If you’re looking for the best things to do in Adams County, Ohio, you’ve come to the right place. You’ll find everything from a giant Hubcap Burger to Gettysburg, Lucky Buns, and BK Scoop right here! Whether you’re looking for a family-friendly outing, there are many great places to go in Adams.

Adams Morgan

Adams Morgan is a diverse, cultural neighborhood. It’s known for its nightlife, especially on 18th Street. There are eclectic bars, live music venues, and international cuisines. There are also late-night pizza joints and falafel spots. The area also has independent bookstores, artisan cafes, and vintage clothing shops. There are even yoga studios in the neighborhood’s brick row houses.

Another place to go for drinks and snacks is Reef, an American tavern. With a rooftop deck, this restaurant offers a laid-back atmosphere. Cocktails are served at the bar, and the drink menu offers a variety of beers on tap. There’s also a dance floor and listening stations, so you can listen to live music while you’re enjoying your drink.

Adams Morgan is a hip neighborhood that has embraced food. While it was once a bar-hopping district, the area has upped its culinary game over the past few years. Many of the area’s restaurants have received accolades, including Tail Up Goat, Reveler’s Hour, Julia’s Empanadas, Lucky Buns, and Donburi. There are also many shopping options on 18th Street, which is a must-see.


Gettysburg is located in the state of Pennsylvania and is easily accessible by car. It is only about 52 miles from Baltimore, 90 miles from Washington, and 102 miles from Philadelphia. US Route 30 runs through Gettysburg and is a popular thoroughfare. The battle was fought during the Civil War and claimed over 51,000 lives. If you’re interested in learning more about the battle, you can visit the National Military Park Museum and Visitor Center.

Gettysburg is home to several wineries. Wineries here produce both red and white wines, as well as estate grown fruits. Some have tasting rooms in the city, while others have vineyards just outside the city. The area also offers a local beer and wine trail, so visitors can sample a wide variety of local beverages.

There are many places to eat in Adams County. The county’s apple harvest has earned it the title of Apple Capital USA. There are 20,000 acres dedicated to fruit production. There are also many farmers’ markets in the area.


The Washington, DC vintage shopping scene is changing, and Meeps in Adams Morgan is about to get a new tenant. The name and location of Meeps will stay the same, but the store will now be run by Treasury Vintage. For 20 years, Meeps has been a mainstay in the DC vintage shopping scene, earning a reputation as a go-to spot for unique, fun, and stylish vintage clothes.

Meeps has an eclectic collection of clothing, including retro rock and roll tees, combat boots, and big sunglasses. It also sells local magazines and Halloween costumes. In addition to clothing and accessories, Meeps offers locally designed T-shirts and bags. For a fun day out, check out the trendy boutique next door.

The latest addition to Meeps’ lineup of vintage items included vintage photos of Asian-American families. Chung, who immigrated to the U.S. from South Korea at age seven, paired her store with the 1882 Foundation’s AAPI in DC initiative to highlight her community’s heritage and culture.

Amsterdam Falafel

If you’re a Falafel lover, there are plenty of Falafel places to eat in Adams. The food is Middle Eastern and consists of fried falafel served on pita bread topped with Middle Eastern salads and Belgian fries. It’s a classic street food that is great for tourists and locals alike.

Located on the second floor of Adams Morgan, the Amsterdam Falafelshop is a great spot to grab a snack. The shop features a cozy seating area, and its deep fried falafels are topped with different toppings. It also serves fries and baked falafel balls.

If you’re a falafel lover in Adams, try Amsterdam Falafelshop, a local staple in the area that has expanded to other cities across the country. The iconic eatery is the flagship of a small chain that spans from Dallas to Boston. The shop is a modest, unassuming restaurant on bustling 18th Street in Adams Morgan.

Erwin Farms

If you’re looking for something to do in Adams County, Ohio, you’ve come to the right place. Located in southern Ohio, Adams County offers a diverse range of attractions and activities. Visitors can visit the Keim Family Market in Seaman, the Miller’s Bakery & Furniture store in Wheat Ridge, and the Rock Run Preserve east of Sinking Springs. All of these attractions are open daily except Sunday, making them great places to get a taste of the region.

Lost City Books

If you’re looking for used or out-of-print books, then you’ll want to check out Lost City Books. This multi-level store has been around since 1981 and specializes in used and out-of-print books. You can find rare books here that aren’t available anywhere else.

Lost City Books is located at 2814 Pennsylvania Ave. NW. The bookstore is open Monday through Friday from 11 a.m. to 9 p.m. and on Saturdays from noon to 10 p.m. Lost City Books also hosts book clubs and author talks. It’s a great place to buy used books or read new ones.

A few months ago, Lost City Books was closed for renovations. They reopened last weekend, and they’ve added new features and flooring. They’re also throwing a party to celebrate the new look. The new location will be a great place to get lost in a book.

Logan Circle

Located near the 14th Street corridor, Logan Circle is a cosmopolitan area with lots of things to do. The area features beautiful homes, safe sidewalks, and many excellent restaurants, bars, and shops. The neighborhood also has great transit options. Groceries are available nearby, too, with Whole Foods, Trader Joe’s, and Giant.

The community has several places to eat, from ethnic restaurants to world-class restaurants. There is also plenty of theatre to enjoy, including the famous Black Cat. If you want to stay outside, you can also visit Logan Circle Memorial Park, which is perfect for picnics and reading. Its historical significance makes it a prime destination for history buffs.

Located in the heart of Washington, DC, Logan Circle is a cosmopolitan neighborhood with a diverse housing stock. Many young professionals call Logan Circle home. It blends well with the rest of the nation’s capital, making it a great place for people to live and work. It also has dozens of restaurants and a lively bar scene. Many of these locations serve international cuisine and have sidewalk cafes or patios, and some even feature live music.