There are many options when it comes to pantry storage organization. Some of them are Baskets, Pull-out drawers, Lazy Susans, and Wire shelves. While most of these options are functional, some of them have additional functions. If you have limited space, you can also use vertical space. By extending cabinetry to the top of the wall, you can keep items at eye-level.


One of the easiest ways to organize your pantry is by using baskets. Several options exist, including wall-mounted baskets and one-piece organizers. These are great for organizing items such as produce or bulk items while using the least amount of space possible. Plastic baskets are also a great option, as they are cheap and can be labeled to identify what is inside. There are also wire baskets that are designed to hold labels, which makes this process even easier. You can also make your own labels from common household items.

Metal wire baskets are lightweight and durable. These baskets also have handles, which are convenient when organizing items in the pantry. Stacking them also provides more storage space. In addition to being lightweight, they can also be used in other parts of the house. In addition, they’re a perfect size for most rooms in the home.

Baskets can also be used as shelving systems. These are great for storing canned goods of all sizes. They can accommodate up to 36 cans and have six adjustable plastic dividers. The DecoBros can rack can be installed in a matter of minutes and has over 8,000 five-star reviews. Stackable bins are also a great choice for storing non-refrigerated produce. They provide ventilation and are stacked easily.

Baskets are also an excellent option for organizing laundry and bathroom supplies. A few of these baskets are large enough to hold large quantities of laundry supplies, while smaller versions will hold only smaller items. A durable basket can also hold cleaning products such as sponges, brushes and other items. The materials used for baskets are also resistant to chemicals and water. In addition, they are great options for organising plain closets. You can even label them to make them look attractive and keep them organized.

Pull-out drawers

Pull-out drawers can be an effective way to organize your pantry. They can help you organize items by category. You can store canned goods, jars of sauces, baking powders, and spices in these drawers. They are available in various sizes and styles and are very useful for small spaces. Some of these drawers feature soft-close hinges.

Another great option is a multi-section KraftMaid door storage attachment. This storage solution allows you to easily identify what’s in it and avoids the risk of losing an item. You can also use the back of your pantry door as additional storage space. Designer Jean Stoffer even dedicated an entire wall to Joanna Saltz’s cookbooks.

The next step in organizing your pantry is to determine where you will place each item. You should choose a cabinet or drawer that is closest to the item you want to store. Use labels to identify each item in the cabinet. You can also use shelves for taller and odd-shaped items. You can also use drawers for everyday items and deeper ones for baking supplies.

Another option for organizing your pantry is installing pull-out drawers. This will make the space more convenient and efficient. This storage solution will also eliminate the frustration of having to search through the entire pantry for an item. Pull-out drawers help you organize and manage your pantry efficiently. They can also help you get rid of expired and wasted food.

You can also use baskets to store small items. These can be used to store spices and seasoning envelopes. The baskets also prevent loose bags from getting mixed up.

Lazy Susans

If you have a large pantry, a lazy Susan can help you keep items organized. Because items rotate around the lazy Susan, they are unlikely to get misplaced and can be easily found when needed. You can organize items by meal, type, or frequency of use. For extra storage, consider installing a mobile or fixed island. These are great additions for any kitchen and can offer extra prep space as well as extra storage.

If you store spices and herbs in individual jars, they can quickly become a mess and become difficult to find. For this reason, a small double-tiered lazy susan is an excellent way to keep your spices organized. Plus, the lid is small enough to fit inside your cabinet and will prevent spills.

You can find a variety of lazy susans at stores. These are made from wood, plastic, and wire, and come in various sizes. Some are designed to fit into a standard 18-inch cabinet, while others are designed to fit into a custom-made 20-inch cabinet.

A door-mounted pantry organizer is another option to maximize storage space in your pantry. These units offer shelf space for larger items and can be hung from the door. These organizers can be used to store a variety of items, from potatoes to wine. You can also use baskets for storing various items. They can even store tablecloths and table linens. When it comes to pantry storage organization ideas, there’s no shortage of choices.

A Lazy Susan can also be a useful tool for organizing cabinets. It allows you to maximize the storage space in your kitchen cabinets and make it easier to reach items in deep cabinets. It also allows you to scan through items and determine when you need to replenish your supplies. The key is to choose the right size and store the appropriate items on it.

Wire shelves

If you want more space in your pantry, you can buy wire shelves for storage. These units attach to existing shelves and raise items above them. They also fill in space between mounted shelves. You can purchase these units at stores such as Amazon (affiliate). Before you purchase them, make sure you measure the depth and width of the shelves. You should also purchase units that feature an area where you can place cleaning supplies.

While many people prefer flat shelving, wire shelving allows for more visibility and ventilation. Wire shelves can also be easily installed by do-it-yourselfers. However, the downside of wire shelving is that it is difficult to clean. Moreover, jars can easily topple over. Plastic matting can help avoid this problem. Some homeowners have even covered their wire shelves with wood, making them more stable.

In order to maintain the organization of your pantry, you should make sure that you have a regular cleaning schedule. You should clean every surface of your pantry, including the wire shelves. You should wipe down the shelves and clean any debris that has accumulated on them. It is important to keep your pantry well-organized and fresh.

Wood shelves are another option that is gaining popularity. These are easier to clean than wire shelving and are more attractive. Additionally, wood is easier to manage than wire, which makes it ideal for a pantry. This type of shelving is also more flexible. It can grow with your family and add more storage options.

You can organize your pantry according to the type of food stored in it. You can also organize your pantry according to how frequently you use certain food items. Also, you can use bins with different sizes to corral items of a particular type. Using bins with stackable designs is also a good option if your pantry is small.

Canned food organizers

Canned food organizers can be a good way to organize your pantry. You’ll save space and find it easier to access the food you need. Most of these units have adjustable dividers so you can store a variety of can sizes. They also are sturdy and stack together to make bigger organizers.

The easiest way to organize your canned goods is to use a tiered-shelf organizer. These organizers look like a set of stairs and allow you to stack cans back-to-back, and are wide enough to accommodate larger cans. You may also want to purchase one that includes shelves for spices.

Another useful can food organizer is a wall-mounted unit. This storage solution can be used in the pantry or garage and frees up shelf space. It keeps the cans neatly lined up. The rack can be made of wooden strips or acrylic glass. They are sturdy and can be easily mounted on a wall.

If you have limited cabinet space, you can choose a behind-the-door organizer. This organizer is ideal for storing a modest amount of canned goods. It can also fit a large bottle of olive oil. It can also fit 16 and 36-ounce Ball hard cans.

Another way to organize your cans is to purchase a magazine rack. These are available at the dollar store and on Amazon. They are perfect for storing several different sizes of cans. Soda can organizers are also available. You can also use small plastic bins for storing canned goods. These can be purchased at the dollar store and in bulk on Amazon. A door rack or lazy susan can also be used for storing cans.

Another great benefit of can storage organizers is that they keep canned goods off the floor. This keeps them dry and protected from vermin. These organizers also allow you to easily check expiration dates and ensure that your cans don’t expire too early. This way, you won’t run out of food or end up overstocking one type of food category.