Pink Himalayan salt is the result of a process known as boron pyrite. This mineral occurs naturally in the brine of some lakes, ponds and seas around the world. It is usually mined only at the extremely high temperatures, it must withstand in order to work.

Salt has always been used by man for many purposes. Its color can be changed to a shade of pink as it comes from salts of various colors, some more popular than others. Salts Worldwide is one of the well-known salt producers. It sells its products in different countries including the US, UK, Europe, Australia and other countries all over the world.

This unique salt uses a special system of production. The crystals of the mineral are formed during the drying process. As they form a solid mass, it is laid on a slab. Salt from the dried crystal mass is then re-crystallized, encapsulated and kept in the crystal trough.

The crystallization process results in a clear liquid which is then extracted from the concrete trough through large sized tubes. The fluid is then purified by several processes before being sold as one of the major salts used in mass production and medicine.

There are several salt sources which provide a supply of Himalayan salt for industrial and medicinal purposes. One of them is Salts Worldwide. But for bulk Himalayan salt in general, it is necessary to have a proper storage and transportation facility. A reliable bulk storage facility is required in order to make sure that the salt arrives at its destination in perfect condition.

From the salt industry, the consumer can take advantage of the purer salt. But this is not a reliable option if you want pure Himalayan salt. Thatis why the salt wholesaler takes advantage of the purest salt.

By this, it refers to the salt that contains no impurities other than those naturally present in the salt. Those impurities are usually present in the sea water that is naturally found in the Himalayas. The pure salt has a remarkable quality that is non-addictive.

Pure salt is used for medical purposes, while the other kind of salt is used for industrial purposes. Thus, Himalayan salt is highly sought after. In fact, you can find it at a very reasonable price compared to the prices of the sea salt.

By nature, the salt melts at the boiling point. But once it passes through the crystals trough process, it no longer melts at the boiling point. The pure salt however, remains liquid at this point.

Since the liquid form of the salt is very important in this process, that is why there is a tendency to demand for the pure salt. This is because the salt is required for many uses. The salt wholesaler will always come up with pure salt for the individual consumer.

Salt is bought by the kilogram. You need to have it shipped to the buyers place or the recipients home. It is never a good idea to try your luck by bringing your own salt on a plane. Also, your recipient should always try to obtain the salt from a wholesaler, because the salt wholesaler is likely to give you the most accurate and free shipping.